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40 Rose Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Considering a rose tattoo for your shoulder? We have 40 design ideas for your next rose shoulder tattoo. Get inspired with these simple rose designs.

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As Arthur Conan Doyle once said, “What a lovely thing a rose is!” The rose has long been a symbol of love, romance, passion, and desire. It is a classic flower that is often featured in various floral tattoo designs.

Roses are a versatile tattoo that can be featured in a variety of colors, and most designs fit anywhere on the body. However, the shoulder is one of the perfect places for a rose tattoo, naturally emphasizing the curls of the petals. We have compiled the ultimate list of rose tattoo designs with looks ranging from feminine and delicate to bold and brash.

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Let’s check out this amazing list without further ado!

Best Rose Shoulder Tattoos

Red is Romantic

Image of bright red rose tattoo
Source: Instagram @lacuna_tattoo_arts

This gorgeous rose shoulder tattoo is both luscious and romantic with its vibrant shade of red. As pictured, the tattoo artist has done a fabulous job of recreating the inspiration photo. Bare shoulder tops are all the trend this season, so this is a perfect design to complement the look.

Shading Adds Interest

Image of rose shoulder tattoo
Source: Instagram @tattoos_by_angela

Shading adds depth and dimension to this black and white rose shoulder tattoo. This is a common tattoo color palette, which can become boring. However, the shading and attention to detail make this an eye-catching design.

Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Image of rose shoulder tattoo
Source: Instagram @caryshamptontattoo

It is already easy to see why shoulders are a popular location for rose tattoos. The feminine design highlights the curve of the collar bone, which is both slimming and striking. This is a look that should be showcased. Having a braided hairstyle or updo will allow this design to be the star of the show!

Good Things Come in Threes

Image of three rose shoulder tattoos
Source: Instagram @jer.makes.da.artz

All good things come in threes, and this rose shoulder tattoo is no exception! The three buds encircle the shoulder in a visually appealing design. The leaves flow and connect between each rose creating a sense of unity.

Color Creates Contrast

Image of rose shoulder tattoo in pair
Source: Instagram @mullerschmidt

Rose shoulder tattoos are one of the hottest tattoo trends this year. The use of color in this rose tattoo design sets it apart from the rest by creating contrast between the two flowers. This variation imparts a meaningful message that highlight the richness and darkness in life.

Simple Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Image of sketch rose shoulder tattoo
Source: Instagram @madisonpaigedavenport

It is amazing how impactful a simple tattoo can be. A design doesn’t require intense detail or bold colors to make a statement. This outlined rose should tattoo is pretty, delicate, and tasteful.

Dark Leaves Add Dimension

Image of rose shoulder tattoo with dark leaves
Source: Instagram @alchemytattoocollective

There is something special about the unexpected, and the dark leaves in this rose shoulder tattoo add a unique twist to the classic rose design. This overall color scheme creates a look that feels edgy and modern.

Rich, Red Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Image of rose shoulder tattoo for a man
Source: Instagram @oldsoultattooclub

Vibrant colors make a bold statement. The intense red of the rose really pops against the dark green leaves. While often thought of as a feminine flower, this tattoo shows that men can rock a rose tattoo too!

Roses Add Romance

Image of rose shoulder tattoo in red color
Source: Instagram @owentattoooo

There is just something romantic about a rose. The curves of the petals and the deep red tones create a beautiful tattoo design that is truly exquisite. As pictured above, rose tattoos pair perfectly with other natural designs like a small butterfly or swirling waves.

Dainty and Delicate Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Outline of Image of rose shoulder tattoo
Source: Instagram @madisonpaigedavenport

Floral tattoos are truly works of art. This dainty rose shoulder tattoo hits all the right notes with just enough detail to not feel too overwhelming. The varying sizes between the flowers and leaves add some nice visual interest.

Thin Lines Add Personality

Image of rose shoulder tattoo in black and white
Source: Instagram @darkrosetattoogallery

Thin branches and stems create a whimsical vibe in this fairy tale-like tattoo design. This rose shoulder tattoo is one for the storybooks with a fanciful design that could be an illustration straight out of Beauty and the Beast. This design wraps around the shoulder, adding beauty to every angle.

