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50 Festive Christmas Nails

Get a festive look with these Christmas nail ideas. More than 50 Christmas nail designs to help you celebrate your Christmas spirit with flair!

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Is it ever too early to start thinking about Christmas?

The holidays are a festive time filled with cheer, which is exactly what we need these days. The best part about Christmas is the decorations that cover everything from storefronts to ugly sweaters.

What better way to show your Christmas spirit than with a bright and cheery nail?

Christmas nail ideas run the gamut from cute, cuddly characters to dazzling tinsel-like sparkle. Below we have put together the ultimate list of Christmas nails that will have you ho-ho-ho with happiness.

Best Christmas Nail Ideas

Embellished Red and Green Nails

Image of Christmas nail designs
Source: Instagram @pastelcaat

Deck the halls and your nails with this merry Christmas nail design. Solid backgrounds of red and green allow the embellishments to truly shine. The details are delicate, allowing this look to feel jolly but still grown-up.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Manicure

Reindeer Christmas nails
Source: Instagram @awernails

Everyone knows Rudolph had a very shiny nose, but did you know about his shiny manicure? Everyone’s favorite reindeer is the star of these red Christmas nails. The accent nail is simple and neat. creating a look that feels clean and polished.

Star-Filled Christmas Nail Design

Image of Christmas nail designs
Source: Instagram @barbrafeszyn

These Christmas acrylic nails bring the shine and sparkle with glittery reds and greens. The white center accent nail balances the look and white star details bring the entire design together. The combinations of colors create a festive and happy feel.

Pale Pink Provides a Twist

Image of Christmas nail designs with a pink color
Source: Instagram @_mejzi

Rosy pink isn’t a shade that necessarily comes to mind when picturing Christmas nail designs. However, this unexpected color choice is an understated look that is versatile. Christmas is all about time and home with lovde ones, and this lovely manicure has us dreaming of cozy nights by the fire with hot cocoa.

Holiday Party Glam

Image of Christmas nail designs in coffin style
Source: Instagram @nailsglad

The holiday season is filled with fancy parties to celebrate the season. These Christmas coffin nails bring the sophistication with an angled black tip. The sheen on this nail adds a shine that creates a look that screams grown sexy.

Pastel Christmas Nail

Image of pastel Christmas nail designs
Source: Instagram @cappellasbeauty

Love pastel colors? You’ll be ready to rock around the Christmas tree with these marbled pastel Christmas acrylic nails. This look is perfect for someone craving a cheery and happy look without the traditional reds and greens. The best part of this pink chrome pastel look is still works even after the holidays!

Pretty in Pink Nail Design

Image of Christmas nail designs
Source: Instagram @dailyviralnails

I’m dreaming of a pink Christmas. This fabulous manicure is definitely on my list this year. Matte is a hot trend with its soothing and subtle tone, and the sparkling accents add just the right amount of shine.

Cute Christmas Nail Design

Image of sugared Christmas nail designs
Source: Instagram @dailyviralnails

Christmas is the season to sparkle, and this manicure really brings the shine! Nothing screams festive like glitter. The sugar accent nails add just the right amount of bling to make merry manicure an ideal look for the season.

Blue Christmas Nails

Image of blue snowflake Christmas nail designs
Source: Instagram @polishedbykm

“I’ll have a blue Christmas without you,” but maybe not the blue you’d expect. While red and green are considered traditional holiday colors, blue is a perfect choice with its icy feel. Blue Christmas nails are a cheery choice and have a more versatile, wintery vibe.

Easy Christmas Nail Design

Image of colorful Christmas nail ideas
Source: Instagram @nailss_paradise

This Christmas nail design shows that brining the cheer doesn’t have to be difficult. Polka dots are an easy look to accomplish but still have a lot of impact. This simple design is bolstered with a sparkly accent, and the overall look could easily be accomplished at home.

Reindeer-ful Chrismas Nail Art

Image of reindeer Christmas nails
Source: Instagram @colorful_shenanigans

You’ll be ready to meet under the mistletoe with these cute Christmas nails. The two red nails beautifully frame the adorable contrasting reindeer. This manicure is just the right mix of sweet and sophisticated.

