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40 Senegalese Twists to Channel Your Inner Goddess

Sometimes called “rope twists”, Senegalese twist braids can protect hair, promote healthy growth, and convey a truly unique style.

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When your hair needs a break or rest, a stylish protective hairstyle will keep you looking chic and edgy. Do you love getting your hair braided but want something easier on your scalp? Keep on reading for the 40 Senegalese twists that will let you channel your inner goddess.

What are Senegal Twists—and Why Wear the Look?

Also known as “rope twists,” Senegalese twists consist of two strands wrapped around each other in each section. As the name implies, it originated from the West African country of Senegal. It’s one of many hairstyles that protect your strands from heat styling and promote healthy hair growth.

While you can twist your own strands, hair extensions will make the hairstyle protective and long lasting. Most of the time, you can opt for Kanekalon for a smooth texture or Marley hair for a natural-looking texture, attaching the strands to each section as you are twisting.

Do you know Senegalese twists are less time intensive compared to the traditional three-strand plaits? Whether you want to wear them up or down, minimalist or embellished, curled or coiled, the ways of styling them are endless.

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Senegal Twist Hairstyle Inspirations for You

Cornrows & Senegalese Twists

Image of Senegalese Twists
Source: Instagram @marlyshairbraiding

The best part about this hairstyle is that you can move the twists in all directions. If you want to get a bold, eccentric, and unconventional statement, experiment with your cornrow patterns or partings. You may opt for swirls, mazes, and even wavy designs.

Bohemian Twists

Image of Senegalese Twists in Bohemian style
Source: Instagram @aichafaa

If you’re into carefree, bohemian vibe, think of incorporating charms, threads, or even some earthy accents into your twists. Or, add a hint of color with crochet senegalese twists via extensions, making your woke-up-like-this look more stunning and intentional.

Maze-Inspired Twists

Image of Senegalese Twists in long strands
Source: Instagram @marlyshairbraiding

If you want something unconventional, go for maze-inspired braids fit for edgy personalities. If you’re a beginner, start with swirls and straight patterns, as elaborate “labyrinth” look will require more creativity and thread work done.

Senegalese Twist with Charms

Image of Senegalese Twists
Source: Instagram @senegal_love_girl

Do you want to channel that “into the woods” vibe without going overboard? The key is to make your hairstyle intentional with hair rings and charms, as well as donning statement jewelry pieces and killer eyelashes.

Modern Box Braids

Image of Senegalese Twists in Box Braids style
Source: Instagram @braidsbydeeva

Box braids are hairstyles consist of “boxy” or square-shaped hair divisions. But you can make it look more modern with precise partings and tighter braids, revealing its architectural-inspired patterns in an effortless way.

The True Senegalese Queen

Image of Senegalese Twists on beautiful woman
Source: Instagram @marykbella

Are you looking for a dramatic look without trying too hard with your hairstyle? Think of jumbo Senegalese twists that make a statement without screaming for attention. Just add some gold accents into your look whether it’s a pair of hoop earrings or hair rings.

Skinny Senegal Twists

Image of skinny Senegalese Twists
Source: Instagram @braidsbyme.ka

While jumbo twists save some styling time, these skinny twists will make everything simple yet statement making. You can simply rock the look with ponytail, buns, or chignon, but letting it flow freely makes everything cool and effortless.

Red & Black Rope Twists

Image of Senegalese Twists in red and black ropes
Source: Instagram @touchedbytorri

For some, a red-and-black hair is challenging to pull off because it tends to look costume-y or unnatural. But the key is to aim for a grunge, edgy look, which makes your hairstyle intentional. Just rock it with a graphic tee, denim jacket, or a band shirt and you’re good to go.

Dutch-Inspired Twists

Dutch inspired Senegalese Twists
Source: Instagram @_braidsbysash

Do you like the appeal of reverse or inside-out braid? Incorporate the Dutch braids into your Senegalese twists! We love the way these twists were created with reverse braids—the hairstyle looks a bit sporty, creative, and effortless.

Senegalese Twist Updo

Image of Senegalese Twists updo hairstyle
Source: Instagram @_myghabraidsandmore

Whether you’re heading to a fancy dinner or wedding event, an updo hairstyle will make everything regal and elegant. Why not think of bringing your Senegal twists into a glamorous updo? Whether you want to keep your ends curled or coiled, this look will save your day.

Mile-Long Senegal Twists

Long Senegal twist hairstyle
Source: Instagram @page_askan_wi

If you want to make a statement without needing bells and whistles, go for ultra-long twists. The hairstyle is perfect from weekends to beach trips and beyond. It will surely give you that easy, carefree vibe you’re totally digging for the summer.

Caramel Brown Twists

Image of Senegalese Twists in brown color
Source: Instagram @pod_et_marichou_4

If you want to change things up, go for a natural hair color and shoulder-length twists. It is a chic hairstyle that you can wear to the office, parties, and dinner dates, but still looks effortless on the weekends with tee and jeans.

