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40+ Fresh Faux Freckles

Our favorite faux freckle looks this year range from bold and overstated to subtle and innocent. Our collection of faux freckles will inspire your next look.

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You might think that foundation, bronzer, and powders might only have one use – to cover up imperfections. However, according to a new makeup trend, you can use the same makeup tools to create faux freckles.

In decades past, freckles were an indication of working outside or too much sun exposure and seen as a facial flaw. However, as suntans and that “sun-kissed glow” have become more popular, freckles have taken on a cute quality making people want to let their freckles show!

Not everyone has natural freckles, or as many freckles as they might like, which brings in the faux freckle trend. The best way to create faux freckles is with brown powder or bronzer sprinkled over the area where you want your freckles. After the powder dusting, use a brush with setting powder to gently tap on top of your faux freckles to keep them in place. You also could use a sponge rather than a brush, or if you have a steady hand you can attempt to draw them in.

If you have natural freckles that you want to enhance, use a tinted moisturizer or translucent foundation to let your freckles shine through. Using highlighter and pink tones will let those freckles really show, and from there you can add more freckles using the faux freckle method.

Ready to try a new trend? Check out these awesome makeup looks featuring faux freckles!

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Best Faux Freckles Looks & Inspiration

Disco Cut Crease

Disco cut crease for Faux Freckles Look
Source: Instagram @edelrice

A great way to highlight your faux freckles look is with a fabulous eyeshadow look. The deep purple eyeshadow is a nice complement to the delicate freckles sprinkled across the nose. Adding the flecks of glitter accents the crease of the eye as well as complementing the shape of the freckles.

Full Face Floral Freckles

Faux Freckles Look with Floral accents
Source: Instagram @iseecaroline

As freckles imply a naturalist look, using floral accents fits with the style. The purple, glitter, and white mascara contrast with that as a pop of funk. In this instance, the faux freckles are on top of the foundation, allowing for a smooth base free from imperfections before applying the freckles.

Delicate Faux Freckles

Delicate Faux Freckles Look
Source: Instagram @vivis_makeup

In this case, the faux freckles are confined to the bridge of the nose, creating a more natural look. The rest of the makeup look fits with a natural color palette, using bronze and pink tones rather than brighter colors. A natural look like this works nicely with the boho chic style of the model.

Drawn Faux Freckles

Drawn on Faux Freckles Look with eyeliner
Source: Instagram @trybuska

One way to create faux freckles is by drawing them on with an eyeliner pencil or crayon. That creates a darker tone to the freckles, which also helps them to stand out in the look. The rosy tones and the highlight also brings out the faux freckles, as does the choice to localize the freckles in the center of the face. The faux freckles become the focal point of the style, fitting with the trend.

Dispersed Faux Freckles

Faux Freckles Look Spread Out across the face
Source: Instagram @ashley_chloe

In this look, the faux freckles are spread out across the face rather than bunching them together. This causes the freckles to be more like tiny beauty marks drawing attention to the eyes. While the eyeshadow has more natural tones, the pumped up mascara look is dazzling against the faux freckles.

Smoky Eye and Faux Freckles

Adorable Faux Freckles Look
Source: Instagram @samanthacolesart

Adorable faux freckles are perfect with this brown hairstyle and smoky eyes. The color of the faux freckles complements the shade of brown in the hair, also the shaggy bangs point straight to the freckles. Smoky eyes are a nice opposing focal point within the look, with the rest of the makeup keeping to neutral tones.

Halo Eyes

Faux Freckles Look with Halo eyes
Source: Instagram @edelrice

Another great eye look to pair with faux freckles are halo eyes, surrounding the eye with soft, blended eyeshadow. The softness of the eyeshadow is replicated in the delicate nature of the faux freckles and the gentle blush on the checks. Bringing the freckles all the way onto the apples of the cheeks rounds out the face and gives a youthful appearance.

Caution! Freckles in Progress

How to apply the Faux Freckles Look
Source: Instagram @hennacaravan

Before you freak out, this is not a finished faux freckle look. This is another example of how you could achieve faux freckles, using a cream eyeshadow or eyeliner to do the freckles on the face. Once you have placed the freckles, you can cover your face with a moderate to sheer foundation that will soften the appearance of the faux freckles and integrated them into your look.

