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40 Deeply Symbolic Japanese Hand Tattoos

When you get a Japanese hand tattoo, you’re showing what’s important to you. Choose a Japanese hand tattoo to inspire for a lifetime.

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Japanese hand tattoos are essentially symbols that are tattooed onto the hands or fingers of individuals. These Japanese tattoos can be anything from characters or words to pictures or abstract designs. They’re often done in black ink, though some artists may use color to add additional meaning to their work.

You might see hannya masks, octopus, or kanji tattoos decorating someone’s hands as their choice of ink.

What does a Japanese Hand Tattoo symbolize?

Japanese hand tattoos are full of meaning and symbolism.

The two most popular designs are the tiger and the dragon. The meaning of these tattoos is often related to strength, courage, and power.

Tigers are often used to represent the sun and its power to burn away evil spirits. In some cases, it may symbolize a person’s inner strength as well as their own personal power.

A dragon tattoo can also mean many things—it can be used to represent strength or power, but it could also simply be used as an artistic design element without any deeper meaning behind it at all.

There are other symbols that are common in Japanese hand tattoos such as flowers, crane or frogs that could have significance in Japanese culture or history. It is important to understand what each symbol means before getting one so there will not be any misunderstandings later on down the road when someone sees it on your hand!

Best Japanese Hand Tattoos

Irezumi as Hand Tattoos

In Japan, tattoos have a long history as art forms and symbols of honor. The most common types of hand tattoos are called Irezumi, which are intricate ink designs that cover the entire hand. They can be found on both men and women and are meant to portray one’s status within their community—for example, if they were members of a gang or clan.

The design of an Irezumi is usually based on Buddhist symbols such as dragons and tigers. The dragon symbolizes strength while the tiger evokes courage and protection. Dragons also represent wealth because they were believed to have magical powers that could bring riches to their owners; tigers were powerful creatures who were thought to live in caves filled with gold coins!

What is a Japanese Hand Tattoo?

A Japanese hand tattoo, or 手記 (tegaki), is a form of body art that originated in Japan. It is used to express the wearer’s feelings, ideas and experiences. The practice of tegaki dates back to the Edo period (1603-1867) when it was used as a form of communication between friends and lovers.

A tegaki is created by using ink and an ink brush to write on one’s own skin. The writing may be done in calligraphy or kanji script. It can also be done with a pictorial image instead of words such as flowers, animals or symbols that represent something significant about the writer such as their interests or hobbies.

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