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40 Glamorous Red Eyeshadow Looks

Discover your next bold look with red eyeshadow. In this article, we share 40+ ideas for red eyeshadow makeup looks. Certain to be a head-turner!

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When we were first taught how to do our makeup, our mothers cautioned us against going too overboard or too far away from a natural look. A solid argument could be made that it was eye makeup and lipstick that came the most under fire, particularly dark eye looks and deep shades of red lipstick.

However, times have changed, and as we’ve grown both girls and boys alike have learned how to accomplish eye makeup looks that are elaborate, yet tasteful. Color is no longer the enemy, but a key component in getting these looks just right. In this case, red is not just relegated to lip color, but is now the star of the show.

The best part about a red eyeshadow look is the variety. Red eyeshadow can stand out as an extreme look, or be a pleasant accent in a more natural style. Just because you want to use color within your eye look does not mean that you have to go over the top, but it gives you the option if that’s what you are looking to do. The best red eyeshadow looks are what you make them, and they are easy for you to accomplish at home.

Check out the designs we’ve put together for you, and we promise you will find something that fits your style and taste.

The Best Red Eyeshadow Looks

Red Shimmer, Red Lip

Source: Instagram @ayeletr

If you do want to go for a traditional red lipstick, pairing it with a red eyeshadow brings cohesion to your whole makeup design. Particularly in this instance, red is the only pop of color within the style. You might as well take the idea and run with it! Using a more natural bronzer rather than a blush helps to keep the style from being too monotone.

Deep Red for a Night Out

Source: Instagram @rryuukm

A red and black eyeshadow look doesn’t necessarily mean you have to incorporate both colors within the eyeshadow itself. In this case, the black comes from the killer eyeliner and mascara, both of which are stunning with the dark red. Pulling the red under the eye rather than using an eyeliner adds drama without having too much black. Paired with a red lip, this look is ready to go out on the town.

Burst of Color

Source: Instagram @tooaliyah_

Two tones of red make this look sing. Using a more orange-red on the lid and a cooler red for the rest of the look gives depth and defines the parts of the eye. Sticking with neutral tones in the rest of the style helps to make the eyeshadow stand out.

Silver Glitter

Source: Instagram @rijaa_x

For fans of red glitter eyeshadow looks, this is a great everyday option. Simple red shadow just on the lid gives a touch of subtlety, but the silver glitter adds that touch of glam. A cute wing eyeliner finishes off the design.

Extreme Wings

Source: Instagram @morganlolx

If you like a winged eyeliner look, this is a great red eyeshadow style for you. A step up in the drama department, this design goes for a darker red as well as pulling the color up above the eye. Using eyeliner under the eye as well balances with the wings and brings the look together.

Red and Black Shadow

Source: Instagram @soundcosmetics

A sensational style, here red and black eyeshadow come together to make a halo eye statement. Starting with the bright red on the lid and right under the eye, blending in black and deeper red tones darkens the look and adds the wow factor. Intense mascara and eyebrows help balance the intensity of the red and black eyeshadow look.

Orange Wings

Source: Instagram @sweetlooks88

For those that prefer an exotic look, this is one of the best red eyeshadow looks for you. Bright, warm colors such as yellow and orange work with the red in this style. Shaping the orange into wings is a fun play on a winged eyeliner style without detracting from the colors of the shadow.

Red Wings

Source: Instagram @lauraariasmua

Bold and bright, the red eyeshadow here forms large wings that certainly leave an impression. The choice not to use eyeliner or dark mascara here puts all the emphasis on the eyeshadow, which is the goal. Keeping the rest of the face neutral further brings attention to the design.

Girl’s Night Out

Source: Instagram @tamarablle

The color of wine, this red eyeshadow serves to highlight the facial features and complement the outfit. Red is used several places, on the eyelid, in the wing, below the eye, and even when filling in the eyebrows. It almost seems as the red glows from the eye, but does not have a sinister feeling.


Source: Instagram @thesouthafricanhairemporium

Red and gold eyeshadow looks don’t necessarily have to incorporate gold shimmer shadow. Here, the gold is more yellow, blending pleasantly with the reds and pinks. This is a fun summertime style with the bright colors.

Red Glow

Source: Instagram @makeup.serenity

This red glitter eyeshadow looks like a glowing ember in a dying fire. Adding an orange shadow at the edges heightens the effect. The red glitter on top of the deep red shadow complements the mascara and brightens the style.

Red Glitter, Pink Shadow

Source: Instagram @nayaonthebeat_

You can also use red glitter eyeshadow within a different colored look. Pink eyeshadow is the perfect complement, and lightens the look. Going for a lighter look means you can use this style for everyday.

Subtle Blush

Source: Instagram @the_makeup_mamarazzi

Some of the best red eyeshadow looks are just a hint of color to an everyday style. The red shimmer shadow in this look matches the color of the lip gloss, which ties the makeup design together as a whole. This is a great look for work or another professional setting, yet still a fun way to add color. This style would also work with a green or purple eyeshadow.

