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40 Blonde Hair with Brown Lowlights Looks

Add lowlights to blonde hair to add volume, texture and depth. Blonde lowlights are streaks of color that are generally two to three shades darker than your natural hair color.

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Looking for a way to update your look? If you have blonde hair, implementing lowlights can add depth and dimension to your overall hair style. The varying shades create a sense of movement and makes your hair appear more natural.

Lowlights are a great way to give your hair new life without making any dramatic changes. You most likely wouldn’t just go and paint your living room bright orange, and the same goes for your hairstyle. Lowlights make a subtle difference that leave you feeling fresh.

When adding lowlights, you’re essentially adding streaks of color that are generally two to three shades darker than your natural hair color.

Many stylists use lowlights to add depth to an otherwise flat look. The addition of the darker color creates a perception of greater volume. You may also combine highlights and lowlights together for a truly textured and natural appearance.

What are lowlights and how do they look with blond hair?

If you’re going blond in your hair color, lowlights can help you achieve a more natural look.

Lowlights are strategically placed streaks of darker hair color that are applied to a lighter base color. They can be subtle or dramatic, depending on your preference.

Blondes generally have more options with lowlights than brunettes, who may have trouble telling the difference between highlights and lowlights. Blondes have a wider range of tones to choose from and can create some pretty shocking looks with their lowlights, including rainbow-colored streaks.

If you’re just looking for a natural effect, however, the best place to start is by choosing a shade that’s only one or two tones away from your natural color (or whatever your base color is). This will give it a subtle look that isn’t immediately noticeable. For example, platinum blondes might try some golden brown lowlights to add dimension to their light hair.

The options are truly endless when it comes to hair color and lowlights. You can also consider getting highlights at the same time as your lowlights to create even more depth in your hair.

Does blonde hair look better with Lowlights?

Blonde hair can look amazing with lowlights, depending on the exact color of blonde and the tones of lowlights that are added. Lowlights are a great way to add depth and dimension to your blonde hair, making it appear thicker and more voluminous. Adding lowlights to your hair can also help to diminish the appearance of grays, which is especially helpful if you have thinning hair or want to hide the fact that you are going gray.

If you are trying to decide whether or not lowlights would be right for you, do some research by looking at pictures of other people with blonde hair and lowlights. You can also ask your hairstylist for advice about what shades of lowlights would work well with your particular shade of blonde.

There are a lot of different types of lowlights as well as a bunch of different colored highlights that you can choose from when coloring your hair. Again, speak with a professional stylist in order to decide on the best colors for your particular type of hair color.

Can you add lowlights to your own hair?

Whether or not you should try adding lowlights to your own hair depends on a few factors. If you’re working with bleach, it’s probably best to leave that up to a professional stylist, for health and safety reasons.

But if you’re talking about adding color to blonde hair with a temporary dye, then yes, you can easily do that yourself at home.

The most important thing to keep in mind when deciding whether to do your own lowlights is what kind of look you want. If it’s something mild—like some pale pink highlights in the front—you can totally do that yourself. If you want a streak of blue running down the back of your head, though, or light purple on top and black underneath, then it’s probably best to let a professional stylist handle that for you.

Watch this video on how to add lowlights to your own hair:

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Are Lowlights damaging?

With any coloring technique, there is always a risk that your hair will be damaged. However, lowlights can be significantly less damaging than highlights because they use a darker color than your natural shade. With blond hair, this means that hair is only being lightened slightly with high or full lights and not being lightened by much at all with lowlights. Even if there is damage done to the hair, it’s likely to be minimal compared to bleaching techniques used in highlights.

Lowlights are also better for blondes because they tend to blend into the hair more naturally than highlights, meaning you’re less likely to notice when the roots begin to grow out. This makes it so you don’t have to touch up your lowlights as often as you would if you had highlights, which is great for those of us who want to go longer between salon visits but still want our hair looking great!

You may also find that your stylist uses foiling in order to achieve the desired look rather than painting color directly onto strands; this helps keep from over-saturating individual hairs and causing even more damage than would otherwise occur from lowlighting alone (though it does increase the amount of time spent in front of the mirror).

Below is a list of serious hair goals. Compiling some of the best blonde lowlight looks from the Internet, you will be drooling over this hair-inspo!

Best Blonde Lowlight Styles

Wavy Blonde Hair

Wavy blonde hair with lowlights
Source: Instagram @amyneddermanhair

Blonde hair is an ideal canvas for lowlights as it is easy to find darker shades that complement the natural coloring. Paired with highlights, this blonde hair with lowlights glows in the light. A beautiful combination of pale blond and straw gold, this is a gorgeous example of blending.

