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40+ Heavenly Star Tattoos

Personalize a star tattoo! Looking for North Star or nautical star tattoos? Maybe a shooting star tattoo. Find your inspiration in these star tattoo designs

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Stars are often seen as symbols of divine guidance, affecting our lives in mysterious ways. For thousands of years, they have been associated with magic, superstitions, pagan customs, ancient traditions, and astrology. In fact, some people look up to the heavens for predictions about the future. If you’re looking for clues from the stars, these star tattoos will add meaning to your life.

Star Tattoos – their Mystical Symbolism

Long used as a symbol of guidance, star tattoos mean different things to different people. The origin of nautical star tattoos likely derives from the significance of the North Star, also known as Polaris. If you’ll look at the night sky, you’ll notice the stars moving around, but the Polaris seem to be stationary—in the same location from dusk to dawn, neither rising nor setting. Because of this, the North Star became essential in navigation, making it the symbol of “returning home” in tattoo designs.

More than that, the North Star got its name from its location in the night sky—at the North Pole. According to astronomers, if you see Polaris in the Northern Hemisphere, you can always tell which way is north. Just like Polaris, a North Star tattoo is believed to guide you on your way back home.

In the history of tattoo design, the seafaring theme became more popular than other themes. It is believed that the superstition on ocean voyages made nautical symbols like anchor and nautical star more dominant. In fact, sailors seek symbols of good fortune from sea creatures, and depended on night skies for navigation through rough seas. They believed in the North Star’s guidance for leading them on their destination, but over time it became a good luck charm in a form of tattoos.

Do you know that nautical star tattoos also played an important role during times of war? In fact, soldiers would get the tattoo on their wrist for guidance and safety, reminding them to come home safely after completing their mission. Also, some people get nautical star tattoos to honor their loved ones who were in the Navy. Some people even get a North Star tattoo as a symbol of protection or good luck. Most people opt for the classic five-point star design, while others blend it with other symbols on their tattoos.

The Best Star Tattoos

“Star Light, Star Bright”

The Best Star Tattoos
Source: Instagram @maari_tattoo

If you believe stars can boost your luck, think of this North Star tattoo. In some cultures, it is believed that setting your gaze on the brightest star in a night sky will bring good luck into your life.

A Shooting Star

Shooting Star Tattoo on Shoulder
Source: Instagram @tattooinka

In legends, wishing upon a shooting star makes the wish come true. If you’re a dreamer, think of this shooting star tattoo on shoulder that will fulfill your heart desires.

The Intergalactic Star

The Best Star Tattoos
Source: Instagram @vladtattooer

Do you know that not all stars are in a galaxy? In fact, intergalactic stars are the outcast stars—they may have once belonged to a galaxy, but they’re not a part of it anymore. If you’ve been rejected by society or a social group yet you still shine brightly, this star tattoo showing a glimpse of the outer space might be perfect for you!

Blooming Flowers and Stars

The Best Star Tattoos
Source: Instagram

Give some feminine flair to your nautical star tattoos with blooming flowers, giving you the cheerful vibe of the spring season.

The North Star

The Best Star Tattoos
Source: Instagram @hollywilcoxtattoo

People believe that a North Star will show up in the night sky to lead them where they needed to go. So, think of this star tattoo that will guide you on your life’s journey.

Five Lucky Stars

The Best Star Tattoos
Source: Instagram @crazy_ink_tattoozz

Regardless of your hardships and challenges in life, this star tattoo will remind you to be grateful for the good things that come in your way. You can also have each star represent a loved one or member of your family.

Voyage with the Stars

The Best Star Tattoos
Source: Instagram @sve_art_tattoo

Life is like a ship in a stormy sea, but a star constellation tattoo will let you find your inner strength and guide you on your way back home.

When the Stars Align

The Best Star Tattoos
Source: Instagram @tattoo_by_mortiz

They say that the future belongs to ones who believe in the beauty of their dreams. With this ankle star tattoo, you’ll make the stars align for you.

