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40+ Carefree Boho Braids Inspiration

Boho braids hairstyles, inspirations, and looks. Capture feeling of bohemian style in loose braids. Weave in ribbon, lace, headscarves to complete the look.

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Bohemian style continues to be a popular trend, a combination of the original Bohemian movement in post-revolution France and the American hippie culture of the 1970s.

Modern designers have given these retro styles a contemporary upgrade to make a look that transcends just the world of fashion. Interior designers, furniture stores, and even those in the wedding industry have adopted these looks and inspired their own trends.

Today’s version of boho chic takes on the free and artistic spirit of the first Bohemians while elevating the style.

Boho chic is characterized by flowing fabrics, natural tones, floral accents, and mixing patterns. In terms of hairstyles, a bohemian look tends to incorporate this idea of flow and combination of textures, with a bit of nature thrown in for decoration.

Often, someone who favors this style will leave his or her hair long and loose, or only partially up. However, that isn’t always practical, which is where the boho braid comes in to play.

Boho braids capture the feeling of bohemian style in their loose nature, as well as a tendency to curve or wrap around the head. Many of these looks combine different types of braids together which provides the pattern contrast of the boho style.

Additionally, braids give the perfect opportunity to weave in items like ribbon, lace, headscarves, and flowers to fit with the rest of your outfit. If you are a fan of boho chic or just want to try something new, then these braided hairstyles will be perfect for you!

Boho braids hairstyles, inspirations, and looks. Capture feeling of bohemian style in loose braids. Weave in ribbon, lace, headscarves to complete the look.

Best Boho Braid Looks & Inspiration

Twisted Ponytail

Twisted Ponytail in Boho Braid style
Source: Instagram @beyondtheponytail

Right away, you can see that this fabulous ponytail has several elements of boho chic. First, its loose nature rather than a tight weave fits with the free-flowing feel of the style. Second, a combination of braids and twists, including the trendy fishtail braid, gives a contrast of textures and patterns. Finally, the touch of gold of the floral comb gives both a natural tone and the flowers that are distinctive to the bohemian style.

Braid and Bun

Braided bun in Boho Braid style
Source: Instagram @katerinaseigel

Boho braids are the perfect look for work or another professional setting, as they look fantastic but also serve to keep your hair out of the way. Here, a chunky Dutch braid, achieved by tugging the pieces of the braid to make it appear larger, looks perfect against the large bun. Wrapping a bit of the braid around the bun helps to complete the style and also provides security to keep everything in place.

Fishtail Wrap

Fishtail Wrap in Boho Braid style
Source: Instagram @wb_upstyles

Wrapping the braid around the head gives the illusion of a crown while also providing a half-up style. Rather than leaving it smooth, you can also see the textural elements coming from the crown of the head down to the braid. Finally, the hair beneath the braid is pulled into a loose weave and dotted with flowers to finish off the style.

Half-up Loose Braid

Half-up Loose Braid in Boho Braid style
Source: Instagram @enjoyhaircare

Simple is the name of the game with boho braids, and this easy everyday style is a prime example. Pull the hair half back, braid the separated bit, and then tie off. Going back with a tool like the one pictured, gently pull bits of hair to get volume in your braid and in the pulled back section. You can choose to go for a hair wrap if you wish to hide your hair tie to finish the look.

Bohemian Bride

Bohemian Brides with Twisted Ponytail in Boho Braid style
Source: Instagram @beautybyallysonmae

Braids are a rising trend in weddings, as is boho chic. If you are going for a bohemian wedding, then choosing a boho braid for your hairstyle makes perfect sense. Here, a gorgeous side braid begins with a normal, large Dutch braid then changes into a fat fishtail as it moves over the shoulder. Incorporating baby’s breath fits with the event and the whimsy of the boho style.

Faux Half-up

Faux Half-up in Boho Braid style
Source: Instagram @criswell_cosmetics

Using a loose braid here makes it seems as though the hair is pulled half back, yet it is in fact fully braided. This boho braid uses a combination of French and Dutch braid techniques to create the look. Keeping the main braid tight while the other pieces slack creates the contrast common to the boho style.  

Fishtail Headband

Fishtail Headband in Boho Braid style
Source: Instagram @rock_n_roller_hair

Headbands, bandanas, and headscarves are all common accessories in the bohemian style. However, not all of us have the hair or inclination to make a headband work, so this braided headband is a great alternative. Keeping the fishtail tight here makes sense, as it is meant to take the place of a more solid accessory. As the rest of the hair is down, it still fits within boho chic. This a great look with this red blonde color, and if you are a quick braider you’ll have it done and be out the door in no time!

