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50 Wild Winged Eyeliner Ideas

Our favorite winged eyeliner looks this year are strong, sexy and provocative. Decide which bold eye makeup look is right for you.

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For several years, winged eyeliner has been one of the most popular eye makeup choices, and one of the most versatile. The best way to achieve your winged eyeliner look is with a liquid eyeliner to create the smooth shape and to fill in the wing. A liquid liner allows you to pull the wing out to its desired length in one smooth stroke rather than fighting with a pencil against the texture of your skin. If you’re a fan of color or glitter, never fear, there are plenty of different types of liquid eyeliner out there!

Wings come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and effects. Some people even take the wing part literally! Whatever direction you want to go, there will be an option that fits your style.

Winged eyeliner helps to bring length to the eye, and emphasis to your eye makeup. Use smaller wings for a delicate, subtle look, or go big and bold with large wings to make statement. A distinct shape can help to accent the natural shape of the eye as well as make your eyes look bigger, popping right out of your look. After all, that is the point of eye makeup, to help your eyes to shine.

No matter the occasion, there is a winged eyeliner style to match!

Best Winged Eyeliner Ideas

Pink Cut Crease

Best Winged Eyeliner Ideas
Source: Instagram @harbsy

Winged eyeliner if often seen as part of a cut crease style, like this look here. A cut crease takes advantage of the natural line (or “crease) between the eyelid and under the brow. In this case, the cut crease pulls into a winged shape, complemented by the same color on the lower lashes. This pink is light and fun without being overly bright and the glitter adds a glamorous touch.

Gentle Fade

Image of Gentle fade Winged Eyeliner Ideas
Source: Instagram @benkobeauty

A beautiful neutral look, the winged eyeliner is the focal point for this style. The different brown shades and shimmer work nicely with the blue of the eye, and allows the winged eyeliner to stand out. Instead of a sharp finish to the wings, the point pulls into a bit of a fade that meets up with the corner of the brow. This provides both a cool look and a definitive shape.

Neutral Half-cut

Image of Neutral Half-cut fade Winged Eyeliner
Source: Instagram @benkobeauty

Another take on a cut crease, the half cut crease outlines only the corner of the eye rather than surrounding the whole lid. This look utilizes browns, shimmers, and flesh tones to make a natural look that still has a bit of flair. Finishing with dramatic lashes helps to tie the style together.

Winged Magic

Image of Winged Eyeliner
Source: Instagram @shilohhendersonmakeup

This winged eyeliner look throws back to the beginning of the trend, where the wing was an extension of bold eyeliner. Going this direction makes the eyes seem wider, while the upturn of the wing is fun and playful. Sticking with neutral eyeshadow tones makes the winged eyeliner stand out, and complements the natural coloring of the model.

Pink Shimmer

Image of Pink Shimmery Winged Eyeliner
Source: Instagram @glaambyamani

Winged eyeliner can help to balance a bold or distinct eyeshadow choice, in this case shimmery pink eyeshadow. These wings also complement the sharp shape of the eyebrow, both of which draw attention to the eyes. Using highlight under the brow and on the cheekbones helps to supplement the glitz of the eyeshadow.

Pulled Wing

Image of Pulled Winged Eyeliner
Source: Instagram @missymcanultymua

Taking it one step further than just a fade, the winged eyeliner in this style pulls all the way back to the hairline, as does the eyeshadow. Using a delicate gradation, you prevent having a streaky or face paint-esque look while still bringing the drama. The neutral brown tone is lovely, but it gets a bit of a lift from the bronze glitter.

Crimson Beauty

Image of Crimson Winged Eyeliner
Source: Instagram @alishaaartistry

A stunning look built on red tones, winged eyeliner helps to give a distinct shape to this ombré-meets-cut crease style. Since the eye makeup is softer and blended, it makes sense to use another effect to add some sharpness. A deep red lip helps to balance the look and make a statement.

Wings in Flight

Image of Winged Eyeliner look
Source: Instagram @makeupkulture

Truly dramatic, the winged eyeliner in this style reflects real wings on a bird soaring through the air. The shape of the winged eyeliner is sweeping and beautiful, as well as curving smoothly over the lid of the eye. A bold choice to make this the star of the makeup look, but with no risk comes no reward!

Tiny Wings

Up close image of winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @browbeaute

If you’re just trying out winged eyeliner, this is where you’ll want to start. Use your liquid eyeliner to gently outline your top lid, and then finish in a small wing by pulling the brush upward. With practice, you will eventually be able to accomplish this in one swift, smooth motion. You can either leave the wing to stand on its own, as pictured, or you can add a neutral eyeshadow for a bit of depth.