Colorful Cute Factor

Image of a cute Christmas nails idea
Source: Instagram @colorful_shenanigans

These adorable Christmas themed nails have visions of sugarplums dancing in my head. The festive details will require a steady hand and may be a look best saved for the salon. With bright colors and cheery texture, this look is sweet enough to eat.

Gold and Red Christmas Nails

Gold & red Christmas nails with peppermint twist
Source: Instagram @aneta.kadzior

Move over silver and gold, this gorgeous manicure highlights the new power couple: red and gold! This look brings the heat with vibrant red and warm gold tones. Accent nails add a sense of fun and whimsy, perfect for the holiday season.

Tied Up with a Bow

Bow with glittery Christmas nails
Source: Instagram @nails_byblanka

This manicure is a package with all the trimmings and trappings. The glitter nail and bow-tiful accent nail elevate the look from a simple red design. This is another look that could easily be recreated at home!

Snowflakes Add Flair

Snowflake art on a Christmas fingernail design
Source: Instagram @noemi.nailsart

Every snowflake is different, which creates an opportunity for adding personality and flair in this look. You can easily personalize this Christmas nail idea with your own personal snowflake. A gold accent nail adds an unexpected pop of color to really bring the wow factor.

Chritmas Nail Art Brings the Joy

Miniature reindeer Christmas nails
Source: Instagram @nailsbyconnie__

You’ll be ready to rock around the Christmas tree with these cute Christmas nails. Gold foil adds a grown-up touch that perfectly balances the adorable reindeer nail art. Pink undertones finish out this feminine and festive design.

Color Creates Impact

Bold Christmas gel nails
Source: Instagram @noemi.nailsart

Bold colors are the star of the show in this eye-catching Christmas nail design. The delicate white snowfalkes temper the look and add to the jovial vibe. While the bling is simple in this look, you could easily add more if you are a fan of sparkle.

Pretty in Pink Christmas Nails

Image of cute Christmas nails in pink stripes and glitter
Source: Instagram @newsha_beauty_salon

This peppy, pink design utilizes candy cane stripes to create a merry and Christmasy vibe. Snowflake and ornament details add to the wintery feel. This look highlights a perfect balance between color and sparkle.

Cozy Christmas Nail Design

Nails decorated with red and white and Christmas ornament
Source: Instagram @elisanailsartist

Christmas is certainly the time for sweater weather. If you are like me and love a cozy cardigan, then this is the look for you! The 3D textured accent nail brings visions of cozy fires and bulky Christmas sweaters.

Artistic Christmas Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Christmas nail design
Source: Instagram @z_pazurem188

Some people fear a Christmas nail may be garish or gaudy. This polished Christmas nail design puts those worries to rest. The dazzling details display how a holiday nail can be sophisticated and creative.

Candy Cane Red Christmas Nails

Candy Cane Christmas nail design
Source: Instagram @_nails_by_alis

Nothing screams Christmas quite like a red and white striped nail. A ruby red shade is a classic approach to a holiday nail. The snowflakes and candy cane accent nails finish out the festive feel.

Christmas Glitter Nails

Woman with sparkly pink nails in Christmas theme
Source: Instagram @nails_by_collette

Glitter nails make for a perfect holiday design, adding glamour and glitz to this sparkly Christmas nail design. Pale pink nails balance out the look and prevent it from feeling overwhelming.

Bedazzled Christmas Nails

Image of bedazzled Christmas nail designs
Source: Instagram @nails_hanamana

Christmas is a time for decorations, lights, and sparkly festivity. This manicure certainly fits the bill on all three accounts. A clear glittery background dazzles in the light, while bedazzled decals decorate this cheerful design.

Blue Christmas Coffin Nails

Coffin nails with snowflakes
Source: Instagram @leo_nails1993

Coffin nails prove ample real estate for making a statement with your manicure. These blue Christmas nails pack a lot of joyous cheer with shimmery accent nails and a bright, jolly blue.

Elegant Christmas Nail Design

Transform your nails with these pink ombre Christmas themed designs
Source: Instagram @nailsonpoint_surrey

Christmas isn’t just a time of dazzle and over-the-top decorations. It is also a time for peace and reflection. This elegant design has a soothing color palette that exudes a peaceful and calming vibe. A subtle touch of gold adds a beautiful finish.