Octagram Nautical Star

The Best Star Tattoos
Source: Instagram @soheil_u

Do you know that an eight-pointed star denotes life, from birth to death? Go for this nautical star tattoo so you’ll be reminded to live life to the fullest. Star tattoos for men can convey masculinity.

Eye of Horus

Source: Instagram @jacksontattoo_studio_

In ancient Egypt, the Eye of Horus was a symbol of good health and protection, so why not add the element into your star tattoo?

Colorful Stars

Source: Instagram @ono_tattoo

If you love a fancy star tattoo, think of incorporating colors into the design. Most of the stars appear white to the naked eye, but there actually exist blue, red, green, and orange stars—just like gems in the sky.

Star of David Tattoo

Star of David Tattoo
Source: Instagram @qt.tattooist

Did you know that the Star of David tattoo with six points has its origins In Jewish beliefs? It consists of a hexagram with two equilateral triangles.

Love in the Stars

Shooting star tattoo
Source: Instagram @alona_rechson

Not all who wander are lost, so think of this shooting star tattoo that will lead you to the love of your life. If it was written in the stars, you would meet and fall in love. A star tattoo on wrist is a subtle look.

Cherry and Stars

Star tattoo
Source: Instagram @designink88

Are you still finding your life’s purpose and passion? This North Star tattoo will lead the way, while keeping your journey fruitful and sweet.

Star Flower and the Moon

Henna star tattoo
Source: Instagram @hennatradition

Your everyday life might be entangling, but this henna star tattoo with crescent moon will bring you back to your deep purpose.

The Stellar Evolution

Shooting star tattoo
Source: Instagram @mr.dody89

Moment after moment, we’re heading in one direction or another. This shoulder star tattoo will guide the course of your life, for better or worse.

The Stars of Your Life

Shooting star tattoo
Source: Instagram @melones_traditional_tattoo

Do you know that stars can also represent the persons with great influence in your life? Think of this star tattoo on neck with initials to represent them in your life, and be guided by them.

Stairway to the Stars

Best Star Tattoos for Women
Source: Instagram @lilium_tattooer

Reaching the stars is synonymous to a great success that brings fame and glory. This is a subtle star tattoo for women.

Astral Stars

Best Star Tattoos
Source: Instagram @taraschulrud

Whether you want a mystical or traditional star tattoo, stars will always be the perfect symbol for something beautiful, good and positive. The placement on the neck and shoulders make for a balanced symmetric look.

The Scorpion Star

Best Star Tattoos
Source: Instagram @ping524_tattoo

If you’re already following your inner North Star, think of incorporating your zodiac sign and symbol into a star tattoo on your forearm to guide you to your true purpose in life.

Dallas Cowboys Star Tattoo

Dallas Cowboy Star Tattoo on Elbow
Source: Instagram @blakeinktattoos

Bold Dallas Cowboys logo is a star tattoo on the elbow.

The Story of Scorpion

Best Star Tattoos
Source: Instagram @skugga_ink

If you find stars that make up the constellations fascinating, think of this star tattoo design. After all, it can give you hope, protection, and good luck.

The Brightest Polaris Star

Source: Instagram @letmepokeu

Inspirational and thought-provoking, this shoulder star tattoo will inspire you to reach bigger dreams and take more chances in life. When you lost your way, you’ve got a guide to take you home.

A Sky Full of Stars

Source: Instagram @evantattoos

Do you know that stargazing can inspire you to strive harder on your dreams? This cluster of stars can also serve as a strong message that you have made the right decision in life.

Ursa Major and the Big Dipper

Bear Star Tattoo
Source: Instagram @caitpaw

In Greek mythology, Zeus fell in love with maiden Callisto and had a son. Unfortunately, Zeus’ wife Hera turned her into a bear until meeting her son Arcas, who raised to strike her. To avoid the tragedy from happening, Zeus sent them up to the heavens where Arcas became the Ursa Minor, and Callisto as the Great Bear. Every time you see your star tattoo, you’ll be reminded of the fascinating story between Greek gods and goddesses.

The Mystery of the Universe

Source: Instagram @mehendiart_poznan

Gloriously beautiful, this star tattoo on the neck and down the back, reflects the mystery of the universe, giving you a divine guidance.