Sunrise Eyes

Up close image of winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @jenniebt.mua

Winged eyeliner helps to balance this gorgeous look, which is needed with so much color. A sharp, large wing also helps to create a distinct shape amidst the blending of the pink, purple, red, and gold eyeshadow. Finishing the shape of the eyeshadow to match the wing ties the style together.

Eye Extension

four images of winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @ecmet

One of the best uses for winged eyeliner is to widen the eyes and increase their impact in your makeup look. Here, the wings follow the natural curve of the model’s eye to create the illusion that the eye is longer than it is while providing a unique shape. This shaping technique is complemented by the lipstick, which pulls above the natural depression in the top lip to make a distinct lip shape as well.

Touch of Smoke

Smokey eye with winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @makeupbymartikaa

Winged eyeliner is a great complement to a smoky eye, giving shape to the style. In this case, the bronze tones takes a lighter touch on the look, with the smaller wing working with the delicate touch. Pulling the smoky look under the eye adds a touch of drama.

Smiling Eyes

Girl image featuring winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @jmaasmua

By pulling the winged eyeliner in an upward curve, the eyeliner mimics the shape of a smile and the shape your eyes make while smiling. Using the upturn of the wings automatically makes your look seem light and happy as well as drawing attention to your eyes. In this style, neutral tones allows the winged eyeliner to stand out, particularly by putting a darker color in the crease of the eyelid.

Smoky Wings

Mega lashes with winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @xbethanymarie

A cool combination of smoky eyes and winged eyeliner, gradating the wings makes them softer and changes up the effect. This style is accomplished by blending together eyeliner and eyeshadow, or you could also use eyeshadow as your eyeliner. Using just foundation and highlight makes the winged eyeliner the focal point, simple but effective.

Asymmetrical Wing

Asymmetrical winged eyeliner image
Source: Instagram @sarahangius

These cool wings take on a funky shape, adding drama and flair to this makeup look. The winged eyeliner matches the shape of the eyebrow creating balance and a pleasant aesthetic in the style. Using a delicate hand with the mascara keeps the wings the center of style. This is a great way to keep your makeup look simple but add a touch of style!

Dark and Mysterious

Image of winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @sweeterthanthat

Going in a different direction, this winged eyeliner style puts a focus on the dramatic. The dark eyeshadow tones work well with the lengthy wing, creating a halo effect radiating out from the eye. As this eye shadow look is so striking, it is wise to keep the rest of the face neutral so as not to be overwhelming.

Ombré Wings

Ombre winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @pauladeas.mua

Another great option if you want your winged eyeliner to the star of the show, this style takes a delicate touch with the eyeshadow to create an awesome ombré effect. A sharp line at the beginning of the wing provides the shape, while the delicate brown shadow sets ups the ombré aspect. This look uses eyeshadow as the eyeliner to keep with the softer style.

Winged Sunset

Up close image of colorful winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @misu_marti

Small wings make sense with this fabulous eyeshadow, creating definition around the eyes while allowing the colors to stand out. The blending of the yellow, red, pink, and purple eyeshadow is striking and beautiful, and the contrast of the black winged eyeliner is almost like a shadow against the sunset. Keeping with a lighter mascara look keeps from overwhelming the rest of the style.

Orange and Black Ombré

four images of orange winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @ssmith.artistry

On the eyelid, the beautiful ombré effect works with the sharp winged eyeliner creating a stunning style. Gold glitter complements both the black and the orange, brightening the look and giving another layer of contrast to the winged eyeliner. Filling in the eyebrows with the same shade of eyeshadow brings the whole look together.

Extreme Glitter

Image of glittery makeup with winged eyeliner look
Source: Instagram @sugabee_cosmetics

An exciting fashion style, the extreme wings and chunky glitter work nicely with the glitter effect on the lower part of the face. Bringing the glitter along the edge of the winged eyeliner extends the look, as does blending the pink under the eye. Going for a long-lash style helps to balance the eye makeup and bring the whole effect together.

Winged Glitter Cut Crease

Cut crease with winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @bhawana_o_nana

Combining two trends together, a glitter cut crease fits nicely with the extension of the winged eyeliner. The creative shapes of the eyeshadow and the extreme lashes form a sort of yin and yang, reflective shapes with opposite coloring. A great earring choice to match the eye makeup and you have a complete style!

Winged Waves

Up close image of winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @saraduvallmakeupartist

The winged eyeliner in this look follows the curves of the other aspects of the style, creating the idea of waves. The gradated brown tones are a nice contrast to the bright shimmer on the eyelid and the silver cut crease. Blending dark eyeshadow under the eye, adding shimmer under the brow and in the corner of the eye, all add layers of light. Altogether, these components create an intricate and beautiful eye look.