Bronze Beauty

Faux Freckles Look with matte lipstick
Source: Instagram @laura_leth

This look is based on a bronze palette, from the matte lipstick to the eyeshadow style to the faux freckles themselves. Putting highlight under the faux freckles as a base makes them stand out with the style, however the faux freckles are clearly meant to be part of the style rather than a focal point. These tones work nicely with the model’s blonde hair, as the colors all fall within the same spectrum.

Natural Beauty

Minimal Faux Freckles Look makeup
Source: Instagram @ralphsapnopromakeupartist22

Everything about these look screams going natural, even though there definitely some makeup components here. Keeping the eye makeup minimal brings attention to the faux freckles, as does the expert use of highlight and blush. The light pink lipstick is a nice touch within this delicate style.

Spattering of Faux Freckles

Faux Freckles Look Splattered
Source: Instagram @sierratilleymua

In this look, the faux freckles travel off the face, down the neck, and to the chest. The idea behind pulling the freckles down through the rest of the style is similar to blending foundation under the chin. This way, your faux freckle look won’t seem “faux” at all, but more natural. Many people with freckles have them elsewhere on their body, so it makes sense to do the same with your faux freckles!

Only Freckles

Faux Freckles Look all natural
Source: Instagram @hey.its_laylay

No one with think these are faux freckles in this all-natural style! Popularized by Alicia Keys, the “no makeup look” highlights true natural beauty and lets your real character shine through. However, if you’re still working your way to no makeup at all, this faux freckle look would be a great option. The freckles appear to be real, however you still have the smoothness of foundation to hide anything you’re not willing to show.

Freckles and Cherries

Faux Freckles Look with Cherries
Source: Instagram @marisamontezbeauty

A cute style for a special occasion, the freckles and cherries work nicely together. Delicate use of highlight and blush helps the faux freckles to pop, even in the presence of the cherries. The tone of blush even matches the color of the cherries, helping to bring everything together.

Layers of Freckles

Faux Freckles Look in layers
Source: Instagram @hannah_louise_wells

More than one faux freckle technique has gone into creating this style, making the freckles seem more natural. Freckles were initially applied under the foundation, and then adding again once foundation was applied. The pretty pink of the blush provides dimension to the look while also rounding the cheeks.

Sunset Eyes

Faux Freckles Look with dramatic eyeshadow
Source: Instagram @irina_bute

Faux freckles pair nicely with out of the box eyeshadow styles, as they provide texture to the face to contrast with the colors of the eyeshadow. The orange and pink colors complement the brown of the faux freckles, as they are all warm tones. Bringing the freckles across the whole face makes sense here as they are toning down the bright eyes.

Highlight Expert

Faux Freckles Look using highlight on cheeks
Source: Instagram @makeupbyambermeare.xo

One of the major recommendations for someone trying out faux freckles is to use highlight. When applied effectively, highlight helps the freckles to be the focal point in your look rather than becoming lost. In this style, the highlight on the cheeks, forehead, and even the nose draw attention to the faux freckles and make them stand out. Even in the eyeshadow, brighter neutral tones help to mimic the effects of the highlight.

Faux Freckle Accents

Faux Freckles Look with Rose Lip
Source: Instagram @genesiamary

Faux freckles really help to round out this style, fitting nicely with the bronze eyeshadow and the pop of the rose lip. Especially in a look where hairstyle isn’t going to be a factor, you want to find that extra little something. In this case, faux freckles fit the bill.

Sun-kissed Love

Sunkissed Faux Freckles Look
Source: Instagram @briannaclarkex

Natural freckles come out when exposed to the sun, so it makes sense that you would like to try out a faux freckle style after getting your tan. Again, we see the expert use of highlight to draw attention to the faux freckles while keeping the rest of the makeup neutral. A small wing and mascara make the eyes pop, and that’s all you need!

Golden Glitter

Golden eyeshadow and Faux Freckles Look
Source: Instagram @lazybonesbeauty

Glitter is a natural complement to faux freckles as they take the same shape; in fact, there are some style where faux freckles are made of glitter! Going with gold eyeshadow sticks with the idea of a natural palette while pumping up the glam. The ombré effect from the eye outwards adds just that little umph to the whole style.