Character Christmas Nails

Santa Claus nail designs
Source: Instagram @lizzywade

Santa Claus is comin’ to town with his trusty reindeer guide in this cute Christmas nail design. The attention to detail requires precision and patience, so this may be a look to save for the salon or an experienced DIY-er.

Snowflake Christmas Themed Nails

Image of ombre blue snowflake nail designs
Source: Instagram @thisis.nessa

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow with these beautiful snowflake blue Christmas nails! The ombre blue nails effect adds an icy, wintery vibe. This is the ideal design for all the snow bunnies out there!

Navy Blue Christmas Nails

Image of navy blue Christmas nail designs
Source: Instagram @triplensalon

The beauty of blue winter-themed nail is that it lasts all winter season. This design works November through February. The accent nails add a tasteful amount of sparkle to complete the look.

Fair Isle Christmas Nail Design

Characters featured on Christmas nails
Source: Instagram @alionsworld

Who doesn’t love a good Fair Isle Christmas sweater? This cozy Christmas nail design gives us all the caddy feels with its sweater style and adorable reindeer. The gray is also a perfect neutral that allows this design to complement all different styles.

Easy Christmas Nail

Green finger nails for Christmas with reindeer accent
Source: Instagram @nails_byev

This green Christmas nail idea is the perfect look for the beginning DIY-er. The intentional imperfection creates a snowstorm effect that takes pressure off of having a steady hand. Two simple accent characters add a fun, whimsical feel.

Red and White Reindeer Nails

Red and white Image of Christmas nail designs
Source: Instagram @elle___nails

“Reindeer are better than people.” Frozen gives us the right idea, and this Christmas themed nail design is every reindeer lover’s dream. The bright red of the reindeer’s nose perfectly matches the red nails, creating a sense of continuity.

Red Christmas Nails

Variety of red Christmas nail designs
Source: Instagram @nicolesmithnails

Give us all the shades of red in this gorgeous design. This color palette feels cheery and merry with its vibrancy and sparkle. A reindeer accent adds an element of youthfulness to the overall look.

Pack of Reineer Christmas Nail Art

Fingernails painted with Reineer on each nail
Source: Instagram @hannahhh103

These seriously may be the cutest reindeer we’ve ever seen! High in cuteness factor, this a perfect look for the young at heart. It is a relatively simple look and could easily be accomplished at home.

Stiletto Christmas Nails

Image of Stiletto Christmas Nails
Source: Instagram @duglitzynails

You’ll be looking sharp with this Christmas-themed stiletto nail design. The beauty of a long nail is that it gives you plenty of real estate to incorporate pictures and details, giving your nails a bigger impact. With lots of sparkle and shine, these nails are definitely the stars of the show.

Short Stiletto Christmas Nail Art

Peppermint candy cane twist combined with reindeer on Stiletto Christmas Nails
Source: Instagram @robynschwartz1

In contrast to the look above, this short stiletto Christmas nail art takes a gentler approach. A smaller point can feel more tame and less overwhelming. Cute sparkles and simple reindeer bring a lightness and joy to the overall look.

Simple Christmas Nails with Lights and Reindeer

Image of Christmas lights on Nails
Source: Instagram @laquerus

Christmas is never fully complete without bright, colorful lights to spark the holiday spirit. Shine bright with this simple and cute Christmas nail design. The lights create continuity throughout the look with bright pops of color, and adorable reindeer break up the look for a pop of visual interest.

Vibrant Colors Pop

Ornament, snowflakes, glitter and red/whiete
Source: Instagram @emmas__nails_

You can never go wrong with classic Christmas nail colors. The color red immediately brings festive and cheery thoughts to mind. The snowflake and present nail art adds an extra element of merriment.

Simple Santa Christmas Nail Design

Simple Santa Christmas Nail Design
Source: Instagram @jenniferleylandjones

Pay tribute to Saint Nicholas with this simple and sweet Christmas nail design. These red Christmas nails perfectly balance a festive look that doesn’t feel over-the-top or childish. Straight-foward in design, this is an easy look to accomplish at home.

White Christmas Nails

long and pointy Christmas Nails
Source: Instagram @thalyanails

No wonder, Santa can see you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake. This whimiscal Santa Claus manicure is a true work of art. With the airy and snowy background, this style looks like an illustration for The Night Before Christmas.

