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45 Majestic Sea Turtle Tattoos

Sea turtles symbolize wisdom and luck. Adorn yourself with an iconic image of these majestic creatures.

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One of the most intriguing animals on our earth, sea turtles have served as a symbol of inspiration and awe for many people. Known as a creature that beats the odds (only 1 in 1,000 sea turtles survive to adulthood), sea turtles represent luck, endurance, and wisdom. The deep meaning behind these creatures make them a perfect subject for a tattoo.

Whether you want a cute and soft design or a more tribal and geometric look, we have the sea turtle tattoo design for you.

So, let’s jump in and make a splash.

Best Sea Turtle Tattoos & Inspiration

Tribal Sea Turtle Tattoo

Sea Turtle Tattoo design with tribal elements
Source: Instagram @rodmedina

This tribal sea turtle tattoo pays homage to the creature’s long-lasting symbolism in many different cultures. The geometric patterns and contrast between thick and thin lines create an eye-catching design. The complexity of this look makes it a perfect tattoo sleeve.

Sea Turtle Ankle Tattoo

ankle Sea Turtle Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @leia.tattooer

Ankles are an ideal location for people looking for an understated tattoo. This small and simple sea turtle tattoo is both adorable and sophisticated. Despite its minute size, this design still pays attention to the details.

Sea Turtle Raspberry Tattoo

Sea Turtle Raspberry Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @sellwoodtattoo

Name something cuter than a sea turtle eating anything. I’ll wait. There is just something about this bright, colorful sea turtle tattoo that makes you smile. This design can also be easily personalized by choosing a favorite food to make this look more individualized.

Flower Sea Turtle Tattoo

Flower Sea Turtle Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @thecolorstattoo

Whimsical and airy, this sketch-like tattoo design is both delicate and sophisticated. The pale pink adds a feminine touch to the earthy colors of the sea turtle. This is a perfect tattoo for any nature lovers out there.

Watercolor Sea Turtle Tattoo

Watercolor Sea Turtle Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @doggy_tattooist

Who needs canvas, when the body can become a work of art? This watercolor depiction of a sea turtle is a thing of beauty with bold and vibrant colors. The cool color palette creates a calming and peaceful mood.

Sea Turtle Tribal Tattoo

Sea Turtle tribal Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @pinupsandneedles

Tribal tattoos require a lot of attention to detail, and this sea turtle tattoo design is no exception. Pops of blue and red add further visual interest to this intricate and intriguing design. It is the perfect size for a forearm or leg tattoo.

Tropical Sea Turtle Tattoo

Tropical Sea Turtle Tattoos
Sea Turtle Tattoo designSource: Instagram @awan.monyon

This tropical sea turtle tattoo creates the perfect ocean scenery. The sea turtle perfectly blends into the surrounding landscape. Delicate lines highlight the intricacy of this sea turtle tattoo design. A perfect tattoo for those whose hearts belong to the ocean.

Tribal Sea Turtle with Bubbles Tattoo

Sea Turtle Tattoo design with bubbles
Source: Instagram @awan.monyon

Tribal tattoos historically have been a rite of passage in many cultures, symbolizing different cherished characteristics. While the sea turtle has to beat the odds to reach adulthood, they often live long lives once they do. This sea turtle tattoo symbolizes strength, wisdom, and endurance.

Swimming Sea Turtle Tattoo

Swimming Sea Turtle Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @awan.monyon

Ready to swim right into the deep blue, this realistic sea turtle tattoo emphasizes the details. The grey-scale color palette makes it a more understated design. A straightforward design, this could easily fit on most locations of the body.

Sea Turtle Hearts Tattoo

Sea Turtle with hearts in the Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @pakhanoff.tattooart

Show some love to your favorite aquatic animal with this heart-filled sea turtle tattoo design. Layered hearts with vibrant blues and greens make this tattoo truly pop. This is a fun and playful tattoo that you will want to place somewhere visible!