Speckled Freckles

Overly Bold Faux Freckles Look
Source: Instagram @babbitts_beauty

Moving away from the natural look, these faux freckles are intended to stand out. Since the blue color of the lipstick is also bold, it makes sense that you would want a faux freckle style that can stand up to such a shade. A neutral eye style and a pretty shade of blush help to even out the whole effect.

Natural Cuteness

Cute Faux Freckles Look
Source: Instagram @brunabear

Faux freckles are perfect in a natural look, accenting the facial features without overpowering them. Even without highlight, just the hint of blush in this style is enough to make the faux freckles stand out. Just a touch of shimmer and mascara, and the design is complete!

Shimmer and Shine

Shimmery Faux Freckles Look
Source: Instagram @bylesme

Faux freckles are perfect in a shimmery style, as the shimmer works as the highlight to make the freckles seem natural. Pink tones in this look are ideal, as they fit with the model’s skin tones. Finishing with the delicate blush is another complementary piece within the style.

Hearts and Freckles

Hearts with Faux Freckles Look
Source: Instagram @slaywithmads

Faux freckles are another cute element in this style, complementing the hearts and pink tones. Winged eyeliner is a great choice here, as the curve of the wing matches the shape of the faux freckles. Finishing with a pink lip works with the other colors of the look, but a deeper color would also fit.

Neutral and Blonde

Neutral Faux Freckles Look
Source: Instagram @makeupbyhali

Neutral shades of rose, bronze, and brown make this style sing. Not only do these colors fit with the faux freckles look, but also all of these colors work perfectly with the blonde of the model’s hair. Keeping a neutral palette helps the faux freckles to appear natural, which is the point of the effect!

Freckles and Daisies

Faux Freckles Look with Daisies
Source: Instagram @mia_cubelic

Daisies symbolize innocence and fun, which defines this style. The dotted faux freckles add to the cute factor in the look and are the perfect complement to the painted daisies. Pretty blush and cotton candy lip bring the whole style together.

Purple Passion

Faux Freckles Look with Purple Eyeshadow
Source: Instagram @moldycinnamon

Darker faux freckles make sense in this style, as they would need to stand up to the bold color. Unlike a typical faux freckles look, bronzer helps to even out the tones of the face contrasting with the highlight. Clustering the freckles on the nose and on the apples of the cheeks provides additional focal points within the design.

Electric Blue

Black Streaks, Blue Eyeliner and Faux Freckles Look
Source: Instagram @a.niaszlaga

Faux freckles bring texture to this style, which helps to balance the blue eyeliner and the black streaks. Especially with a paler complexion, going for bold colors can wash you out. By adding faux freckles, you gain a natural color difference without getting the “mask face” of mismatching foundation. This gives the advantage of adjusting skin tone for the makeup without sacrificing style.

Freckle Focal Point

Make Faux Freckles Look the focal point
Source: Instagram @thewandereredit

Faux freckles are front and center in this style, bringing a natural look while still allowing for foundational cover. The different sizes of the faux freckles come from different techniques of application, increasing the natural appearance. Pulling the freckles up on to the forehead adds the textural component needed to keep the freckles from looking fake.

Extreme Wings

Winged eyeliner with a Faux Freckles Look
Source: Instagram @jakesylph

If you are a fan of winged eyeliner, you might also want to try out faux freckles. For paler complexions, faux freckles can offset wings and the eyeshadow used within the style. Faux freckles give the texture and color differential that keeps the wings from appearing overdone.

Sheer Sophistication

Sheer eyeshadow with Faux Freckles Look
Source: Instagram @kmiller_beauty

Using sheer eyeshadow matches the highlight in this style, which is necessary to make the faux freckles blend seamlessly into the style. A brush of blush and the simple lip color help to even out the shimmer of the eye makeup and highlight. If you want to have faux freckles that are an accent rather than a focal point, this is the prime example.


Faux Freckles Look around the mouth
Source: Instagram @makeupmafioso

Faux freckles are great addition to spunky punk look, particularly when using a bright lipstick like this stunning purple. As they add another component that’s outside the norm for makeup looks, it fits with a style that would be unique. Even though this a is close up, you can tell that this faux freckle look covers the whole face, which would also allow for a funky eye look to complement the lip.

Strategically Placed

Faux Freckles Makeup technique
FaplouisebaseSource: Instagram @notsosupreme

These faux freckles are spread out, dotting across the nose and under the cheeks. As the blue and green eyeshadow and pretty lip pop out more than a natural look, it makes sense that you wouldn’t want to go overboard with the faux freckles. The particularly placed faux freckles match nicely with the dotted look around the eye makeup.