Intricate Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Image of intricate rose shoulder tattoo
Source: Instagram @moleink

The beauty of this rose shoulder tattoo lies in its intricate simplicity. Small, delicate leaves add dimension, while luscious petals add further wow factor. This tattoo is the ultimate showstopper with drama in all the details.

Realistic Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Faint Image of rose shoulder tattoo
Source: Instagram @aliciaquinby

If you didn’t know any better, you could easily be tricked into thinking this was a black and white photograph of two beautiful roses. You can almost smell the flowers’ sweet scent in this realistic design. The attention to detail in the petals is inspired.

Strength in Beaty

three roses in shoulder tattoo design
Source: Instagram @droverink

The pairing of an elegant rose tattoo with the bold “warrior” tattoo perfectly expresses the idea there is strength in beauty. Women can be both feminine and powerful, and this tattoo design is a perfect tribute to that. As this tattoo shows, women can carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Ornate Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Image of ornate rose shoulder tattoo
Source: Instagram @artifex369

Details add drama as perfectly exemplified in this rose shoulder tattoo design. Playful dots, subtle shades, and unique leaves create an ornate design that sizzles with personality. This would be the perect addition to a body garden filled with other flower tattoos.

Pink and Black Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Image of pink and black rose shoulder tattoo
Source: Instagram @nicolerosekottenwhite

Roses aren’t always sweet symbols of beauty. As this tattoo design shows, roses can also be edgy. The combination of black and pink adds an intensity to the lock and creates a muddy vibe.

Brushstrokes add Beauty

Painted rose shoulder tattoo image
Source: Instagram @sunny_tattoo

This beautiful tattoo utilizes shading that causes the rose to appear painted on the model’s shoulder. Each detail is elegant and sophisticated. This artistic tattoo design requires an experienced hand.

Sketch-Style Rose Shouder Tatttoo

edgy avant garde sketch tattoo of rose
Source: Instagram @rickmedinatattoos

The sketch-like appearance of this rose shoulder tattoo almost reminds me of illustrations from early Renaissance inventors. The intentional imperfections in the jagged edges and quirky shapes of this design create something special and unusual. The overall look is both unique and eclectic.

Details add Personality

Very detailed rose shoulder tattoo design
Source: Instagram @saviourtattoosupplies

Individuality and personality shine through in the details of tattoo design. The simple script of “Entwined Together” adds deeper meaning to the overall design. The roses and their thorns symbolize unity through both beauty and hardship.

Small Details Create Unity

Small detailed Image of rose shoulder tattoo
Source: Instagram @sophieskindoodles

The use of lines and dots reflected throughout the leaves and flowers creates a cohesive look in this gorgeous rose tattoo. The amount of leaves in varying sizes fills out the look and make it feel really luxurious.

Fully Bloomed Rose Tatttoo

Image of fully bloomed rose shoulder tattoo
Source: Instagram @janitadickens

This fully bloomed rose tattoo symbolizes the realization of self-worth. The petals are widely spread and emphasize the concept of personal growth. The size and scope of this tattoo create a large impact.

Mood Through Color

Simple rose shoulder tattoo
Source: Instagram @mullerschmidt

The color palette of a tattoo has a direct impact on its overall mood and vibe. Black rose tattoos have a darkness and edge to them that is very striking and somber. This shoulder tattoo is full of impact.

Lively Rose Shoulder Tattoo

black and white arm and shoulder tattoo of a rose
Source: Instagram @jose.velazquez_

This breathtaking tattoo is detailed yet simple. The petals feel beautifully sculpted, and the waves of each line creates movement throughout the entire design.

Spectacular Shading

Very detailed shading on Image of rose shoulder tattoo
Source: Instagram @suzylutattoos

If you’re a fan of tattoos with shading, this is the design for you. The roses come alive with symmetrical and cohesive detailing that makes this design a real stunner. If the size is a little overwhelming to you, this could easily be simplified by creating a design with a single rose.  

Blushing Pink Rose Tattoo

Pink faded rose shoulder tattoo inspiration
Source: Instagram @suzylutattoos

Shoulder tattoos, especially those that trail down the arm, are highly visible. Therefore, it is important to create a look that isn’t polarizing and will not poorly contrast with your daily style. This blush pink rose shoulder tattoo is the perfect example of understated beauty. The design has an impact without feeling distracting.