Lob and Lowlights

Lob blonde hair with lowlights
Source: Instagram @thevividbrunette

No matter the length of your hair, lowlights can still add a beautiful extra dimension. In hairstyles with shorter length, as pictured above, lowlights can actually have more impact because there is more happening in a smaller space. Lowlights for blonde hair are a great way to darken your look, especially for the fall and winter.

Blonde Hair with Brown and Blonde Lowlights

Blonde hair with brown lowlights added
Source: Instagram @stormystyles_24

Contrary to popular belief, natural hair is not one solid block of color. As exemplified here, blond hair with brown lowlights and blonde highlights create a more natural vibe. The pale blond highlights really lift the look and prevent it from seeming too heavy.

Blonde Hair with Lowlights

bright blonde hair with brown lowlights added
Source: Instagram @noel_twyst_salon

While highlights are extremely popular with blondes, especially those who are looking to maintain a dyed shade of blonde, it can easily be overdone. Suddenly, hair borders on glaring white. As the model above shows, lowlights are a glamorous way to tone down a bright hairstyle and keep it looking natural.

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Brown lowlights on blonde hair
Source: Instagram @raymondrobertsalon

Highlights and lowlights for blonde hair seem like a no-brainer, but they are also a perfect technique for brunettes as well. Brown hair takes on a caramel sheen and coloration with the addition of light blonde highlights. Gentle brown and blonde lowlights blend the varying shades in this gorgeous look.

Golden Blonde with Lowlights

Brown lowlights on golden blonde hair
Source: Instagram @doitlikedani

Achieving a shade of blonde that is Goldilocks status (not too blonde, not too dark, but just right!) is no easy feat. This blonde with lowlights hairstyle beautifully blends white blonde with golden lowlights to create a look that hair goals are made of.

Long Blonde Hair with Brown Highlights

Brown lowlights on long blonde hair
Source: Instagram

Long hair can also benefit from a highlight/lowlight treatment. Sheets of hair that are all one shade can often looking boring or drab. As seen above, long blonde hair with lowlights appears more lively and fresh!

Layered Lowlights Look

Layered lowlights on blonde hair
Source: Instagram @vanessabknight

Have layers? Have no fear! Lowlights are a perfect choice no matter your hairstyle. As long as the blending of lowlights is uniform across the layers, your hair will still be looking fabulous. This cute look is ideal for the heat of spring and summer.

Blonde Bob with Lowlights

Brown lowlights on blonde hair bob
Source: Instagram @suzidoeshair

Lowlights for blonde hair help build on this low maintenance look. Easy upkeep, a bob is the perfect style for a woman on the go. Lowlights for blonde hair further simplify things by creating a natural look that doesn’t require constant treatment.

Peachy Keen Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Brown lowlights on strawberry blonde hair
Source: Instagram @stormystyles_24

This peachy blonde hair with lowlights is sweet and polished. Strawberry blonde never looked so good with the blending of varying shades of blonde. Lowlights and highlights come together in a natural looking style that is simply to die for!

Natural Waves and Lowlights

Wave blonde hair with brown lowlights added
Source: Instagram @honeycombsalondayton

The movement of wavy hair is perfectly complemented with a combination of lowlights and highlights. This blonde hair with brown lowlights feels textured and has an overall toffee hue that will harmonize with any complexion.

Blonde with Gentle Waves of Lowlights

Wavy blonde hair with brown lowlights
Source: Instagram @laurenmonaghanhairstylist

Waves of classic and timeless blonde, this blonde hair with lowlights is a gorgeous look. Gentle curls create vintage movie star vibes in a look that is perfect for a day at home or walking the red carpet.

Honey Blonde Lowlights

Honey blonde hair with brown lowlights
Source: Instagram @hairbymicheal_

Lowlights can work with any hair color and any skin tone to create a warm and luscious hair style. Adding a sense of light and airiness, this honey shade of blonde feels extra voluminous.

Straight Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Lowlights for blonde hair
Source: Instagram @ifsalon

Straight hair looks straight-up trendy with the addition of brown lowlights. With the risk of appearing boring, straight hair that is all one color can often look washed out. As the model above shows, blonde hair with brown lowlights create a rich and visually appealing look that is simply eye-catching.

Light Blonde Hair with Brown Lowlights

Lowlights for light blonde hair
Source: Instagram @looksbyleighc

Sultry waves emphasize beautiful blonde hair with brown lowlights. Lowlights for blonde hair add depth and make for an easily maintained look. Darker roots make it simple to rock this look for months before needing a touch-up!