Bright and Beautiful

Winged eyeliner with Faux Freckles Makeup technique
Source: Instagram @bebeautifulwithtay

Faux freckles are the perfect accent in this look, helping to set off the winged eyeliner. With the highlight, pale peach lip, and bright blonde hair, it makes sense to put another component to the style as a focal point. Going the faux freckle route also means that you don’t have to sacrifice the smooth nature of the complexion.

Sunset Ombré

Faux Freckles Makeup technique with bold eyeshadow
Source: Instagram @miss_malicious

Beautiful pinks and oranges make the eye makeup sing, balanced with a matching lip. With the cream complexion of the model, it makes sense to add it faux freckles to work with all the bright colors. Faux freckles bring a sense of completeness to this style and mimics the funky attitude of the wearer.

Black Beauty

Faux Freckles Makeup technique with black lipstick
Source: Instagram @xcaromua

Black lipstick is a bold choice, especially with blonde hair and a lighter complexion. Creating balance comes from the elegant eye makeup and the faux freckles. Having these other focal points within the look makes the black lipstick have the right impact without being overwhelming.

Bridal Glow

Faux Freckles Makeup technique for new bride
Source: Instagram @meganlaylandmakeup

It might be surprising that a bride might want to add freckles into her makeup look, however it makes a lot of sense. With the layers of foundation and powder to create the perfect wedding look, her natural freckles might have been covered. Faux freckles allow for the bride to have her wedding look but be herself too. The faux freckles are also a great accent to the stunning eyes and shiny lip.

Baby Doll Faux Freckles

Baby Doll Makeup Faux Freckles Makeup technique
Source: Instagram @jadexberry

Baby doll makeup is rising in popularity, and faux freckles are the perfect accompaniment to this look. Freckles add a sense of youth and innocence that fit with the baby doll style. In this case, dotting on the faux freckles without much blending would be the most effective since it is meant to replicate a doll’s face.

Yellow Eyes

Faux Freckles Makeup technique with yellow eyeshadow
Source: Instagram @summerr_skyee

Bright yellow eyeshadow is the statement piece in this makeup look, following the curve of the stunning eyelashes. Using faux freckles complements the bright color and matches the tone of the lipstick. Faux freckles also imply a fun, spunky style that mimics the space buns.

Technicolor Dream

Faux Freckles Makeup technique with bright blue eyeshadow
Source: Instagram @makeupbymelo__

Bright blue eyeshadow is a fun color pop in this style, as do the cute stars placed in the corners of the eyes. The faux freckles in this look help to balance the color choice, particularly as they are darker and speckled across the face. This layering technique of the faux freckles brings together different types of application, from drawing on to dusting.

Dotted Freckles

Dotted Faux Freckles Makeup technique
Source: Instagram @kiree14

Someone who wants the faux freckles to stand out more clearly, drawing or dotting the freckles would be a great choice. This application is easy, as it is done with an eyeliner pencil or crayon and then you use foundation to blend them in to your look. Using highlight and blush to accent the rest of the look also helps the faux freckles to stand out.

Crimson Beauty

Faux Freckles Makeup technique red eyeshadow
Source: Instagram @iseecaroline

A face full of faux freckles can help to draw attention to whatever aspect of your makeup look you want to pop. In this case, bunching the faux freckles around the eye points to the bright red color, further accented by the adorable baby’s breath. Sticking with the dusting or speckling method for these faux freckles makes the most sense, as you would want them to be a natural looking contrast to the eyeshadow.

Teal Magic

Teal eyeshadow, white lashes with Faux Freckles Makeup technique
Source: Instagram @iseecaroline

A similar look, the faux freckles here are packed together around the mouth and on the cheeks. In this instance, the clusters of faux freckles help to even out the style as well as accenting the bright shadow. The faux freckles give multiple focal points and bind the look together.

At first when you think of faux freckles, you might be a bit skeptical. However, if applied correctly, faux freckles can be a cute and fun addition to your makeup look. No matter what colors or tones you are into, faux freckles have a natural look that won’t detract from what else you are doing. Make sure you check out a tutorial to apply your faux freckles so that they turn out properly, and be sure to tell us about your experience in the comments!

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