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40+ Peony Tattoos that Pop

Whatever your personality, there exists a beautiful peony tattoo design for it. Discover a peony tattoo that fits your individual style.

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A classically beautiful flower, the peony is a piece of art with its lush petals and sweet-smelling fragrance. Peonies are a perfect inspiration for intricate and captivating tattoos. Floral tattoo designs can be dainty and feminine or bold and strong. Your peony tattoo will ave the most impact when it reflects your personality or holds a strong meaning. A symbol of beauty and grace, the peony is a cultural icon that will really stand out.

Below, we have compiled the ultimate list of peony tattoo designs, from intricate and delicate to bold and brash. Whether you favor bright colors, or more simplistic designs, we have the look for you!

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Best Peony Tattoo Ideas & Inspiration

Peonies are the quintessential spring flower, and for good reason: they’re beautiful, fragrant, and have a long-lasting bloom.

And if you’ve been thinking about getting a peony tattoo, you’re in luck—because we’ve put together a list of the best peony tattoo ideas and inspiration!

A Pop of Peony

Image of Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @tttt.rose

Forearm tattoos are highly visible, so it is important to make a statement with your tattoo design. This brightly colored peony tattoo catches the eye with its daring shades of red and marigold. The overall look provides an appealing pop of color that could be nicely complemented with a bold hairstyle or colorful nails!

Simple and Stunning Peony Tattoo

Image of black and white Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram

At times, minimalist tattoo designs can look deceivingly simple. However, the amount of detail in this peony tattoo requires significant artistry. The tattoo artist needs to create a look that is visually appealing and unique without making the design appear cluttered or calculated. The variation between the different lines on both the leaves and petals gives the design character.

Femine and Strong

Image of Peony Tattoo design on leg
Source: Instagram @staceygreentattoo

An upper thigh tattoo is both bold and intimate. The intricacy of this peony tattoo gives the design life. A garden of beauty, this look would pair nicely with other floral tattoos to create a themed sleeve.

Beauty and the Beast Design

Image of Peony Tattoo with snake design
Source: Instagram @oogie_tattoos

Peonies have a long cultural and mythological history. Often associated with beauty, peonies are also a symbol of good fortune. The pale pinks of the flowers contrast with the bold red and black of the snake. The snake slithers through the peonies as a reminder that among the beauty, evil can be found.

Bold Peony Tattoo

Image of Peony Tattoo design on upper leg
Source: Instagram

The shading of this tattoo gives a sense of darkness to the peony, creating a moody vibe. While peonies are typically linked to good fortune and happy relationships, this design creates an edgier feel.

Sexy Side Tattoo

Snake Image of Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @ink.charlie

This slithering and sultry design really brings the heat. The attention to detail is truly stunning and each element has been treated with care. The stark petals of the peony perfect contrast with the scaly skin of the snake.

Chinese Peony Tattoo

Chinese Image of Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @haubs

Native to China, the peony is highly sought after and symbolizes honor and wealth. A classic shade of red pairs with rounded and scalloped petals to create traditional-style Chinese symbol of good fortune.

Daring Peony Neck Tattoo

Image of Peony Tattoo neck design
Source: Instagram @zazhax

The contrast between dark and light create an edgy and striking design. While the neck is not necessarily a common place for a tattoo, this peony tattoo design displays how truly eye-catching this type of tattoo can be.

Peony Shoulder Tattoo

Image of Peony shoulder Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @raymunx

This delicate shoulder tattoo adds a graceful sense of femininity. The peonies follow the curve of the neckline, creating a look that is both elongating and eye-catching. This tattoo perfectly complemnts the bare shoulder look we all enjoy during the warm spring and summer months.

Intricate and Detailed Design

Image of chest Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram

This chest tattoo is sexy and feminine, following the gentle curve of a woman’s natural assets. The intricacy of this design is truly a work of art and will require significant skill from the tattoo artist. The imperfect lines of the petals and leaves give this peony tattoo a sense of life.

Simple Peony Tattoo Design

Image of Simple Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram

This simple peony tattoo is beautiful and elegant. There is something highly sophisticated about this design with its slender and delicate lines. Flowers create a highly personal feel, and the peony represents romance and prosperity.

Mythological Peony Tattoo

Image of mythological Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @darkmaa_tattooer

The design of this peony tattoo pays homage to the traditional tattoo styling of Eastern culture. A symbol of good fortune and prosperity, this look holds a deep meaning. Its a perfect tattoo for the leg or a tattoo sleeve.

