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30+ Dazzling Rhinestone Nails

Looking for rhinestone nails? Here are the best rhinestone nail ideas! Get inspired by these rhinestone nails designs.

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Are you passionate about doing your nails with amazing and unique designs? Do you spend hours researching the latest trends to get ideas for your rhinestone nail art?

Then you are certainly at the right place!

We have compiled for you the ultimate rhinestone nails design list to use as inspiration!

Historically, artificial nails were a common status symbol that noblewomen used to show how they didn’t have to do manual labor.

They go all the way back to the Ming Dynasty of China (love me some pandas), so here is your chance to bring your inner empress to life by creating the most stunning rhinestone nails.

2019 was no stranger to some great nail designs and we think that 2020 is going to be no different.

Megastars like Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez, Lizzo or Kylie Jenner have already shown us that this trend is here to stay. J-Lo went for nails with rhinestones in golden accents with lots of sparkly elements for the Superbowl, while Lizzo focused on Swarovski rhinestones nails to add some sparkle to her outfit for the AMAs.

You literally cannot go wrong with this style, since everything is allowed!

Best Rhinestone Nail Designs

Best Rhinestone Nail Designs of 2020

Check our list of nails with rhinestones to get some super trendy ideas:

Matte Black Velvet Coffin Nail Manicure with Focal Rhinestone Pinkies

30+ Rhinestone Nail Designs
Source: Instagram @zsofinails_

As far as rhinestone nail ideas go, we are starting with one of the big guns: black nails with rhinestones!

Elegant, ageless, this black nail polish with a finishing matte coat helps to make your rhinestone sparklers pop even more than they usually do. It is a show stopper, in an understated way.

If you are not ready to jump into the full ten-digits-shiny wagon, going with nails with rhinestones on one finger is a great option to start slow and build up your trust.

It also makes for a very easy do to combine with lots of outfits!

Lavender Ombre with Rhinestones Details, Flowers and Shimmering Glitter for a Romantic Manicure

Source: Instagram @pkvnails

Acrylic nails with rhinestones never looked better than this romantic take on one of the trendiest colors for 2020.

Lavender/lilac shades are going to be everywhere, so it is only natural that nail designs with rhinestones and glitter use this shade as a base.

Ombre nails are always an extra high point when doing your manicure, ombre nails with rhinestones and in lavender shade… It’s like all our favorite things came together to make some magic!

Keeping the designs changing over each nail is extra fancy.

Wild Cheetah Print Nails with Matte Black Polish and Rhinestone Accents

Source: Instagram @nailsbyjuni

Bring your inner feline to the surface with this cheetah print nail design with rhinestones, you have never tapped into your wild side like this before!

Bye bye tiger, so long zebra, the cheetah print is here to stay.

Clearly, the print would have clashed with most other options or even subdued their effect, so the simple rhinestone nail design on one finger is a complementing choice.

The black matte nail polish works perfectly as a backdrop due to its dark color and helps to contrast both the rhinestones and the print much more.

Poison Ivy Green Ombre with Clear Jelly Pinkies Dipped in Glitter

Source: Instagram @sonyanauniquenails

Sometimes, we all feel the need to go super extra with our manicure and channeling a bad-ass villain might be just what you needed to jump start your day.

Creating a bee with your rhinestones? A stroke of genius. Alternating your ombre green-yellow gradient so that it faces one way on one finger and another on the next, simply superb.

That jelly glittery pinkie stiletto nail? Rawrr!

Fairy Godmother Magical Nude Manicure with Glitter

Source: Instagram @nailsforyou.islingtonbloor

This stiletto rounded tip manicure is so classy and demure that it works for any occasion.

It is a very fresh, light style and the combination of glitter ombre with stars on the base of the nail visually enhances the delicate design.

Nude nails never looked so magical!

Iridescent Pearly Reverse Frenchie for Dark Fairy Vibes

Source: Instagram @at.home.nails.08

Glossy grey nail polish combines perfectly with the small pearls mixed with the rhinestones while the rounded tips of the nails add to the soft, feminine look.

It is undoubtedly a sultry yet sweet style, perfect for girls that want a touch of pink while remaining on a dark palette.

Princess Style Manicure with Neutral Tones

Source: Instagram @uzunova_nails

Acrylic nails with rhinestones are always elegant, but the effect of a beige nail polish with small opalescent rhinestones is just fit for royalty.

