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40 Japanese Warrior Tattoos

When you get a Japanese warrior tattoo, you’re committing to a life of honor. Choose a Japanese warrior tattoo to inspire for a lifetime.

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The culture of Japan is steeped in tradition. Their warrior tattoos carry a history of Japanese pride and honor spanning thousands of years. These beautiful tattoos are made to represent courage, power, and bravery.

Often paired with other Japanese tattoos, such as hannya mask or samurai tattoos, the warrior is an iconic part in Japanese culture. Check out some of our favorites for tattoo inspiration.

What does a Japanese Warrior Tattoo symbolize?

Japanese warrior tattoos are a symbol of bravery, honor and power. These three things are the most important characteristic in a Japanese warrior. The art of war is an ancient tradition in Japan and the tattoo has been used to depict this for centuries. The character of the warrior is very important in Japan. The samurai were the elite warriors of their time and they had to be fearless in battle. Tattoos can be used to show a person’s status and power.

Best Japanese Warrior Tattoos

The Warrior Code

The Japanese warrior code is called bushido, which translates to “the way of the warrior.” It was first written down by a samurai named Tsunetomo Yamamoto in 1716. He wrote it in a book called Hagakure, or “Hidden by Leaves.” The book was written for his followers after he became a monk at the end of his life. Bushido stressed loyalty and honor above all other virtues.

What is a Japanese Warrior called?

There were many different types of historical Japanese warriors, including the samurai and ninja. The samurai were the elite warrior class of Japan for centuries. They lived by a code of honor known as bushido, which dictated their behavior both on and off the battlefield. Ninja were stealthy warriors who used tricky tactics to defeat their opponents.

In addition to the samurai and ninja, there were other types of Japanese warriors. Miyamoto Musashi was a famous swordsman who lived from 1584 to 1645. He is considered by many historians to be the greatest swordsman in Japanese history. Ito Ittosai was another famous swordmaster who lived from 1560 to 1653. The yamabushi were mountain priests who used their fighting skills to protect pilgrims traveling through the mountains.

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