Tropical and Tasteful Design

Image of tropical Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @kiahartist

Bright blues, pinks, and purples create a tropical vibe without being garish or overwhelming. This peony tattoo is the perfect design for those of us who would always rather be at the beach. The placement of this tattoo adds to the tropical feel as its ideal for swimsuit season.

Skull and Peonies Tattoo Design

Flowers and skull peony tattoo design
Source: Instagram @paige.nicole.tattoos

This peony tattoo has a darker feel. The flowers and the skull create an intriguing design that works for both men and women.

Delicately Decorated Design

Forearm Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @xenia_ttt

All dressed up, this peony forearm tattoo incorporates delicate details that make this design stand out. The forearm is a highly visible location for a tattoo, so it is important to make an impact. This tattoo does just that, while also pairing perfectly with the model’s manicured nails.

Poeny Forearm Tattoo

Image of Peony Tattoo sleeve design
Source: Instagram @yasmin.iacobucci

This peony forearm tattoo contrasts perfectly with the example above. While one is delicate and feminine, this design has a more robust and bold appeal. The symmetry throughout this tattoo creates a calming vibe.

A Chandelier of Peonies

Floral Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @alexestilotattoo

Who wouldn’t love a floral chandelier in their home? This sophisticated design utilizes small dots to create a jewel-like effect. This tattoo is a perfect representation of beauty and grace.

Pink Adds Personality

Rosy Image of Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @acreedo_tattoos

While black and white tattoos can appear mature and edgy, adding a pop of color can give your tattoo significant personality. The rosy shades of pink give this peony tattoo life and contrasts perfectly with the green leaves. This is a look that wil really stand out from the crowd, so be sure to sport it somewhere visible like the arm or leg.

Perfect for Nature Loveres

Image of Peony Tattoo nature design
Source: Instagram @moonstattoo

Known for your green thumb? This peony tattoo is every gardener’s dream. The symmetry in the design makes it visually appealing and a perfect forearm tattoo. The simple color palette would contrast nicely with a bright, sunny nail design.

Wrist Tattoos for the Win

Wrist peony tattoo design
Source: Instagram @childboom

Personally, I have aways been a big fan of wrist tattoos. The designs often feel dainty and simple but still make a big impact. The shift between each illustrations depicts the peony’s bloom, reminding us of our transformation as people.

Mythical Peony and Snake Tattoo

Image of Snake Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @taffer_ttt

As shown in this list, the combination of snakes and peonies are a popular trend. The symbolism behind this pairing displays the contrast between beauty and darkness. The overall attention to detail in this look is truly inspired.

Edgy and Sophisticated Design

Full sleeve Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @_eddie_bo

Black and white are a classic color combination that brings both edge and sophistication to this gorgeous peony tattoo. Adding large sections of black adds depth and draws the eye throughout the entire sleeve. There is a lot of detail to this design, but it does not feel overwhelming or busy.

Blue for You Peony Tattoo

Blue Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @morguettetattoo

Nothing catches the eye more than the unexpected. This untraditional shade of blue is not a typical peony shade, but that is the beauty of tattoos, you can use your imagine and create anything! This deep blue is rich and intoxicating, making a strong statement.

Peony Tattoo with a Personal Touch

Image of personalized Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @vins_ink

Nothing makes a tattoo more meaningful than adding a personal touch to the design. Including a special date is a perfect way to pay tribute to a significant moment. This could be the birth of the child, the loss of a loved one, or the start of a special relationship. This simple peony tattoo is a symbol of honor, and what better way to honor someone than with this beautiful tattoo.

Tattoo Garden of Dreams

Garden Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @flower.and.nina

As seen in this adorable tattoo design, individual floral tattoos can instantly become an artful garden of beauty. This combination of peonies, sunflowers, and violets are the perfect shoulder tattoo for any nature lover. Who doesn’t love a good theme?

Delicate Personal Touches

Delicate Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @nothingwildtattoo

This simple peony tattoo is truly breathtaking. Delicate, curling script shows the perfect way to pay beautiful tribute to your loved ones. This tattoo is tiny and tasteful with dainty lines and a simplified design.

Dreamy Peony Tattoo Design

Dreamy Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @parnzanco

A shoulder tattoo is the ideal accessory. It adds a pop of personality and style, and you can never leave home without it! This size of this design creates a strong impact, beautifully emphasizing the unique shape of each petal.

Symmetry is Soothing

Image of Peony Tattoo arm design
Source: Instagram @sashathelittle

Nothing is quite as satisfying as a beautiful tattoo design with lovely symmetry. Each detail flows perfectly to the next with each tattoo perfectly complementing the ones around it. This peony tattoo sleeve is sheer perfection.