Five-Pointed Stars

Best Star Tattoos
Source: Instagram @orange.wombat

The stars can also be a symbol of your deepest callings in life. These nautical star tattoos will keep you on track to live a fulfilling life in alignment with your purpose and passion.

The Eye of Providence

Best Star Tattoos
Source: Instagram @alectronatattoos

In ancient Egypt, the Eye of Providence holds a religious significance. This star tattoo will remind you on your spirituality, and the existence of a higher being watching over you.

Counting Stars

Star Tattoo on Hands
Source: Instagram @zinaztattoo

The stars in your tattoo could also represent the goals you are seeking. This hand tattoo will remind you on your dreams, urging you to put some decision in the hands of fate.

Face the Stars

Best Star Tattoos
Source: Instagram @angelasoda

Elegant, subtle and sexy – these small star tattoos could become a representation of fame, stardom, or success. Every time you see them, they should remind you on the principles you need to live by for your future.

Wish Upon the Stars

Star tattoo on foot
Source: Instagram @rupesh_tattoos

Stars are generally associated with mysteries and magic, so think of this star tattoo to inspire you to reach your dreams and make them come true. A star tattoo on ankle and foot is becoming a popular trend.

An Angel’s Star Behind the Ear

Star tattoo behind the ear
Source: Instagram @twoselfcentered

Representing divine force or energy, stars are one of the earliest symbols of guidance. So, think of this star tattoo behind the ear that will serve as your protective symbol.

Cherry Bomb

Three Stars Tattoo
Source: Instagram @now_tattooer

Do you know that having fun in your life by doing the things you really love is one way of responding to your life’s calling? This three stars tattoo with cherries will remind you to make happiness a priority in your life.

Stars and Butterflies

Butterfly and stars tattoo
Source: Instagram @houseofinktattoo2011

In some cultures, butterfly is seen as a symbol of transformation and change. If you’ve experienced a metamorphosis in life, this star tattoo will be the representation of your journey.

The Star and the Crescent Moon

Star and moon tattoo
Source: Instagram @paulojoaquintattoos

Tattoo designs often pulls from nature, and cosmic elements are becoming more popular. The stars and moon may appear before us every day, but this star tattoo will add an otherworldly vibe to your everyday looks.

Reach for the Stars

Behind the ear, this is a three star tattoo
Source: Instagram @jurgen.frisch

The three stars here will inspire us to dream higher and set meaningful goals in life. With this behind the ear tattoo, you could be anything you set your mind to, and achieve your goals and dreams in life.

Texas Star Tattoo

Texas Star Tattoo on Hand
Source: Instagram @niteowltattoostudio

Show your state pride. Texas strong and proud, this bold ink on your hand leaves no doubt about your feelings about your homeland or state.

The Rosary Star

Lucky Star Tattoo on Ankle
Source: Instagram @ilkaytattoo

Wearing amulets is believed to ward off bad luck, and this ankle tattoo will be the perfect good luck charm in your life.

The Compass Rose

Star compass tattoo
Source: Instagram @akaydovmeci

If you feel like drifting away in life without goals to pursue, this compass star tattoo will inspire you to look forward to the wonderful things, and lead you to the right direction.

Starry Starry Night

Star mountains tattoo
Source: Instagram @natalieleitman

Superman isn’t the only one who can touch the sky. Bright stars show up at night, fighting the darkness in the sky. If you feel lost, this mountain scene and night sky tattoo will remind you to be open to whatever the future holds for you.

Rose of the Winds

Compass Star Tattoo
Source: Instagram @ayhanmetin_

Do you know that the compass rose symbolizes awakening, discovery, and spiritual direction? Think of this compass star tattoo that will inspire you to be the best version of yourself, bringing infinite possibilities in your life.

As you have seen in these inspirations, there are endless ways to personalize your star tattoo. While it can represent the path on your way home, it can also represent a light in the darkness. The next time you’ll need divine guidance or enlightenment, you don’t have to look up to the skies, as your star tattoo will be your guide.

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