Boho Box Braids

Boho Box Braid style
Source: Instagram @_braidedbyjade

An alternative take on the boho braid, there are a variety of tribal braids that fit the bohemian style. While it is important to note that bohemian and Bahamian are not the same, many aspects of different island cultures are true to the boho spirit. These fun box braids fit that to a tee, with a feathered look common to boho chic. Following the natural curve of the head into long braids, this is a great way to have a boho braid that lasts.

Simple and Clean

Simple ponytail in Boho Braid style
Source: Instagram @katiepowellhair

A standard three-strand plait makes this boho braid easy for anyone to try! Use large chunks of hair and work the braid loosely from the sides and just a bit tighter in the middle. Great look to combine with brown lowlights. Take the braid all the way down or leave it at the halfway point, simplicity also means versatility.

Boho Pigtails

Boho pigtails
Source: Instagram @mbdbeautyunlimited

Pigtails were a popular look in the 1970s, and are making a resurgence with the boho style. These fun fishtail pigtails go perfectly with the bohemian theme, complete with cute gold accessories. Ideal for a day at home or running errands, you can still look fashionable with minimal effort and keep your hair out of the way.

Round Boho Braid

Round Ponytail in Boho Braid style
Source: Instagram @makemiabraid

A round braid, or 3D braid, is a four or five-strand version of the basic French braid. Adding strands adds complexity while still ending up with a boho braided style. Here, the hair remains loose at the top and throughout the look, maintaining the bohemian vibe. You can also use the same technique while keeping the center braid tight and the braid underneath loose, giving another layer of texture.

Crown and Braid

Crown & Braid Boho Braids
Source: Instagram @jessicadomoney

Using braids to break the hair into sections provides depth, interest, and complexity to your style. These boho braids work together to create a cool crowned half-back style that you could wear for any occasion. Keeping the crown braids small and adding volume to the main braid gives another layer of contrast that works well within the look.

Baby’s Breath and Tie it Back

Baby's Breath in Boho Braid style
Source: Instagram @dosanddyebyjulie

Whether it’s for a special occasion or just because you feel festive, this cute floral style is a fun take on a boho look. To accomplish these braids, use a sort of half-French technique where you pull in extra hair from one side but just braid the other. That allows the hair underneath to stay loose while securing the top. Bring the braids from both sides together and secure, then use a large section of hair for the hair wrap knot. Adding the baby’s breath and some teasy lights gives that touch of whimsy and innocence that pulls the look together.

Regal Plait

Regal Plait for Renaissance Festival -- Boho Braid style
Source: Instagram @misha_makeup_artistry

This style would be great for a wedding, but also for a Renaissance festival or other medieval cosplay event. Braids were common throughout the Renaissance era, even if it was well before the French Bohemian movement, particularly this style of a woven crown into a long braid. The tight crown braids appear to come together to form the multi-strand plait below, tricking the eye into thinking the style is all connected together. Adding the pearl strand adds that royal touch that would make this look fit for a princess.

Chunky Dutch Bun

Brown hair with Twisted Ponytail in Boho Braid style
Source: Instagram @yourmanebabe

One of the most fun parts of this look is the placement of the Dutch braids. Rather than beginning the plait more along the side, starting at the crown of the head brings the braids more down the center of the back of the head. This allows more hair to be left loose, in both the back and the front. Finishing with a bun gives more volume and another focal point. This is a great style for work that also translates well to an evening out.

Flower Child

Weaving flowering in a Boho braids hairstyle
Source: Instagram @curlyfy_hair

Weaving flowers into the braid is typical of a bohemian hairstyle, and this boho braid is a prime example. A wide standard braid with a few pieces of hair left loose, this style screams free spirit and liveliness. Starting with a crown of flowers to move into the weave is simple and sweet, also effective in separating the sections of the style. Sticking with a more neutral tone of flower completes the boho vibe.

Boho Viking

Viking ponytail in boho braid style
Source: Instagram

This type of Dutch braid is typical of those seen in Viking culture, and is a trend among braided hairstyles. The loose style of the braid is what makes this a mash-up of the boho and Viking styles, as Viking braids tend to be tighter (they have to stay put in battle after all!). Leaving a couple of pieces out in the front provides another feminine touch.

Fishtail Up-do

This is a fishtail up-do with boho braids
Source: Instagram @bnstylin

Perfect for a wedding, this style has volume, curl, braids, and flat out gorgeousness. The braid gives a division between the different sections of the look as well as a focal point, while the bump in the back provides volume and height. Loose twists and curls give that boho touch, however the look is cohesive enough to make it appropriate for a formal occasion.

Crown of Braids

Crown of braids on top of head in Boho Braid hairstyle
Source: Instagram @beautyatthelilliepad

Using the braided crown is a great way to go for a sophisticated style while still getting your hair out of the way. Here, larger braids are the point of emphasis, setting off the teased sections. Keep some pieces of hair out for a frame, as seen here, or keep it all back if you need your hair out of your face.