Pretty in Purple and Pink

Purple and pink Image of Senegalese Twists
Source: Instagram @andysbraids

One of the great things about Senegal twists is that you can rock the most daring hair colors without commitment. With tasteful choice of extensions, you can go for purple and pink combo on times you’re feeling playful.

Two-Tone Senegalese Twists

Two tone Image of Senegalese Twists
Source: Instagram @asterbraids_dubai

If you want a more natural-looking hairstyle, go for blonde and brown tones. Who says you need that balayage and ombre looks when you can rock them effortlessly with your Senegalese twist? It’s your choice whether you want some contrasting or blending tones.

Cute Bun Senegalese Twists

Image of Senegalese Twists in cute cornrow braids
Source: Instagram @cookiethebraider

If you’re feeling whimsy and playful, bring your Senegal twists into buns. You can even show off your creative skills with your cornrow patterns and parting designs. At the end of the day, it’s how you carry the look with confidence and attitude.

New Blonde Senegalese Twist

Blonde hair Image of Senegalese Twists
Source: Instagram @nunukuku

If you’re a princess and you know it, Senegal twists are perfect for you. If you’ve got a blonde hair, go for medium senegalese twists or micro twists that will look whimsy and extravagant. You may even create the ombre effect with your choice of hair extensions.

Carefree Jumbo Twists

Image of big jumbo Senegalese Twists
Source: Instagram @teranga_gasenegal_221

If you want a bold statement, go for jumbo Senegal twists. A half-up half-down look makes for a regal style, but you can still achieve an equally chic statement by leaving your hair down and loose in large senegalese twists. It’s one of the best styles for weekends paired with your favorite tee and jeans.

Superstar Senegal Twists

Image of Senegalese Twists inspired by Alicia Keys
Source: Instagram @banelcamara

Do you love those Alicia Keys-inspired senegalese twist styles? You need to get creative with your cornrows and bring your twists high up into a ponytail. Just complete your statement with a pair of sunglasses, gold jewelry, and breezy outfit.

A Dramatic Ombre

Bold green Image of Senegalese Twists
Source: Instagram @tvoya.kosa

Unconventional hair colors aren’t just for stereotypical rockers as Senegalese twists make these dramatic shades more approachable. Hair extensions will allow you to rock those neon fluorescent hues without commitment—just rock them with pride.

Senegal Space Buns

Two girls sporting Senegalese Twists
Source: Instagram @tvoya.kosa

Do you know space buns are a popular trend from the 90s? Rocking two buns with Senegal twists will give you a nostalgic, playful vibe. Just channel your quirky hairstyle à la Scary Spice from the girl group, Spice Girls, and you’ll turn heads.

Burgundy Senegal Twists

Image of burgundy Senegalese Twists
Source: Instagram @yamas_hairbraiding

Rocking a burgundy hair color with Senegal twists is a great way to stand out from the crowd. All you need is to toss your twists over-the-shoulder to one side! When you want to change things up, you can easily opt for a half-up half-down look, or bring it into a high ponytail.

Festival-Ready Senegal Twists

pink and red senegal twists
Source: Instagram @yellow___fish

Do you need some serious festival hair inspiration? Think of Senegal twists in varying shades of red, pink, and white, and style your bandana scarf as a headband. Just wear it with your favorite graphic tee, denim cut-off shorts and combat boots, and you’re good to go.

Cornrows on the Top

Cornrows Image of Senegalese Twists
Source: Instagram @happy_braids_hongkong

Mix and match braiding styles by keeping the top part in cornrows and the bottom part in Senegal twists. If you’ve got a coarse, kinky hair, keep your partings neat to reveal creative patterns on your scalp. While you can go for space buns or mohawk updo, you might want to keep the focus on your cornrows.

A Lovely Boho Vibe

Boho vibe Image of Senegalese Twists
Source: Instagram @xeniifairytale

If you love that bohemian vibe take things to the next level by going for bold colored hair extensions and threads. You can think of box braids as the base of your Senegal twists, but incorporate colorful threads as you twist.

The Pastel Beauty

Pastel senegal twists in a four image collage
Source: Instagram @xeniifairytale

The candy-colored hair trend can be now achieved with Senegal twists. Do you know blonde hair is the best canvas for light colored extensions? If you’ve got a naturally dark hair, you may go for darker or more vibrant shades, allowing you to wear full spectrum of the rainbow.

A Classic Ponytail Twists

Ponytail image of Senegalese Twists
Source: Instagram @braidsbyjsscpina

Are you looking for something simple and classic? You may show off your Senegal twists in a classic ponytail. Just pull your hair back and tie it a little loose. If you’ve got the box braids as your base, you can be creative with your partings.

Unicorn-Inspired Twists

Lady with back tattoo and red & pink senegal twists
Source: Instagram @yellow___fish

Why settle for one hair color when you can have a lot of them? Red and pink combination used to be a fashion faux pas—but not anymore. You can absolutely wear every color that you like even shades purple, yellow, and blonde in your Senegal twists.