Floral Forearms add Flair

Image of forearm Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @ximera_tattoo

Floral tattoos can be tough as perfectly exemplified with this peony forearm tattoo. The black color scheme adds a sense of strength, while the peony flowers soften the design.

Dazzling Peony Leg Tattoo

Image of Peony Tattoo design with gems
Source: Instagram @ira_shmarinova

A leg tattoo that creeps up the hip elongates the leg and really emphasizes your curves. Dangling gems add an additional touch of refinement. This peony tattoo designs blazes with womanly energy.

Less Really Can Be More

Feminine shoulder Peony Tattoo idea
Source: Instagram @olga_prima_art

This beautiful peony chest tattoo is both simple and elegant. The design features one single blossom, which creates a big impact. The detailed leaves surrounded the peony and add a richness to the overall look.

Outlines Add Definition

Pretty Image of Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @artofsimonsi

Not all floral tattoos are created equal. It is stereotypical for people to assume that a peony tattoo must be feminine and girly. This striking and bold tattoo design is perfect for men or women. The thick outlines provide definition that is absolutely eye-catching.

Color Through Character

Image of Vibrant Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @ole_kroeger_tattoo

Adding color to your peony tattoo design offers the opportunity boost the personality and character of the overall look. While this is not necessarily a color combination that jumps to mind, the pale pink and orange create a soothing, tropical vibe.

Details for Days

Lots of detail in this Image of Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @crismedinatattoos

The amount of detail in this peony tattoo is something special. Each flower has its own unique qualities that make this design a true work of art. This is a perfect tattoo for the shoulder, forearm, or leg.

Symbols Create Meaning

Source: Instagram @diavloink

Many people choose to get a tattoo for deep, meaningful reasons. The symbolic additions to these peony forearm tattoos add significance and personalization. The opportunities for what to include are truly endless!

Double the Tattoo, Double the Fun

Two shoulders Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @elzavanhouden

Who isn’t a sucker for beautiful symmetry? There is something so visually satisfying about this mirrored peony chest tattoo. By using a template, the tattoo artist can easily ensure that the tattoos are a perfect match.

Single Peony Shoulder Tattoo

Single shoulder Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @tuschdanne

You can almost smell the peony in this beautiful shoulder tattoo. Each leaf and petal has its own unique look that comes together to form a masterful design. This is a perfect way to symbolize good fortune, romance, or a special relationship.

Full Body Peony Tattoo

Full body Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @yo_soy_vago

Full body tattoos take a lot of courage, patience, and spunk. This gorgeous peony tattoo design is certainly worth the effort. The light colored peonies pop out against the rest of the floral design, creating a magnificent look!

Snake and Peony Thigh Tattoo

Upper leg Image of Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @tattoosnob

This snake and peony tattoo sets itself apart from the crowd with its realistic and artful interpretation. The snake itself seems ready to slither off the leg and into the grass. This complex design will require experience and artistry to create.

Meaningful Mantras Add a Personal Touch

Bloom Image of Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @moriarty_tattoo

This simple and color peony tattoo simply reminds us to “bloom.” Just like a flower, this tattoo reminds us to own who we are and reach for our true potential. Bright colors with a simple mantra make this a meaningful and impactful design.

Peony Tattoo Sleeve

Asian inspired Image of Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @xj9.tattoos

Chinese and Japanese cultures treasure the symbolic meaning behind floral tattoos. This tattoo sleeve represents that good fortune is in abundance. Peonies are paired with leaves and daffodils to create a garden of good vibes.

Shoulder Tattoos are Trendy

Graceful shoulder Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @amandamarietattoo

Shoulder tattoos are definitely one of the hottest trend in tattoo designs. This peony shoulder tattoo is both graceful and unique. While many opt for the traditional rose, the peony offers an equally beautiful option. The lack of color highlights the details of this inspiring design.

Cascades of Peony Tattoos

Image of Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @paigesinicrope

This breathtaking peony shoulder tattoo cascades down the arm, creating a waterfall of beauty. As seen in many of the designs above, the basic color scheme allows the details to stand in the limelight.

Stunning Peony Shoulder Tattoo

Image of Peony Tattoo design
Source: Instagram @bel_tattoo

In this stunning tattoo design, the peonies flow casually up the arm to the back. This creates a natural look that emphasizes the gracefulness of the human form. The leaves round out the look by connecting each blossom into a cohesive design.

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