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30 Eye-Catching Blonde Box Braids

New stylish and trendy blonde box braids styles to turn heads. Get 30 inspirational styles to help you select your new look.

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Box braids are a great style to try any time of the year. They’re a great protective style in the harsh winter months and they can keep your head cool during the hot summer. And, to turn your look up a notch, you can try a blonde style for added flair. 

Blonde box braid styles in your hair are great for any occasion. You can wear them long, flowing down your back, or you can tie them up into a bun for a more formal look. The styles you can achieve are endless.

What are Blonde Braids?

Blonde braids are a hairstyle that incorporates both blonde hair extensions and braids. The style is highly customizable; braids can be put into cornrows, box braids, or Senegalese twists. Because the hair extension is typically made of human hair, it can be treated like natural hair and styled using hot tools. The blonde extensions are typically dyed in a number of different shades and can be mixed to create highlights.

What are Box Braids?

Box braids are a protective hairstyle that involves dividing the hair into square-shaped sections and braiding additional hair into each section. The size of the braid can be modified based on how thick you want the individual braids to be, but they are typically large enough to wrap around 2 or 3 fingers.

The name “box braid” comes from the squared shape that results from the way in which additional synthetic hair is added to each section of natural hair. Box braids are often worn by African-American women and girls, and they can be worn with or without extensions added to the natural hair.

Many variations of box braids have been created in recent years, including ones with dyed ends, twists instead of braids, and colorful beads.

How Much do Blonde Braids cost?

The cost of blonde box braids will depend on the salon you choose, but it’s important to remember that hair braiding is a very time-consuming process. Most braiders charge by the hour, and it can take hours upon hours to do a full head of hair. You will also have to factor in the cost of the supplies necessary to complete the job: synthetic hair, thread, rubber bands and/or beads, hair clips, and styling product.

A good rule of thumb is that you should expect to pay between $100-$200 for a braiding service, but it’s always best to ask your stylist what they charge.

Can I Do Blonde Box Braids Myself?

If you’re looking to braid your hair in blonde box braids, the first step is to cut your hair. If you want to preserve your length, you’ll want to get the cornrows started at the halfway point of your hair. Then you can use a technique called “the golden ratio” to determine how long each section will be. The golden ratio is equal parts honey, milk, and flour—mix them all up and put it into a bowl. The size of the bowl will tell you how large each section should be.

It’s also important that you don’t wash for at least five days beforehand so that the extensions have something to grab onto when it’s time for detangling.

If you’re planning on putting the extensions in yourself, leave enough room in front for a part line, and make sure that the sections are straight and even—you’ll lose hair if they’re not!

Watch this tutorial on DIY blonde box braids:

Check out some of our favorite blonde box braid hairstyles, so you can try your own look.

We’re Loving These Blonde Box Braids Styles

Blonde Ombre Box Braids

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @bluehairguru

Blonde is a great color when it comes to getting box braids. However, you don’t have to settle for one shade! This ombre braid style is great if you want a little bit more color in your life. Plus, the braids are long and will sway confidently behind you.

Multicolored Blonde Braids

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @brandiwynae

These medium chunky box braids are fun and unique. They have highlights of platinum blonde and brown with the ends curled. It’s a beautiful look to wear down, or you can tie it up for a more formal look. Don’t forget to lay your baby hairs!

Caramel Blonde Box Braids

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @ogcvrly

This effortless and breezy look makes for a great summer style. The caramel toned box braids are long and flowy. Take them with you to the beach or another fun summer getaway. These small braids would also look cute cut short in a bob.

Medium Blonde Box Braids

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @naturallycole_

If you’re in the mood for a darker blonde, check out these medium blonde box braids. The tone of these braids go well with any skin tone. The micro braids are a fun, long length. You’ll be stylish and confident in this great braids style.

Platinum Blonde Jumbo Box Braids

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @loloveslocs

Want some bright blonde braids? These platinum blonde jumbo box braids may be for you. The parts are spread evenly apart to create these thick, gorgeous braids. They end in a straight, even tip. Try these out any season.

Honey Blonde Box Braids

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @faithmonethill

Get these gorgeous honey blonde braids if you’re into warmer tones for your hair color. These micro braids are cute and straight, with semi-wavy ends. You’ll have fun strutting through the streets with these long, beautiful braids.

Blonde Funky Braids

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @blackbeautyhairsupply

These chunky jumbo braids are a great option for the person who wants a little personality from their hairstyle. The braids are powerful and bold, sure to make a statement anywhere you go. If you like thicker braids, you may love this blonde style. 

Blonde Diamond Parted Braids

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @blackbeautyhairsupply

This style features platinum blonde and brown long braids with diamond parts. You can show off this unique feature by wearing your hair to the side or pulling it up into a high ponytail. It’s a stunning look that will catch anyone’s eye.

Platinum Blonde Braids with Undercut

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @blackbeautyhairsupply

Try this edgy undercut look features bright platinum micro braids. You can customize your undercut with a fun design that you can call your own. Wear your braids down for formal events, then pull your braids up to expose your surprising and funky cut!

Jumbo Medium Blonde Braids

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @hairbymeens

Check out this style of blonde box braids on light skin. The medium blonde braids compliment the skin tone well. Try this style with thick, jumbo braids, or make smaller parts to get tighter, mini box braids.