Bright Blue Wings

Up close image of blue winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @_middie

Bright blue matte eyeshadow works nicely with the shape of the winged eyeliner, creating a unique and stunning look. Outlining the eyeshadow helps to bring distinction to the style, keeping the eyeshadow from being lost. Finishing with the same eyeshadow below the eye rounds out the look.

Nothing but Wings

Winged eyeliner look
Source: Instagram @glambylady

Going natural is a rising trend in makeup, but some people aren’t quite ready to take the full step into no makeup. Simple looks like this are a great way to minimize your makeup without going completely without. Using just winged eyeliner makes the eyes stand out without the need for any other makeup.

Cosmo and Wanda

Green and pink eyeshadow with winged liner
Source: Instagram @sofiabugmakeup

Looking for your next costume look? If you want to reference your favorite fairy godparents, winged eyeliner makes the ideal complement! The green and pink eyeshadow are the perfect shades, while the winged eyeliner provides the literal wings for the fairies. Finishing with glitter, crowns, and the magic wands are just the touches you need to bring the look together!

Red Wings

Image showing technique of Up close winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram

A great step-by-step tutorial, the red winged eyeliner complements the red eyeshadow in a subtle way. Adding the wings also gives a shape to the look without the sharp distinction of black eyeliner. The little bit of shimmer in the corner of the eye gives a color contrast while making the red pop.

Retro Winged Eyeliner

Classic image of winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @bootybyperp

Vintage fashion, particularly the “pin up” look, has been growing in popularity. In this instance, the voluminous curls and bright red lips fit with this style, as do the delicate upturned wings. Keeping with a simpler makeup look also makes sense in this instance, as heavy makeup was not typical during the referenced time period.

Blue Cut Crease

blue cut crease with winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @matimi.mua

Often, a cut crease style will finish in a winged shape to give flow and a sense of whimsy to the style. In this beautiful ombré look, the cut crease creates a double-winged effect, with the blue winged eyeliner on the lid and the complementing wing under the brow. The stars are a cute addition that give that personal touch.

Everyday Wings

Low key winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @gaeva_makeup

Winged eyeliner is great addition to an everyday makeup look. Putting the wings onto your eye makeup puts just that little extra something to make your style a bit more glamorous. The pretty brown eyeshadow and rosy lip is a great style appropriate for the workplace…and happy hour in the evening!

Going for Broke

outlandish image of winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @k80far

An outlandish and colorful style, the bright and whimsical colors come together to create a unique winged eyeliner look. The colors in the eyebrows complement the glitter and the diamonds, making a cohesive palette. Using the yellow to outline the brow and form the wings insures the facial features aren’t lost within the decoration. Finishing with yellow mascara keeps with the themes of the design while letting the lashes stand out.

Butterfly Wings

Butterfly winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @beckiehdez

Taking the winged eyeliner in a literal direction, these beautiful butterfly wings are a great option for a costume party or for Halloween. Reminiscent of watercolor, the blending of the yellow to the blue is beautiful, mimicked by the glitter accents under the eye. The shape of the wings follows some of the traditional winged eyeliner styles while effectively completing the butterfly look.

A Touch of Daring

Cosplay image with winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @bostonbeecosplay

Bronze and mauve are an excellent color palette for the complexion of the model, as well as her beautiful red hair. The large-winged eyeliner creates a pleasing shape with the eyebrow, while the black stands out nicely against the bronze eyeshadow. Finishing the look with pumped up eyelashes brings the whole style together.

Pink Passion

Pink eyeshadow to emphasize the winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @harmz909

Winged eyeliner is a great option in this style, helping to complement the pink and bring shape to the look. Keeping the eyeshadow in line with the wings contains the style and keeps it from being overwhelming. The glitter in the cute crease brings a bit of brightness as well as fun.

Pointed Wings

Pointed wings for eyeliner
Source: Instagram @joyf13

Extending the winged eyeliner makes a statement, particularly as the rest of the makeup is minimal. The triangular wings fits with the funky style of the model, balanced by the popping pink of the lip-gloss. If you wanted to add a bit more pizzazz to this look, you could put a bit of glitter on the eyelid in the same pink of the lip.

Blonde and Beautiful

Tiny winged eyeliner makeup look
Source: Instagram @heathertrachsel

Tiny wings are just the right accent for this basic style. Beneath stunning soap eyebrows, the winged eyeliner sets off the shape of the brows and the simple mascara. Using a neutral shimmer eyeshadow is just the right touch in this look, making it easy and perfect for every day.