Sea Turtle Leg Tattoo

Sea Turtle Leg Tattoo image
Source: Instagram @bochastattoo

If you ever felt you should have been born with fins instead of legs, this sea turtle tattoo is the design for you. Small and simple, this style is unobtrusive and makes for a tasteful look. The dots on the fins and head add dimension to the overall look.

Sea Turtle Heart Necklace Tattoo

Sea Turtle Tattoo necklace design
Source: Instagram @hermin_tattoo

Any Titanic fans out there? This sea turtle appears to have found the Heart of the Ocean. Symbolizing finding your heart’s true desire, this tattoo design carries a lot of meaning.

Sea Turtle Tattoo Scene

Sea Turtle Tattoo scene
Sea Turtle Tattoo designSource: Instagram @tattoos_by_mike_c

Unlike a lot of tattoos on this list, this sea turtle tattoo design incorporates a lot of background scenery. Leaves and fruit surround the sea turtle in this detailed style. With this much detail, this is a tattoo that is meant to be seen.

Sea Turtle Arm Design

arm Sea Turtle Tattoo
Source: Instagram @tattootintaspepe

A strong symbol of good fortune, this sea turtle can be a constant reminder of the blessings you’ve been given in life. The tattoo artist has provided lots of detail to this design, making it feel real and less cartoonish. This tattoo is a perfect size for the forearm, leg, or shoulder.

Squirt Sea Turtle Tattoo

tattoo of Sea Turtle from Finding Nemo
Source: Instagram @demencialtattoo

Fin, noggin, dude! This Finding Nemo sea turtle tattoo packs a punch with the cute factor. Everyone’s favorite little sea turtle is the star of the show in this adorable design. With two designs in one, you get double the fun!

Simple Sea Turtle

Simple Sea Turtle Tattoo
Source: Instagram @lararothier

This sea turtle tattoo design takes a more minimalistic approach. With fewer details and a basic color scheme, this tattoo is simple and is not overwhelming. It is a perfect design that could be placed anywhere on the body.

Large Shell Sea Turtle Tattoo

Large shell sea turtle tattoo
Source: Instagram @tattooer_avenn

The shell of this sea turtle adds dimension to the overall look of the tattoo. A simple coloration highlights the details of this sea turtle tattoo design. This could fit easily on the foot, arm, or leg.

Squirt and Crush Tattoo

Squirt & crush from Finding Nemo tattoo
Source: Instagram @_nicolezs

The sweet expression on Crush’s face as his looks down at his son creates a heart-warming scene that will thaw even the frostiest of demeanors. Squirt fondly looks up and mirrors the bond between many fathers and sons. As Crush would say this tattoo is totally “righteous”!

Colorful Sea Turtle Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder colorful Sea Turtle Tattoo
Source: Instagram @jessrocharht

This colorful tattoo feels like you are getting a window into the ocean. The deep blue of the sea highlights the green of the sea turtle. It looks like this turtle could swim right off the shoulder and into the Great Blue.

Minimalist Sea Turtle Tattoo

Minimalist Sea Turtle Tattoo
Source: Instagram @rikff

Sometimes less is more, and this sea turtle tattoo definitely proves this to be true. Sketch-like lines create a dainty shoulder tattoo that has a grown-up feel to it. Its small size makes it versatile so it can fit in any location.

Sea Turtle and Flower Ankle Tattoo

Ankle tattoo of sea turtle & flower
Source: Instagram @john_brosse_tattoo

This ankle tattoo adds a splash of fun with its whimsical sea turtle design. The flower adds a tropical vibe to the overall look. Small in size, this would also fit well on the foot, hand, or shoulder.

Modern Tribal Sea Turtle Tattoo

Modern sea turtle tattoo w/ tribal design
Source: Instagram @samytattoobologna

Tribal tattoos are all the rage these days in contemporary society. Known for their geometric shapes, bold lines, and intricate detail, this sea turtle tribal tattoo takes a more modern and minimalist approach. Simple yet strong, this tattoo finds beauty in simplicity.