Single Stem Rose Tattoo

Full stemmed rose tattoo on back of shoulder
Source: Instagram @potluck_ink

Less really can be more in this stunning rose tattoo. A single stem highlights both the beauty and edge of the rose. Every rose has its thorn is perfectly illustrated in this simple and dazzling design.

Traditional Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Traditional rose shoulder tattoo
Source: Instagram @3lcoco10tatt2s

This is a very traditional red rose tattoo. With rich, bold colors, the design easily catches the eye. This is a perfect look for someone who appreciates classic, timeless designs.

Roses are Red Classic Tattoo

Big rose shoulder tattoo image
Source: Instagram @the_wrkz

Roses are red; you’ll love this tattoo; it’s truly the perfect look for you. This classic lipstick-red tattoo is stunning with its bold colors and dynamic size. Pairing this with a classic red and black nail design would further amp up the wow factor.

Timeless Rose Tattoo

Image of rose shoulder tattoo
Source: Instagram @mauvaisgarconstattoostudio

This beautiful tattoo feels stylish and refined. Tattoos often get a bad rep from the more conservative sides of society, but this tattoo shows the artistry and beauty that tattoo artists create. This a look that will never go out of style.

Pops of Shading Add Interest

Detailed rose shoulder tattoo
Source: Instagram @tbangtanbaee

This lovely rose shoulder tattoo emphasizes the idea of using a light hand to create a larger impact. Intentional and unique moments of shading draw the eye without overwhelming the rest of the design. This use of detail provides depth and texture.

Decorative Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Woman views her rose shoulder tattoo in mirror
Source: Instagram @claire_beckwith87

The amount of detail in this rose tattoo is simply breathtaking. Each leaf and petal feels lavish and adds to the romance of the overall design. What truly sets this tattoo apart is its ability to feel rich and full while still looking delicate.

Bold Lines Add Definition

Girl with glasses shows off her rose shoulder tattoo
Source: Instagram @littlerainbow22

The bold lines add definition to the rose and its leaves in this striking tattoo design. The use of straight edges, dots, and intentional imperfections creates a quirky vibe that boasts a lot of personality.

Dazzling Rose Tattoo

Top down look at a large rose shoulder tattoo
Source: Instagram @amylee_parker

Stop and smell the roses! The realism in this rose shoulder tattoo is something special. Looking ready to be freshly picked, this show-stopping tat is daring and bold with its large size.

Speckled Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Rose with speckles in a tattoo
Source: Instagram @emilysandstattoo

A gentle speckling effect provides a unique visual compared to the traditional shading often utilized in rose tattoos. This technique adds complexity and definition while still allowing the overall vibe to be light and airy.

Artistic Accuracy

Rose tattoo in front of shoulder with leaves
Source: Instagram @brunoinksf

Creating a tattoo that feels like the real deal is a true sign of an artist. This fantastic tattoo displays the expertise of the tattoo artist with its gently curling petals. The variations between the leaves further build the realistic look.

Rose Back Tattoo

Back of shoulder rose tattoo
Source: Instagram @justdoit_tattoo_piercing

The beauty of a rose shoulder tattoo that is placed on the back is that it gives you options to easily display it or cover it as needed. However, you definitely wouldn’t want to cover the fabulous rose in this tattoo.

Detailed Rose with Simple Leaves

Shiny rose shoulder tattoo
Source: Instagram

The simple outline of the leaves highlight the beauty of the dark rose in this dazzling design. The contrast draws the eye and makes this a tattoo you’ll always want on display.

Elaborate Elegance

Close-up view of an artistic rose shoulder tattoo image
Source: Instagram

Detail and continuity are key elements to a gorgeous tattoo design. This rose shoulder tattoo is particualy intriguing. While the details themselves are releatively simple, they come together to create a fascinating look that feels intricate and elaborate.

Mystical Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Lightly drawn rose tattoo for shoulder placement
Source: Instagram @sierra_granger

Something about this edgy rose shoulder tattoo feels both mystical and magical. The use of color palette and elegant shading create a look that is beautifully haunting. If roses hold a deeply emotional significance for you, then this is your design!

Rose tattoos are a classical and beautiful piece of body art. As this list shows, the options are endless when it comes to personalizing your look. All that is left is to “pick” the one that best suits you!

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