Blonde Box Braids with Front Cornrows

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @_iambcuzofu

This style begins with small, tight cornrows in the front. Then, the back of the head is full of blonde micro braids. It’s a fun and unique look to spice up your hairstyle. The blonde braids can be a great accessory to any outfit.

Blonde Box Braids with Curly Pieces

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @jhordanharrishair

Check out this fun hybrid braided hairstyle. Blonde micro braids are mixed in with loose curly strands of hair. The different textures add depth to their hairstyle, and it makes for a fun conversation piece. The bright blonde will shine anywhere you go.

Honey Blonde Box Braids with Half Up

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @donebydonna

These thick jumbo medium blonde box braids are another great look. The braids are clean and even. You can wear them all down for a fierce look, or you can tie up some of your braids for a fun updo.

Micro Braids in Medium Blonde

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @tyrathompsonofficial

Looking for another fun summer look? These medium blonde micro braids are a cool and fun style. You can choose the length of the style. Then, wear your hair up or down depending on the occasion and the weather.

Platinum and Dirty Blonde Box Braids

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @mandythegrand

This fun box braids style features a combo of platinum and dirty blonde. It’s great if you can’t make up your mind between the two colors. Style these fun micro braids any way you want them: braid multiple strands together or wear them all loose.

Many Shades of Blonde Box Braids

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @ktafanibeauty

Here’s another gorgeous multi-colored blonde box braids style. You can see golden blonde, honey blonde, medium blonde, and platinum blonde in this look. These braids have a medium thickness, but you can get them thinner or more jumbo.

Box Braids with Platinum Blonde Ends

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @saucellina864

If you like long braids and platinum blonde hair, this style is for you. These box braids feature platinum blonde at the ends of the braids and a dark brown towards the roots. It creates a fun yin-yang design to your hairstyle.

Long Blonde Box Braids and Faux Locs

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @ada_carolina

These extra-long blonde box braids are sure to be loads of fun. Micro braids are mixed with faux locs in many different shades of brown. To top it off, the side is cut low. It’s truly a daring look that only the most forward-thinking fashionistas will try.

Golden Blonde Box Braids

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @beautylynk

Check out these golden blonde box braids. They are shiny and pretty with an almost metallic sheen. We like this jumbo-sized braid, but you can always make smaller parts for micro box braids, as well. 

Fierce Blonde Box Braids

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @candimars

Make a statement with these blonde box braids. They are tight and even, sure to help you turn heads down any catwalk or runway. The blonde color goes well to accessorize outfits in many different shades and patterns. 

Honey Blonde Box Braids in a Top Bun

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @iamnephrite_

Honey blonde is a warm and pretty color for hair. Check out this honey blonde box braid style with medium parting. Add some personality to your braids by tying them up in a big top bun. Then, pull two accent braids in the front for fun. 

Black and Platinum Blonde Box Braids

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @maibraidedwigs

If you want a funky and versatile look, this one may be for you. You’ll have black box braids on the top with platinum blonde braids being revealed underneath. You can have a casual and traditional style for the day and re-style your hair to reveal the fun color at night.

Micro Braids with Curly Blonde Highlights

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @fastest_braider

These tiny micro braids give you a fun and flirty blonde hairstyle. The multi-colored blonde hair includes highlights of bright blonde, honey blonde, and a dirty blonde. These curls are great to wear to work, to party, or on a date. 

Long Blonde Box Braids

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @indybindybraids

Check out these long blonde box braids. They make a great flirty and low-maintenance summer look. The diamond parts give it an added style that you can customize for whatever occasion you have. 

Funky Platinum Blonde Box Braids

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @beautylynk

Want to make a statement with your hairstyle? Try these platinum blonde box braids. They’re thick braids, and the color helps create a bold and stylish look. Turn these braids into a fashion accessory by coordinating them with your outfit. 

Medium Blonde Mini Box Braids

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @beautylynk

If you’re a fan of medium, golden blonde hairstyles, consider trying this box braids style. These small box braids are clean and neat, giving off a queen vibe. Wear these long braids down, or pull some of them up in a fun high ponytail.

Platinum Blonde Box Braids in a Bob

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @gisele_haba

Here’s some inspiration for blonde box braids on dark skin. These platinum blonde braids look great in a short bob. This is a great option if you love braids, but don’t want long ones that will weigh you down.

Blonde Ombre Goddess Braids

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @analiahaircrush

These micro braids start a dark brown, then fade into a light, honey blonde color. It’s a pretty and fun look that you can wear comfortably during any season of the year. Here, the ends are straight, creating a simple and chic look.

Multicolored Blonde Box Braids

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @krown_kreations

Love the multi-tone look? Try these medium-sized box braids. You can use whatever tone of blonde you like. Here, you can see platinum blonde and golden blonde tones. The braids are neat, providing a style that can last a long time.

Curly Platinum Blonde Box Braids

Blonde Box Braids
Source: Instagram @brandiwynae

Check out this bold and intense look. These platinum blonde and brown braids are a show-stopper. The braids are neat and tidy, and they have wavy curly ends for a soft, feminine touch.

What’s Your Favorite Style?

Now that you have some hair inspiration, which style will you choose? Each of these stylish and trendy blonde box braids styles is sure to turn heads no matter where you go. You can wear them out to a fun day on the beach or dress them up for a fun date night. How will you style your favorite box braids look?

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