The different hues will shimmer with the light and create a shining effect that will add a subtle sparkle to your look.

Circus Red Bling Design for Bold Girls

Source: Instagram @nailsforyou.islingtonbloor

As far as nail art bling rhinestones ideas go, this one is certainly not demure.

A bloody shiny red hue in a circus tent design combines with shiny rhinestones and alternates with a red nail with rhinestones design to create an over the top unforgettable manicure.

Short Round Demure French Manicure with Shiny Flower Design

Source: Instagram @candymakeupandnails

This is a tried and true french manicure done in soft nude tones. Short nails with rhinestones are not the most common design since most of the people using rhinestones want to really maximize the area to decorate.

That is why this round nails flower design with a rhinestone center is so fitting. Both stunning and low key.

Delicate Feminine Pink Ombre with Crystal Pearls

Source: Instagram @blingynails

The sweetest style and a tough competitor for the Princess Manicure, these white on pink ombre nails with rhinestones are perfect for a focused one finger decoration of crystal beads.

For a perfect finish add an extra layer of gloss coat.

We can almost picture the delicate ensemble that you would wear with them!

Butterfly Design with Gold Leaf

Source: Instagram @nailcity440

We all love butterflies, especially when they are flying over a field of gold lame leaf strewn in a soft pink matte nail.

Tired of long coffin nails or stiletto nails?

Fear not, the perfect option to keep things interesting is this square nail on the short spectrum. To maximize the soft yet stunning effect, do the butterflies in white or silver, so they stand out !

Sparkling Scheherazade Inspiration Design

Source: Instagram @theemmzie

This East Asian inspired manicure is a joy to make! Combine white nails with rhinestone decorations with a full glitter nail in each hand for added impact.

Choose colors like gold that add that regal feel to the whole design. And since there are some bigger pieces of jewelry, be careful when applying rhinestone glue for nails and add a layer or two of clear top coat for extra measure.

Mermaid Green Shiny Manicure

Source: Instagram @lynniepoo1711

Forget about simple rhinestone nail designs, go full mermaid with this shiny teal green hued nail polish and decorate abundantly with rhinestones of different sizes.

The special touch? Add a golden thin jewelry chain to some of your digits and accessorize with a string of pearls!

Maleficent Marble Stiletto Nails

Source: Instagram @starnailspraha1

Make your white marble nails draw the eye combining them with a glossy blacker than black nail polish, and if that is not striking enough, add rhinestones in a reverse manicure design on some of the other nails.

Voila! Anyone else getting a Maleficent vibe here?

Fuchsia Flowery Multi-design Manicure

Source: Instagram @amazonbeauty91

Stiletto nails with rhinestones, in iridescent nail polish, along with fuchsia and pink ombre over purple flowers…

What more is there to say?

The perfect sweet 3d detail? Gluing small rhinestones in a reverse french manicure!

Regal Nude Manicure with a Dark Twist

Source: Instagram @_casanovanails

Short stiletto nails have a fierce look about them… Paired with a glossy nude color and a reverse manicure done in black (with the added bonus of a couple of golden rhinestones), make for an unforgettable design!

Frozen Princess French Manicure Design

Source: Instagram @yuefang9220

For the french manicure, pick a dusty pink as a base and for the tip a french white. Afterwards, add several layers of a nude color to soften the look and carefully glue the shiny silver rhinestones to the nails.

Don’t they remind you of snowflakes? Feeling like watching Frozen again? Oh, yes!

Glitter Pink Heart Effect

Source: Instagram @pjsnailcreations

Extra long glittery stiletto nails have a reputation as the celebrity favorites, especially pink nails with rhinestones.

The soft nail polish covered in sugar with a thin line of opalescent rhinestones is demure right next to the heart shape that appears when you put together two fingers.

Sweet details like this really make all the difference!

Nude Ombre Effect with Rhinestones Highlight

Source: Instagram @neglurkristin

If your style is more minimal, try these natural colored ombre nails.

It looks like a french manicure without the color blocking and the rhinestones add a subtle sparkle that is pure elegance.

You could very well see this style on Kate Middleton!

Flower Christmas Special Decorated Manicure

Source: Instagram @vuvuzelanailspa

Poinsettias are an essential Christmas flower, they come in quite a big range of colors, fuchsia, red, pink, white and even some combined ones.