Tie it All Together

Source: Instagram @hiyasbeauty

One of the best reasons to use red eyeshadow is as a complement to your outfit. A cute red top, as pictured, fits well with the red-bronze shadow. A touch of gold shimmer and winged eye liner complete the style.

Gold Glitter

Source: Instagram @texasbreeze_beauty

A fun way to make red and gold eyeshadow looks is through layering. Put the red shadow on first, whether it is just on the lid or bringing it above the eye. Then, add a layer of gold glitter for some glitz. Blend the glitter in for a subtle sparkle, or make your lines more defined if you want a bold style. You can also blend the red shadow with bright highlights, as pictured, to give another dimension to your design.


Source: Instagram @sarahrosemaquilleuse

A cute red and gold eyeshadow look, the gradation of the gold at the inner corner of the eye to the deep red on the outside is stunning. Reminiscent of a sunset, the sweeping shape of the look fits perfectly. Using a winged eyeliner helps to bring definition to the edge of the design.

We’re all Mad Here

Source: Instagram @facing_fantasy

Red hues look adorable in this simple style. Using a defined shape at the edge of the shadow coordinates with the eyeliner and creates a frame for the eye. Basic mascara completes the look. If you wanted to go a bit more on the zany side, you could add white polka dots on the edges to match the mushrooms.

Waves of Sun

Source: Instagram @nicquimadden

Much like a deep red sunset over the ocean, the darker colors of the style start on the eyelid with the tones lightening up towards the brow. Moving to orange hues matches with the sunset theme. With the eyeshadow reaching up so high, it makes sense to extend the lashes to the max to help balance the overall shape. Here, false eyelashes add that extreme length.

Inverted Shadow

Source: Instagram @makeupby_care

This take on a red eyeshadow look flips the idea on its head, almost literally. Choosing to leave the eyelid naked, red eyeshadow brings a new definition by arching below the brow. Silver glitter gives a touch of pizzazz in the corner of the eye.

Phoenix Shadow

Source: Instagram @spacekuin

Distinct edges provide a sharpness to this look. The bright red of the eye color and the lipstick make a statement, and remind us of birds of prey or the great mythical phoenix. Using subtle mascara allows the eye look to be the focal point. Use a liquid eyeshadow to accomplish the definition and opaque nature of this style.

Merry Christmas

Source: Instagram @makeup.serenity

A wild and whimsical look that will help you bring in the holidays, this is one of the best red eyeshadow looks for that special time of year. Going for the candy cane striping fits with the Christmas theme, as do the little rhinestones that look like Christmas baubles or lights. Bringing the design out past the end of the eyebrow adds a touch of flair to the overall look.

Dark and Dangerous

Source: Instagram @viribambammakeup

This is a great design if you are looking for something more on the edgy side. Red and black eyeshadow looks dark and sexy, accented by the long lashes. Adding the hint of gold to add definition to the shape of the style gives the whole look a unique twist.

Simple and Sleek

Source: Instagram @jennmelissamua

Combining red eyeshadow with more natural tones is a great way to accomplish a fun look, but stay sophisticated. In this instance, deep browns blend well with the red to create a clay tone. Winged eyeliner and perfectly shaped ombre brows complete a simple but sexy look.

Everyday Chic

Source: Instagram @lucialuquemakeup

Sometimes even just the hint of red is enough to make a look stand out. This is a great look for everyday or a more professional setting, as the color palette is mostly brown. Putting a layer of red on the bottom or top of the brown gives that bit of color without going too far. Especially if you work in a setting where colored makeup is frowned upon, this can be your little secret.

Bright Red  Eye

Source: Instagram @malvina_isfan

Another great look to match your outfit, this red eyeshadow look mimics the bright turtleneck. Pulling the color under the eye is a bold move, making the red the star of the show. Using neutral tones in the rest of the design makes the red stand out even more. Complementing the red with dark mascara helps to balance the look.

Gold Shimmer

Source: Instagram @makeup_bylidi

In some red and gold eyeshadow looks, the red is the supporting actress to the gold. The gold shimmer is bright and fun, with the red clay tones balancing the style. Using the same natural tone in the lip color brings cohesion.

Ready to Party

Source: Instagram @makeupbylaurawatts

This is a definitely one of the best red eyeshadow looks for a night out. With such a bold lip color, you need an eyeshadow look to match and balance out the style. Using fuchsia tones and cooler reds fits with the nighttime vibe. Blending dark eyeliner and on point eyebrows finish off the style.

Bronze Beauty

Source: Instagram @cherden_makeup

Sometimes the best red and gold eyeshadow looks layer the colors together to make a different tone altogether. Here, red and gold combine to make a bronzed look that is stunning and perfect for the model’s skin tone. The best way to be effective with your makeup is to use tones that accent your natural assets, and this is a prime example.