Hip Blonde Hair with Brown Highlights and Lowlights

Lowlights for short blonde hair
Source: Instagram @alisarclouse_haircolorist

The lob is all the rage these days. A combination of mid-length hair with an edgy shortness, brown lowlights and highlights really amp up this look. A gentle golden brown is framed by pale blonde highlights to form a uniquely hip and fresh appearance.

Lowlights for Blonde Hair Extensions

Add volume with lowlights for blonde hair
Source: Instagram @liciebaby

As clearly shown, extensions are a perfect way to add length and volume to your hair. Blonde lowlights further this effect by adding motion and dimension. The before and after pictures speak for themselves, showing the major impact color can have on hair.

Beachy Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Beachy waves and lowlights for blonde hair
Source: Instagram @thepaintedwave

Beachy waves pair with muted blonde lowlights to establish a sun-kissed look that appears authentic. Easy and breezy, this is a look that appears natural with minimal fuss. This style has us dreaming of warm summer days.

Dirty Blonde Braid with Lowlights

Braided hair with lowlights
Source: Instagram @xrachel_michellex

Dirty blonde never looked so good. Princess-worthy flowing locks highlight the gorgeous marriage of blonde and brown highlights in this polished and posh hairstyle.

Hint of Ginger Blonde Hair with Brown Lowlights

Ginger blonde hair with brown lowlights
Source: Instagram @haircolorandmakeupbygwen

A touch of gingery lowlights is all this hairstyle needs to stand out from the crowd. Simple and fresh, this short hairstyle has a warm glow giving us major Rachel McAdam’s vibes.

Champagne Blonde Lowlights

Champagne lowlights in blond hair
Source: Instagram @hairbyashlee

Let’s celebrate this pretty blonde hair with champagne lowlights. Golden lowlights and platinum highlights will make you the toast of the town. A more subtle and subdued look, this is a timeless look that will never go out of style.

Short and Airy Blonde Lowlights

Blonde hair with brown highlights
Source: Instagram @flawless_hair_by_nazife

’90s fashion and trends are making a major comeback, and this blonde hair with lowlights has us thinking ’90s mom, but make it fashion. A vintage throwback that still looks stylish today, the blonde lowlights freshen up the look.

Light and Bright Blonde Hair

Light blonde hair with brown highlights
Source: Instagram @sharondhalpin_hair

The spotlight is on you with this pale blonde hairstyle with lowlights. Bright, white highlights get a gentle softening from undertones of bronze that warm up the cooler tones.

Vanilla Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Platinum blonde hair with brown lowlight
Source: Instagram @cjl_hair

Glamorous and alluring, luscious waves emphasize the flowing movement created with gentle blonde lowlights. The blonde lowlights create a shiny look that isn’t overwhelming or blinding.

Voluptuous Blonde Hair with Brown Lowlights

Chunky brown lowlights in blonde hair
Source: Instagram @studioviporlando

Come to the dark side, we have great hair! Blonde hair with brown lowlights form an intense and luscious look in this hair design. Lighter shades at the bottom of this style give volume to your overall look.

Creamy Vanilla Blonde with Lowlights

Vanilla blonde hair with lowlights added
Source: Instagram @thejoyofhairstyling

I’ll take a double scoop of this creamy vanilla blonde hair with lowlights. Golden platinum shades are cozied up with beautiful vanilla lowlights in this dreamy ‘do.

Chestnut Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Chestnut blonde hair with lowlights
Source: Instagram @lisadamicohair

Full bodied waves of rich, chestnut brown lowlights create a multi-dimensional style. The large curls blend the shades of blonde and brown together in a cohesive look.

Pixie Cut with Lowlights

Pixie cut with lowlights
Source: Instagram @laurenshairandmakeup

A pixie cut gets its own pixie dust in the form of pretty blonde lowlights. A sunny shade of blonde that is ideal for any complexion, this look is a versatile style. A short cut can be a bold choice, but this model shows how the risk can pay off.

Root-iful Brown and Blonde Hair

Balayage and brown lowlights
Source: Instagram @keepitstyled

Dark brown transitions to coppery shades and a blonde finish in this lovely look. You don’t have to decide whether you want to live in the blonde or brunette camp with this multi-colored design. Darker roots at the top also serve to make this a low-maintenance look.

Sandy Blonde Hair with Brown Lowlights

Sun-kissed look using brown lowlights
Source: Instagram

Hit the beach with this sun-kissed sandy blonde hairstyle with lowlights. A textured style perfectly complements the brown lowlights in this trendy look. The ocean won’t be the only thing with beautiful waves at the beach!