Boho Braided Bun

Boho Braided bun
Source: Instagram @_esthervantzelfde_

Truly massive, this Dutch braid takes almost all the hair into one large plait with pumped up volume. Curving the braid down the side of the head gives a sense of movement, adding interest to the style. Finishing with a bun that almost looks like a knot gives a clean look and a sense of sophistication.

Viking Weave

Viking weave in boho braid style
Source: Instagram @russiankitty

Another Viking-inspired style, the multiple weaves and braids form an eclectic and quirky look. Using braids within braids gives that pattern-on-pattern component common to boho chic. At the same time, the tighter nature of the majority of the plaits fits with the Viking braid trend. Another fabulous mash-up perfectly executed.

Wedding Boho Mash-up

Multiple types of braids including French braid and bohemian style braids
Source: Instagram @somethingbeautifulstyles

Bringing together several types of braids, this wedding look screams boho chic. Fishtail braids form the crown, sweeping into the twisted braid below. A slightly teased French braid comes down the back of the head, mixing with the lower plait as well. Leaving the chunky large braid loose at the bottom fits with the bohemian style.

Crown of Roses

Crown of roses for wedding tied up with boho braids
Source: Instagram @candisfloral

This beautiful wedding style brings together a braided crown with a literal crown of roses, helping the flow of the look. The long braid over the shoulder has the round braid look, incorporating smaller braids through the larger. Adding curls and dotting the braid with flowers brings softness and exquisiteness to the style.

Braided Halfback

French style braid and Dutch fishtail mixed together in one hairstyle
Source: Instagram @galymartinezhairstylist

The braid in this boho style begins in a conventional French style, and then flips to the Dutch halfway through. Combining the textures is classic bohemian, as is the pretty clip serving as an accent piece. Leaving the extra pieces loose also fits with the boho chic look.

Simple Headband

Simple braid in headband style
Source: Instagram @beautyfromash_

A tugged French braid makes the perfect braided headband in this simple boho style. Adding volume with the tugs works perfectly with the curly texture of the hair. Weaving the ends of the braid into the rest of the hair creates the illusion of a real headband, creating a sweet and clean finish. Perfect for everyday wear!

Dutch Twists

Two blond dutch braids
Source: Instagram @xhairgoalz

Applying Dutch braiding techniques, these cool twists make for fantastic pigtails. Going for a chunkier style is youthful and fun, but also a great way to pull your hair back in a unique style. Finish the pigtails at the base of the neck as pictured, leaving more hair loose, or complete the twists to secure all of the hair. You could even round off the look with low space buns. What makes these sorts of styles is their versatility!

Triple Fishtail

Fishtail boho braids pulled together in long red hair
Source: Instagram @ryfergdoeshair

Two tugged fishtail braids turn into one whale of a long braid in this style. The two braids along the sides of the head encircle the crown and give the look shape. Bringing these braids together in one large, pumped-up fishtail braid is a great way to pull all hair back while maintaining volume. Finishing with the cute accent of the flower at the end is just the right boho touch.

Single Side Braid

A single boho braid
Source: Instagram @hairby_avastroner

If you want to add a touch of flair to your hair-do without going overboard, a single braid is just what you need. If you have thicker hair, you might even be able to weave your braid into the rest of your hair and not finish with a hair tie. Here, the model has woven the braid through and attached it to the rest of her hair with a small rubber band, but the visual effect is still the same. Free, loose, and the perfect boho braid.

Let it Boho

Boho Braid that is inspired by Elsa from Frozen
Source: Instagram @porti_one

For Frozen fans, this Dutch boho braid may remind you of Elsa’s iconic style. Similar to the fabulous Disney queen, the braid begins at the top of the head and curves down, allowing the braid to come over the shoulder. While this is a fishtail rather than a conventional braid, this style still will have you feeling fabulous as you let it go into the unknown.

Braid Bulbs

Braid bulbs in long pigtails; totally boho chic
Source: Instagram @curlyfy_hair

While not braids in the conventional sense (as there isn’t any plaiting), this long pigtails are totally boho chic. Creating different shapes, highlights, and textures fits with the idea of mixing patterns, while the hair wraps make the whole style more natural. Curling the ends and face frame pieces draw the eye and provide focal points to the look.

Goddess Divine

Boho wedding braid example
Source: Instagram @beautifulyoubykw

Grecian inspired, this boho wedding braid brings together elements of bohemian style and antiquity. The boho components are in the different textures, creating the bump in the back with the horizontal braid before the double braids come into one large round braid over the shoulder. Braids were also common in ancient Greece, particularly for maidens about to wed. Gold and pearls fit the boho commitment to natural elements while evoking the classical Grecian color combination. In short, a wedding look fit for Aphrodite herself.