The chosen white design in the picture is particularly striking over a shiny red nail polish. Strings of rhinestones in a reverse french manicure embellish some fingers while a combination of glitter and rhinestones sparks joy in others.

The balanced design is perfect for the holiday season.

Pink Panther Nails Go Shiny

Source: Instagram @orchidnailspallc

One of the cutest rhinestone nails ideas ever, this pastel Pink Panther inspired manicure is the prettiest stiletto nail I have ever seen.

The pink jelly nails combined with transparent glittery tips and rhinestones look adorable!

Deep Seas Navy Manicure with Silver Glitter

Source: Instagram @nika.e_nails

This navy nail polish creates a super striking effect, contrasting against the glitter packed clear nails.

As we have seen several times in other designs, the delicate rhinestone line on the base of the nail enhance the overall look and add a little extra shine.

Clear Nails with Glittery Ombre

Source: Instagram @kmarie_nailz

Who said glitter and rhinestones only worked well with long nails? These short nails with rhinestones and ombre glitter are one of the most subdued designs of this list.

The shade of the nail polish gives it a natural look, almost skin like, while the added details make the manicure stand out.

Extra Long White Coffin Nails Manicure

Source: Instagram @splashnailstudio

It is time to be showy and take a page from Khloe Jenner’s manicure style book! These extra large coffin nails in white nail polish are super outlandish and the shiny blue makes them stand out even more.

Cobalt blue is making a huge comeback now that everything 90s is trending.

Little Women Design Combining French Manicure, Roses and Rhinestones

Source: Instagram @luxynails_by_leyla

If you wanted to get inspired by recent movies, take a look at Little Women, we could picture Amy wearing this manicure in a heartbeat!

The delicate contrast between the french manicure and tiny drawn roses is super pretty. The added rhinestones add that special bling we know and love so much.

This is an outstanding clear nail with rhinestone design as well, if you want to skip the french tip!

Romantic Gothic Vampire Nails

Source: Instagram @mzglow79

The tiny flowers drawn around the rhinestones in this design are so perfect and detailed that you know they took a lot of work to make!

I can only imagine the level of skill behind them! The mix of shiny blood red and dark metallic hue gives it the perfect Gothic feel. That and the shiny cross, of course.

Long White Nails with Sky Blue Glitter Detail

Source: Instagram @_.zaeasian

Long coffin nails are all the rage, so make the most of it if you are a fan and go extra large with white nails, rhinestones and full coverage sky blue glitter.

Delicate Ombre with Rhinestone Dot Design

Source: Instagram @nailswithvee

We have quite a few contenders for the most delicate natural looking manicure. This ombre pink on white design topped with one nail dotted with rhinestones could easily be paired with similar toe nails designs with rhinestones.

Barbie Pink Ombre with Flowers Manicure

Source: Instagram @nailbyraymond

A delightful dark pink on a lighter pink ombre is Barbie’s chosen do!

Accessorizing it with delicate rhinestones accents and one tiny masterpiece of a flower in each hand, make it one of a kind.

Again, we can’t but be in awe of the mastery behind this artist’s work.

Precious Snake Shine Design

Source: Instagram @browsbyahna

If you are feeling like taking inspiration from a scaly friend, this iridiscent nail polish adorned with colored rhinestones is a great option.

Coffin nails in ombre cream colors underneath the glitter add to the overall wild look.

Angelic White on Pink Ombre

Source: Instagram @thatcutiekayla

To wrap up this list, we wanted to include this delicate angelic looking manicure in white on light pink ombre coffin nails. The only detail is a thin line of silvery rhinestones in one finger. Understated, and ever so precious! One of our favorites, no doubt about it!

Inspired Rhinestone Nail Designs

After checking out our great rhinestone nail ideas, you know there is a lot to choose from and to get inspiration for your own manicures.

Since these artsy creations can last from one to two weeks, depending on your lifestyle, you will have plenty of time to show off your design.

Swarovski crystals also make great additions for some added shine to your design and to top it off they are also reusable!

Typical costs for acrylic nails can go from 10 to 35 USD so there is plenty to choose from and something for every budget and taste.

Bedazzling is everywhere, you can see famous celebrities taking special care with their manicures for events with important red carpets.

Enjoy this trend and have some fun with it!

Which is your favorite rhinestone nail design? Tell us in the comments!

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