Swimming Sea Turtle Tattoo

Swimming sea turtle tattoo
Source: Instagram @oldlondonroadtattoos

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! This swimming sea turtle tattoo reminds you to keep pushing past adversity. The artistry is admirable in this design as it truly appears as if the turtle is in motion.

Exotic Floral Sea Turtle Tattoo

Exotic Floral Sea Turtle Tattoo
Source: Instagram @tattooinspo_insta

Exotic flowers decorate the shell of the sea turtle in this tropical sea turtle tattoo design. While this tattoo may appear simple, the marks of the sea turtle require true artistry and expertise from the tattoo artist. In this pretty design, it is worth the work, though.

Flowery Sea Turtle Tattoo

Flower growing from Sea Turtle back
Source: Instagram @tam.23garage

This floral sea turtle tattoo is in full bloom. Layers of petals create a 3D design that is incredibly alluring. Somewhat larger in size this tattoo is perfect for the forearm or calf.

Ocean and Sea Turtle Tattoo

Ocean horizon with sea turtle tattoo
Source: Instagram @muoblack

There are many cultures that have a mytheme in which a giant sea turtle supports or contains the entire world on its back. This oceanic sea turtle tattoo pays tribute to these beliefs with a setting sun over a peaceful ocean depicted on the back of the sea turtle. The scene is calming and reminds us of the beauty in the world.

Round Sea Turte Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoo of sea turtle
Source: Instagram @enigmatattoomildura

This sea turtle forearm tattoo is an example of a more detailed and involved tribal tattoo. Each of the three rings surrounding the sea turtle require significant precision and attention to detail on the part of the tattoo artist. As the rings grow smaller in size, your eye is drawn to the beautifully illustrated sea turtle at the center.

Floral Sea Turtle Forearm Tattoo

Forearm tattoo
FSource: Instagram @wtbrantneraz

Sea turtle hatchlings are a reminder to never forget where you came from. All female sea turtles return to and nest on the beach that they were born. This meaningful tattoo is framed by tropical flowers that add a gentle and feminine effect.

Decorated Sea Turtle Forearm Tattoo

Decorated sea turtle back as a forearm tattoo
Source: Instagram @dannyrocktattoo

This decorated sea turtle tattoo design takes a unique approach to the standard imagery of this ocean reptile. This style could easily be personalized by creating your own unique design for the sea turtle’s shell. The shell pattern could be as simple or detailed as you’d like!

Baby Sea Turtle Forearm Tattoo

baby Sea Turtle Tattoo
Source: Instagram @ta2divine

This sketch-like sea turtle forearm tattoo has a sense of realism that makes the design come alive. Small in size, this is a tattoo that can easily fit on most places. This is a delicate design that is truly breath-taking.

Symbolic Tribal Tattoo

Bold lines and mask Sea Turtle Tattoo
Source: Instagram @rega_tattoo

Symbolic tribal tattoos are a rite of passage in many cultures. This sea turtle tribal tattoo allows you to embrace your culture and heritage in a meaningful way. The unique shapes and bold lines make this tattoo design complex and visually interesting.

Cartoon Sea Turtle Tattoo

Cartoon Sea Turtle Tattoo
Source: Instagram @ctrl.paint

The rounded lines of this sea turtle tattoo create a more cartoonish appeal. This is a perfect look for fun-loving people who don’t take life too seriously. Its relatively simple design makes this tattoo less obtrusive.

Pair of Sea Turtle Tribal Tattoos

Pair of Sea Turtle Tattoos
Source: Instagram @otautahitattooqueenstown

This pair of matching winding, intricate sea turtle tattoos have a sense of ying and yang. Mirrored spirals and waves creates a labyrinthine of visual interest. This tattoo design emphasizes our connection to the natural world.