A Hint of Cobalt

Blue strand of colored hair in senegalese twist hairstyle
Source: Instagram @olsy.braids

If you’re just aiming for a pop of color, go for cobalt. It gives a great contrast to a dark hair and makes your Senegal twists a bit unexpected. Think of wearing your hair loose, into a ponytail, or even in a half-up half-down style.

A Nostalgic Senegalese Look

Woman with glasses featuring red senegalese twist hairstyle
Source: Instagram @olsy.braids

Shades of burgundy screams retro, so why not rock your Senegal twists with vintage-y beads and frayed ends? You may even think of a half-up half-down look for a casual-chic statement. Just wear it with your favorite denim jacket, retro glasses, and pastel colored nails.

The Gypsy Goddess

Girl wearing flannel shirt and senegalese twists with blue color
Source: Instagram @salimurjikneli

With Senegal twists, you don’t have to bleach or color your hair just to prep it for the upcoming festival season. All you need is to rock the hairstyle with bold colored extensions, gypsy hair accessories, mercury sunglasses, and a plaid shirt.

A Touch of Gold

Gold accessories in senegalese twist hairdo
Source: Instagram @braidsbyjsscpina

If you’ve got a naturally black hair, you don’t have to go for colored extensions just to look cool. Just wear it loud and proud with gold accents—be it a hair clip, hair rings, threads, and ties. It’s up to you whether you want to keep your Senegal twists a bit loose or tight.

Goddess-Inspired Senegal Twists

Tight senegales twists
Source: Instagram @glambyjossy_

Not a fan of otherworldly braided hairstyles? Just keep it sleek and simple. You may go for medium or micro twists to keep it natural looking and goddess-like, or pull them into a jumbo braid if you’re feeling extra adventurous.

Glamorous in Red

Red skinny senegalese twist braids
Source: Instagram @glambyjossy_

Senegal twists are incredibly versatile and you can easily make the look creative every time. When it comes to burgundy and red color, dark hair blends well. Whether you’re running errands or getting ready for a Fashion Week, micro twists will make your style polish and glamorous.

Cool Icy Blue Twists

Blue colored braids with space buns
Source: Instagram @mrs.tsygankoff

Everyone from Kylie Jenner to Rihanna have tried the bold hair color so don’t fret. Just opt for the shades of blue that look great on your complexion. The color itself is whimsy, so it will look great with Senegal twists styled into space buns!

Fire Engine Red Twists

Image of Senegalese Twists
Source: Instagram @styles.by_adji

Are you looking for a hair color that packs a lot of heat? The shades of red will surely make your Senegal twists standout, so keep everything simple and effortless. Just complete the look with your favorite sweater and denim.

Futuristic Gunmetal Twists

Gunmetal color of senegal twists
Source: Instagram @madmans_box

Do you know the desire for silver, gray hair is stronger than ever? Gunmetal color will give you that low-maintenance glamour, so wear your Senegal twists in any way that you want. A great thing, it complements all outfits and colors, perfect for a woman with an eclectic style.

The Real-Life Rapunzel

Long hair in senegalese twists
Source: Instagram @braidsbyjsscpina

Do you have a flair for fairytale-inspired hairstyles? Go for a Rapunzel-length Senegal twists! While colorful extensions are fun, you may want to keep everything as natural as possible to avoid looking costume-y.

Senegalese Twists with Beads

Image of Senegalese Twists with beads
Source: Instagram @juba_angolana

Hair beads are great for adding flair to your Senegal twists, but opt for non-fluorescent hues to make it a bit grown-up. Neutral beads in shades of white, brown, and nude look great with black hair—just don’t overdo it.

The Winter Goddess

Long black hair in braids
Source: Instagram @aliimakn

If you’ve got a platinum blonde or silver hair, it’s better not to go too big with your twists. Keeping it sleek with micro or medium braids is the key to a glamorous statement. Just keep everything chic, sexy, and cool with your jewelry, hair accessories, and outfit.

Layered Bob Twists

Layered bob senegalese twists
Source: Instagram @sonymiyake

While long, flowy braids are cute, they can be sometimes hard on your scalp. Think of making your typical bob or lob more dynamic with short Senegal twists. It’s a kind of hairstyle that will keep you chic and professional at the office, and cool on the weekends.

While in a typical Senegalese twists a small knot is made at the base to keep it in place, you can still go for knotless twists that are created by using a feed-in technique. All you need is to incorporate the braiding hair into your natural hair that’s easier on the scalp. If you’ve got some baby hairs, simply swirl them, as they couldn’t handle the weight of extensions.

Senegalese twists are versatile and allow you to keep the manipulation of your hair at a minimum, making it perfect for low-maintenance women. With these hairstyle inspirations, you’ll be able to rock these twists in most stylish, unexpected ways.

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