Sharp Cut Crease

Sharp cut crease with extreme winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @mellow_beautie_mua

For this look, the winged eyeliner and the cut crease work together to make unique shapes within the style. Extending the eyeliner onto the lid allows you to raise the cut crease above the natural line, appearing to widen the eye. The touch of gold glitter and the flecks of color add a creative flair.

Queen of Hearts

Queen of hearts winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @em.madmua

This rosy, blended look is perfect for winged eyeliner. The unique curve of the eyeliner gives a fun twist on the style while providing a distinct shape. Using a blush of a similar shade to the eyeshadow helps bring cohesion to the whole makeup design, while the tiny heart is just the right flair of cuteness.

The Right Touch

Sweeping winged eyeliner ombre
Source: Instagram @xoxoashx

Sweeping winged eyeliner is just what is needed in this look, adding movement and definition. Going for a blended ombré with the eyeshadow is a nice contrast to the sharp nature of the eyeliner. The luscious lashes complete the style.

Purple Wings

Purple eyeshadow with winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @anniexsangharartistry

Double-pointed winged eyeliner goes a long way in this look, helping to outline the eye and bring definition within the layers of color. Sticking with a purple eyeliner fits with the color scheme, but the slightly different shade lets the winged eyeliner do its job. The splash of glitter amps up the style and provides added flair.

Classic Style

Red lips with extreme winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @olivia.hayward.mua

Simple and sophisticated, the striking winged eyeliner in this look is the perfect complement to the plump red lips. Winged eyeliner is a great option when you want to go for bold lashes, as it helps to support the lash volume, and in this case, the eyeliner balances the style. Keeping the rest of the face fairly neutral makes the perfect look for any outfit!

Silver Wings

Silver wings on winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @roberta_taylor_makeup_artist

Subtlety is often the name of the game with eye makeup, especially if you want something that isn’t too over the top but still looks fabulous. Opting for a lighter shade of eyeliner or shadow to make your wings is a great option to achieve that subtle style. Here, the silver works nicely with the model’s blue eyes and white-blonde hair, but brown would accomplish the same look.

Two-toned Winged Eyeliner

Two-toned winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @glamup.tanvi

If you like to play around with color in your eye makeup, but can’t go crazy, this is an ideal way to do it. The mashup of pink and black works perfectly here, tied together with the swoop of pink eyeshadow under the eye. This is the kind of style you could wear in a professional setting without getting a look from your boss, letting you still be you!

Fuchsia Explosion

Image of Fuschia Eyeshadow with eyeliner
Source: Instagram @mumu.beautyblog

While sometimes you need to keep it light, other times you just have to be bold! This combination of fuchsia and pink is just right for such an occasion, blending several shades and types of eyeshadow to get just the right look. The winged eyeliner in this style gives definition to the edges of the eye, making sure the eye is not lost in the midst of the design. A touch of gold above the winged eyeliner is the perfect finishing flair.

Shimmer Wings

Shimmer eyeshadow with winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @emmazingbeats

A fun twist on the winged look, this style uses the eyeshadow to form the wings. Starting with a base, like the pink eyeshadow, lets the shimmer stand out and almost outlines the wing. Finishing with a convention eyeliner and mascara look makes sense to keep from detracting from the cool silver effect.

Gothic Wings

Winged eyeliner on ultra gothic look
Source: Instagram @sammyjo_mua

Winged eyeliner is a great option in a Gothic look, particularly larger or extended wings. Here, drawing out the eyebrows balances the length of the winged eyeliner. Layering the orange and black eyeshadow adds drama to the style and complements the wings. Dark colors also make the model’s ice-blue eyes pop!

En Vogue

Little wings with winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @tinaninakg

Super edgy, the winged eyeliner perfectly complements the little wings on the corner. Together, the pair of wings creates an amazing shape that draws attention to the eyes right away. Pairing such a striking style with a classic red lip instantly makes the look.

Delicate Leaves

Orange eyeshadow with leaf as a makeup accent and winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @kyradoesmakeup

The cute little leaves match nicely with the winged eyeliner, providing a beautiful floral look. Bright yellow eyeshadow is the perfect contrast to the black of the eyeliner, and going for matte shadow here lets the color really stand out. The ombré effect of the eyeshadow also gives depth to the style.  

Sharp and Hot

Red winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram

Striking red winged eyeliner is just one amazing feature in this look! White accents in both the lip and the mascara are a great color contrast with the deeper shades in the style. A combination of textures and colors, this unique design is a great way to make a statement.