Mountainous Sea Turtle Tattto

Mountains Sea Turtle Tattoo
Source: Instagram

The mountains are calling, and you must go! This sea turtle arm tattoo is every nature lover’s dream. Fine lines and interesting shapes create an elaborate design that requires experience and expertise from the tattoo artist.

Delicate Sea Turtle Tattoo

Delicate Sea Turtle Tattoo
Source: Instagram @joinn_tattooer

This sea turtle tattoo provides some visual eye candy. There is something satisfying and soothing about the symmetry of this design. Small details come together to form a complex pattern that emphasizes the artistry in tattoo art.

Artistic Sea Turtle Tattoo

Coral reef inside magic sea turtle tattoo
Source: Instagram @meatshoptattoo

Tattoo artists truly create works of beauty, and this magical sea turtle design is particularly striking. The pale eye of the sea turtle gleams out at you, surrounded by an impressive attention to detail. This tattoo prefers a place of honor where it can be easily viewed on places like the arm or in a tattoo sleeve.

Samurai Sea Turtle Tattoo

Sword Sea Turtle Tattoo on Shoulder
Source: Instagram @mhtattooz

A symbol of strength, this sword-wielding sea turtle represents our inner warrior. Waves of lines create a textured look that adds depth and dimension to the overall design.

Spiral Sea Turtle Ankle Tattoo

Spiral Sea Turtle Tattoo on ankle
Source: Instagram @carline1697

The more patterns, the better! This elaborate sea turtle tattoo crams a lot of detail into a small space, creating an intriguing design. This a perfect size for placement on the ankle or wrist.

Sea Turtle Rose Tattoo

Sea Turtle Tattoo Rose design
Source: Instagram @expressiveinknj2

Roses and sea turtles are two symbolic images that come together in this sea turtle tattoo to impart a deep meaning. Roses teach us that with beauty comes hardship, but the sea turtle reminds us that we have the strength to endure.

Gem-tastic Sea Turtle Forearm Tattoo

Gems and Sea Turtle Tattoos
Source: Instagram @creativebeautykellykin

The sharp lines and edges of this sea turtle tattoo design creates a gem-like appearance. Framed by thin lines and gems, this tattoo is both strong and graceful, mirroring the characteristics of the sea turtle itself.

Minuture Tattoo Design

Mini Sea Turtle Tattoo
Source: Instagram @aleksey_shapoval

Why is everything cuter when it is miniature? This tiny turtle makes for a sweet design that could be placed almost anywhere. Small tattoos have the ability to make a statement without a lot of real estate.

Sea Turtle Back Tattoo

Full back Sea Turtle Tattoo
Source: Instagram @lelionnoirtattoo

If sea turtles are your spirit animal, then this is the tattoo for you. While back tattoos can be easily covered, they are make a major statement. The symmetry of this sea turtle tattoo design is visually appealing, creating a zen mood. This tattoo represents strength, wisdom, and resilience.

Sea Turtle Ankle Tattoo

Sea Turtle Tattoo in sketch
InkSource: Instagram @joyce_ink_rotterdam

The area just below the ankle is often underutilized when it comes to tattoo placement. However, this sweet sea turtle outline tattoo is a perfect example of how a small design can make a big impact. Thin lines create a delicate design that feels light and airy.

Sea Turtle Calf Tattoo

Calf tattoo
Source: Instagram @selfmadetattoocompany

While some people prefer vivid, brightly colored tattoos, others opt for a more subdued design. This sea turtle calf tattoo provides a sense of realism that makes the overall look feel more mature and less cartoonish.

Trail of Sea Turtle Tattoos

Family of Sea Turtle Tattoo
Source: Instagram @tattoo2ney

There is nothing more magical than watching newly hatched sea turtles make their way to the ocean for the first time. This tattoo captures the magic of the moment, symbolizing the bravery and strength these little hatchlings show as they enter a strange, new world. This is a great tattoo for someone who is starting a new journey.

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