Red and Blue Christmas Nails

Red, white and blue Christmas nails, including light bulbs and Santa Clause
Source: Instagram @naileditby_cam

Usually, red, white, and blue have us thinking of a certain patriotic holiday, but this design shows us how easily this color palette can have a wintery vibe. By adding Christmasy details and characters, this design is high in holiday sprit!

Pink Christmas Acrylic Nails

Pink acrylic Christmas nails
Source: Instagram

Putting a twist on the traditional allows you to show personality and individuality. This pink Christmas themed nail design is a perfect example of this. Pale pink with sparkly decals are the Christmas nails we didn’t know we needed.

Olaf Blue Christmas Nail

Olaf from Frozen on Christmas / wintery nails
Source: Instagram @novasbeautyroom

Do you love warm hugs? Do you know a Samantha? Well then, this Olaf themed nail design is the look for you! Wintery blue nails highlight the cute, cuddly snowman that is universally loved. This look will be a hit with all the adults and kids in your life!

Nails to “Show Yourself” to the World

Frozen 2 fingernail art
Source: Instagram @thenailtattooist

You shouldn’t let this Frozen themed manicure go! “Show Yourself” with this magnificent and royal Christmas nail design. Metallic accents and detailed character nail art come together to create a magical vibe.

Dreamy Pink Nails

Dreamy pink nail ideas
Source: Instagram @kasia_z_pazurem

Christmas nails do not always require bright reds and greens with your typical Christmas characters. As this look shows, sometimes Christmas nails are just about the mood they create. This dreamy pink manicure has all the magic and cheer of the holiday season.

Red and White Christmas Glitter Nails

Image of nails with a lot of glitter and Christmas spirit
Source: Instagram @sarahbeautynailart

Silver bells, silver bells, it’s Christmastime for your manicure. This fun, sparkling look is the quintessential Christmas nail design. A fairly easy design, this is a good DIY possibility.

Gingerbread Christmas Themed Nails

Image of Gingerbread Christmas nails
Source: Instagram @mikkismanis

Gingerbread and peppermint are to winter what pumpkin spice is to fall. This sweet style highlights the flavors of the season with this joyful and colorful design. Show your love for the holiday season with this spirited look!

Jolly Red Christmas Nails

Holly jolly Christmas nails
Source: Instagram

It’s a holly, jolly manicure for a holly, jolly Christmas! Gorgeous accent nails give an extra oomph to overall design. The vibrant colors and fun stripes create a cheerful and joyous feeling.

White Can Wow

Image of mostly white nails with a peppermint red twist as a candy cane
Source: Instagram @hannah_sd_nails

The ground won’t be the only thing that is blanked in white this winter. These white Christmas nails show how white can wow. A red-striped accent nail adds a touch of color that prevents the look from feeling sterile.

Variety Adds Personality

Image of Christmas Nail Design with lots of variety
Source: Instagram @deco_nail_studio

Who ever said that all your nails need to match? This beautifully festive manicure shows how variety can add visual interest to create an exciting design. These Christmas-themed nails are perfect for those who love a bold and unique look.

Pristine Red Christmas Nails

Classy, super professional red Christmas nail ideas
Source: Instagram @polishedbylearnahstarbuck

Clean line and sharp edges form a pristine look that is gorgeously eye-catching. This is a look you will have to hit the salon in order to achieve its elegant appearance. This visually satisfying look is a gift all on its own!

Abstract Design is Perfect for DIY

Easy to do Christmas nails
Source: Instagram @craftyhanyah

These easy Christmas nails are a great way to start recreating your own manicures at home. An abstract striping of red and green makes this a simple look without a lot of stress. The lines aren’t perfect and that is what makes this look work!

Dreamy Blue Christmas Nails

Pastel blue color with great
Source: Instagram @gelish_official

Visions of candy canes dance on a pastel blue in this cheery Christmas nail design. The paleness of the color palette adds a sophistical to the look, and delicate dashed of sparkle add some shine.

Glossy Red Christmas Nails

Image of high gloss Christmas nail designs
Source: Instagram @vnellas.nails

These red Christmas nails look both polished (no pun intended) and celebratory. This is a great holiday nail thanks to its versatility. This work is perfect for Christmas parties but professional enough for the day-to-day.

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