Birds of Paradise

Source: Instagram @makeup_bylidi

An artistic look, the red here pairs with other colors to make a tropical masterpiece. The shine of the yellow, bright blue, and the highlight all works with the red for a colorful creation. Standing out against the white (as the artist intended), this piece emphasizes the importance of color.

Amber Eyes

Source: Instagram @malvina_isfan

With many eyeshadow looks, the goal is to complement your eyes and make them pop. Here, the eyeshadow and lip mimics the unique color of the model’s eyes almost exactly. The red and gold eyeshadow looks perfect together as the shimmer reflects the eyes. Pulling the shadow around the eye as well as fulling outlining the eye makes for a dramatic finish.

Red Professional

Source: Instagram @livierre

We all want to look our best at work, no matter the job. To help give you a professional vibe while still making an impression, this simple red eyeshadow gives a hint of color without being too bold. Basic eyeliner, mascara, and neutral lip go with the theme of simplicity.

Bright Blue Eyes, Deep Red Shadow

Source: Instagram @_pogorelova_makeup

As one of the other primary colors, red is a fun contrast to blue and a great way to set off blue eyes. The red and black eyeshadow looks perfect against the bright blue of the eye, and is further emphasized by keeping the rest of the face neutral. You are sure to captivate your audience with this style!

Hint of Red

Source: Instagram @elliotypaco

The pop of red glitter eyeshadow looks great against the neutral brown tones of the rest of the style. This is a fun way to add a little daring to your neutral look. Using a shimmer on the lip complements the glitter on the eyes. Winged eyeliner and long lashes finish the look nicely.

Red as the Rose

Source: Instagram @cloutlashes

Deep red shadow matches the gorgeous red flowers nicely in this ensemble. Whether you are dressing for a wedding or headed to some sort of festival, this is the perfect time to really go for it with your eye makeup. Using different layers in this style gives definition to the design which helps to keep the whole thing from being too muddled. Go for a liquid eyeshadow to get the opaque effect of the red and a powder for the blended look of the bronze. Silver glitter adds that final touch to get off the style.

Red Glitter Lip

Source: Instagram @shesparkles77

A great way to accent your red glitter eyeshadow looks is with a matching red glitter lip. Similar shades of red help to maximize the effectiveness of the style, as well as using muted tones on the rest of the face. Long lashes add drama here, but you could also go for a natural lash look if you amped up the eyeliner.

Red Wedding Look

Source: Instagram @shelliebellemakeup

As long as you aren’t hearing The Rains of Castarmere, there is nothing to fear from a red eye shadow look for your wedding. Perfect for an evening event, this dramatic red and black eyeshadow looks stunning and sexy. Incorporating red shimmer catches the light and brightens the effect, while blending the black shadow at the outside corners of the eye gives the illusion of longer lashes. Finishing with a neutral lip keeps the focus on the eyes, which will be sure to captivate the groom.

Red Glitter Wings

Source: Instagram @_brendafelipe

This red glitter eyeshadow looks perfect with large wings and thick eyebrows. Adding a bit of glitz takes this smoky eye to a glitzy level, showing your fun side as well as your more sultry side. Keeping the glitter just on the eyelid helps the red and black eyeshadow to blend more effectively to maintain the smoky eye feel.

Golden Eye

Source: Instagram @makeupbyzarou

Red and gold eyeshadow looks fabulous in this shimmery, blended style. This is a perfect look if you want to go straight from work into your evening plans without having to change your makeup. Highlighting the bronze-red shadow with gold shimmer adds brightness while the eyeliner and mascara give that nighttime feel. Touch up your red lip, and your Friday night awaits!

Red Tips

Source: Instagram @mamamakeup_onwheelz

Red eyeshadow adds just that bit of flair to this winged tip style. Using red as the accent color here gives a pop of color without going too extreme with your makeup. This look works for almost any occasion, but is particularly perfect for a daytime event like a wedding or lunch party.

Rose Gold

Source: Instagram @bonnyrosenash

A rising trend, rose gold can be found just about anywhere. Here, red and gold eyeshadow looks just like this popular color trend. Working particularly well with this gorgeous blue eyes, the semi-natural style is great for any occasion and will still make an impression. A small winged tip finishes the look of perfectly.

Red eye makeup plays host to a whole spectrum of styles, perfect for a wide variety of circumstances. If you need something a little more demure for work, a lunch meeting, or Sunday brunch, a look on the bronze side of red will work. If you are going out and looking to make a statement, be bold with a bright red color or a red and black eyeshadow look. Special occasions call for that extra bit of glam that gold and glitter brings, making you stand out in the crowd.

Whatever look you are trying to accomplish, you can do it with some of the best red eyeshadow looks. With the tips and strategies we have given you, you’ll see just how easy it is to do these looks yourself at home. Hopefully, this time seeing red won’t be a bad thing after all.

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