Warmed Ashy Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Ashy blonde hair with brown lowlights
Source: Instagram @rootssouthernsalon

Known for its cooler undertones, ashy blonde hair is a new and popular shade because of its unique grey tones. This style gives a slightly warmed approach to the trendy shade with gentle gold lowlights.

Brown Lowlights with Dark Roots

Brown Lowlights with Dark Roots
Source: Instagram @hairartistrybycaitlin

For those who aren’t a natural blonde, dark roots are a great way to keep your look easy to maintain. As this style shows, brown lowlights help to make the dark roots appear intentional rather than grown out.

Cafe au Lowlights

Short hairstyle with lowlights
Source: Instagram @christiandomingos

Latte lovers rejoice! Warm, coffee flavored lowlights create a radiant hairstyle. This short lob adds an extra dramatic flair to this look.

Full Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Silver blonde hair with brown lowlights
Source: Instagram @amybaineshair

Silvery blonde lowlights give this full-bodied style a sultry cool-down. Giving off ethereal vibes, this color palette feels magical.

Blonde Hair with Beautiful Brown Lowlights

Toffee lowlights in blonde hair
Source: Instagram @beauty.byerynn

Toffee-infused lowlights give shadow to this look, adding volume and dimension. Blonde hair benefits from brown lowlights giving your shades a more natural finish. They are also less harsh than dying your hair a darker brown, keeping hair happy.

Timeless Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Blonde with lowlights hairstyle
Source: Instagram @teka_barbara

Look like you just left the salon every day with this fabulous blonde hair with brown lowlights. Dark brown lowlights at the roots fade to gentle blonde shades, creating a look that extenuates the long, luscious locks. The dark tones allow the blonde to really shine as the star of the show.

Coopery Brown Lowlight Roots

Deep brown lowlights to blonde hair
Source: Instagram @purehairstudiokw

The spotlight really seems to shine on this blonde hair with brown lowlights. Coppery brown lowlight roots add depth and visual interest to this glossy style. While it looks gorgeous in long waves, this coloring would also be great in a lob.

Barbie Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Brown Lowlights with big wavy blonde hair
Source: Instagram @hairdesignerleahcar

Channel your inner Barbie doll with this picture-perfect blonde hair with gentle lowlights. Big wavy curls are definitely “in” right now and beautifully tinted lowlights can add some personality to this popular look.

Bright Blonde with Lowlights

Blonde with lowlights
Source: Instagram @myasby_mariah

Golden blonde lowlights enrich the platinum blonde ends in this bold blonde hairstyle. Keeping darker shades toward the top of the head always helps a look feel more natural, and gentle waves assist the blending of the different blondes.

Superstar Blonde Hair with Ashy Blonde Highlights

Blonde with lowlights
Source: Instagram @hairplaza

Maybe it’s just us, but this hairstyle is giving us major Lady Gaga vibes. Ashy blonde lowlights create a truly unique color that still feels natural.

Are Lowlights cheaper than highlights?

Lowlights can be cheaper than highlights, but it depends on a few factors.

The amount of hair you have and the amount of color you want to apply typically determines the price of your blonde lowlights. In general, the more natural your hair color is, the more lowlights you need to achieve a dramatic effect. If your hair is naturally lighter, you may not need as many lowlights to get your desired look.

Also, salon prices vary widely based on location and stylist level, so it’s hard to say whether lowlights will always be less expensive than highlights in every salon everywhere. However, if you see a stylist who specializes in color and has an assistant, you’re almost guaranteed to pay more for highlights than lowlights.

If you’re unsure about whether highlights or lowlights will best suit your look or budget, consult with your stylist beforehand to ensure that you make the best choice for you!

How long will lowlights last?

Lowlights are permanent, just like any other type of hair dye. However, they will gradually fade over time, and the length of time they stay in your hair depends on how light your natural hair color is and how dark your lowlights are. If you have very light blonde or gray hair, your color will last about 6 weeks before it starts to fade. If you have medium blonde or light brown hair, you’ll probably see some fading after 4 weeks. Finally, if you have dark brown or black hair, expect your lowlights to fade within 2 or 3 weeks.


Lowlights are a perfect way to add drama to your hair without taking major risks or damaging your ‘do. This list has compiled the Internet’s best styles for brown and blonde hair with lowlights encompassing looks that range from simple and subtle to dramatic and eye-catching. Lower the lights, but not the fashion with any of these fantastic looks!

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