Twist Half-back

Simple twist braid for short hair
Source: Instagram @mmstudios1

Cute and sweet, this simple style is perfect for everyday and easy to accomplish. Choose two pieces from the front, and then twist together. Either add in more pieces, like braiding, or leave is a twist before bringing the two twists together. You could leave it there for a more basic look, or add a bit of glitz as pictured.

Large Side Braid

Side braid with long blond hair
Source: Instagram

While this is a style in progress, instead of using a small side braid you could make a statement with a larger braid. Volumize the braid for a bigger impact. Particularly against the model’s straight hair, the boho braid adds a textural contrast to the overall style.

Boho Bridal Party

Boho bridal party
Source: Instagram @dosanddyebyjulie

Several boho braids are seen in this fabulous boho chic wedding. Whether you like the rose bun, large braid wrap, or twisted crown, you have plenty of examples to choose from for your next boho look. All of these looks use a halfback look, but you could also use long braids or pigtails to tie back all of the hair.

Round Boho Rows

Round boho rows
Source: Instagram

A great way to bring together a traditional cornrow style and a boho braid is through the round braid technique. Round braids bring volume through the 3D style of plaiting, as well as a texture difference between the fade on the sides. These braids would also compliment a scarf or woven elements to add interest to the look.

Multi-braid Halfback

Simple braided crown style
Source: Instagram @beautybyaditi

A take on the simple braided crown style, this halfback look uses four braids rather than two. Layering the braids on top of one another not only adds another element, but adds height to the style. In this instance, the second row of braids gives you the chance to introduce an element like flowers yet still see the other braids. The pop of yellow gives just the right boho chic touch.

Fat French Braid

Chunky french braid with a bohemian braid flair
Source: Instagram @makemiabraid

Sometimes you just want something simple to get your hair up but still look nice. This French braid is perfect for those moments, as it has style but isn’t overly complicated. Adding volume through tugging makes the look stand out from the typical French braid. Great for everyday or for work.

Halfback Fishtail

Fishtail braid with ribbon at bottom
Source: Instagram @corina_wellaproanz

This dramatic, yet simple, fishtail look makes a bold statement without going overboard. It is amazing how a bit of volume can make all the difference to a braided style. The ribbon gives just the right touch of femininity, which could also be achieved with a flower.

Braided Crown

Braided crown or headband inspired by boho braid trend
Source: Instagram @beautyatthelilliepad

The braids here serve almost as a crown and a headband, hitting two boho braid trends in one style. These large braids are a bit flatter, allowing them to follow the natural curve of the head. Leaving pieces out in the front allows for a face frame and another focal point. Leave the whips straight for a free flowing look or add curl for texture.

Twisty Braid

Twisted braids for long hair
Source: Instagram @crystalescreations

Using a combination of techniques, this funky boho style brings braids to a whole new level. A great look for those with long hair, the braid pulls back all of the hair while still looking fabulous. Keep it unadorned for everyday wear, or add flowers for a special occasion. Adding a large bow before the braid moves away from the head would also be a cute accent for a pop of color.

Pull-through Braided Ponytail

Pull-through braided ponytail on long blonde hair
Source: Instagram @newmexicomilkmaid

This fun take on a braided ponytail brings fun and function together in one fabulous look. Using the pull-through braid technique, the hair is secured in several places throughout the style, meaning it will look fabulous while staying in place. The final product is a boho braid that will last all day!

Basic Boho

Braid the tail of the ponytail with a common boho braid
Source: Instagram @emilyburgemaster

Going back to basics, pulling your hair into a ponytail then simply braiding the tail is one of the most common boho braids. The braid picture uses the pull through style, however you could complete the look with any braid you like. Using the tugging method to add volume, or leave as is for a more simplistic style.

Twisted Switchback

Twisted Ponytail in Boho Braid style
Source: Instagram @a.k.prestige

Playing on the mix and match tendencies of boho chic, this boho braid at first glance looks like an ordinary French braid and is anything but. Pulling twists back and forth across the head, this style uses twists as the elements within the braid. Tugging in strategic places and sectioning off parts of the ponytails furthers the mish-match look and completes the style.

If you prefer a relaxed fit, loose hair, and floral patterns, then you might be into boho chic. However, not all of us can just have our hair loose in the wind all the time. Not only practical, braids bring in elements of the traditional bohemian style while looking fabulous. Whatever style of braid you like (or know how to do), it can be adapted to a boho braid style. No matter if you want something sophisticated for your wedding, or just something easy to get you out the door, boho braids have got your back.

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