Gradated Wing Shadow

Super colorful winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @shearon.ruby

This amazing style brings the eyeshadow and winged eyeliner together in an awesome mashup. Outlining the colors in the wing shape gives both definition and contrast to the look. The color choices go perfectly together, a sunset rainbow that works nicely with the model’s hair.

Linear Accents

Eyeliner in winged shape
Source: Instagram @stellatumakeup

Winged eyeliner is one of three accent lines in this style, drawing attention to the eyes in different ways. It’s a cool way to outline the eye without going over the top with eyeshadow. This is also a fun way to let the model’s freckles stand out!

Airbrushed Magic

Blue eyeshadow with wing shape
Source: Instagram @escape2beauty

Even though the winged eyeliner is the only design component, the blue airbrushed effect is stunning. Going for this color makes a statement, but allowing the eyeliner to stand on its own really makes the look. In this case, the wings are made with eyeshadow rather than conventional eyeliner, which provides the softer effect.

Just Wings

Mascara plus winged eyeliner and nosering
Source: Instagram @margemua

Winged eyeliner and a touch of mascara is all that is required in this simple style. If you are in a rush to get out the door or trying to go for a natural look, eye makeup is all you need. These little wings are the perfect accent to any outfit, and give that trendy touch that implies you spent a ton of time on your makeup (even if you didn’t!).

Mirror Image

Sculpted eyebrows & winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @trysugar

Perfectly sculpted eyebrows are just the right complement to the sweep of this winged eyeliner style. The motion of the eyeliner fits exactly with the curve of the eyebrow, while the wing curls up to meet with the brow’s point. Choosing not to add in eyeshadow lets this mirrored shape stand on its own.

Disco Dust

Shimmery disco dust and winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @kerri_nash_makeup

Black and silver are two natural complements, as shown by this look. While the wing here is tiny, just that little turn up is enough to lengthen the eye and give a pretty shape to the style. The sharpness of the line also contrasts nicely with the silver eyeshadow. This would be a great option for prom, or for stylish evening wedding.

Bronze and Black

Image of teardrop with winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @sweeterthanthat

Bold and daring, the winged eyeliner is an extension of the black eyeshadow, fitting seamlessly into the style. Dark, full lashes complement the eyeshadow, while the bronze balances the look and gives a bit of shimmer. The line coming down from the eye is an edgy personal touch, but you could leave it off for a more elegant style.

Color Contrast

Color contrast of makeup and winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @karengbeauty

Silver and brown may not be the most common color combination, but they clearly work in this style. Putting the two shades against each other makes both pop, as does the brush of highlight underneath the eyebrow. The winged eyeliner in this look outlines the eye and brings the whole design together.

Burst of Sunshine

Yellow eyeshadow with winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @sashaimancosmetics

Radiant shades of yellow make this look sing, with the bold winged eyeliner bringing just the right shape and contrast. Widening the wings increases the drama, while using white eyeliner on the lower lid brightens the look and complements the yellow. The way the different shades of yellow blend together recalls an oil painting, turning this makeup style into a work of art.

Reverse Cut Crease

Extreme eyebrow with winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @makeupandbeautyforwomen

Winged eyeliner gives just the right edge in this style, the perfect foil to the airbrushed nature of the sunset eyeshadow. Similar to a cut crease look, the shadow under the brow stops along the curve of the eyelid. This twist on the look lets the winged eyeliner stand out, while still having fun with color. Bringing the color under the eye is a nice reflection of the rest of the style.

Minty Fresh

Mint color eyeshadow and winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @sammie_mua54

Using a lighter color eyeshadow is a great option when going for winged eyeliner, as it lets the wings shine while still giving a hint of color. This pretty mint shade is fun and light, the right complement to the sharp wings. If you wanted, a few sweeps of highlight on the cheekbones and down the nose would work nicely in this style.

Green Goddess

Image of green eyeshadow on winged eyeliner
Source: Instagram @makdaddyabaddy

When going for an eyeshadow look that surrounds the eye, winged eyeliner is a great way to break up the look and add definition. Without the extension of the wings, the eyes would be lost within the deep color. This way, you can go bold with your color and still let your eyes pop!

While at first winged eyeliner might seem like a one-trick pony, it is actual super versatile! You can change up your wings to fit your style, whether that is in color or shape, making your winged eyeliner look all your own.

If you are just beginning to try out winged eyeliner, start with one of the smaller wing styles until you get the hang of it. Once you have enough practice with creating the shape that works best for you, try pushing the envelope with one of the more out of the box design. No matter how you choose to use your winged eyeliner, if applied correctly it will be sure to enhance your look!

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