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40 Lucky Japanese Octopus Tattoos

When you get a traditional Japanese octopus tattoo, you’re invoking good luck & long life. Choose a Japanese style octopus tattoo to bring fortune for a lifetime.

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The Japanese octopus tattoo is a classic, and it’s not hard to see why. As a symbol of good luck and fortune, this tattoo is often chosen as a tribute to a loved one or as a symbol of success.

Often combined with the Japanese dragon, use this classic Japanese tattoo inspiration to help you discover your next tattoo. Check out more of our favorites for tattoo inspiration.

What does a Japanese Octopus Tattoo symbolize?

A Japanese octopus tattoo is a symbol of strength, intelligence, and perseverance. In Japan, the octopus is a symbol of good fortune and long life. It represents the ability to endure hardship, as well as the ability to overcome obstacles.

The Japanese word for “octopus” is tako, which also means “luck,” so there’s a strong connection between the two meanings.

Octopuses are also considered symbols of wisdom. They’re intelligent creatures who know how to use their environment to their advantage and can use their tentacles to perform many tasks at once—like an octopus can breathe through its skin while it’s holding onto something with one tentacle while wrapping another around prey or food. This trait makes them seem wise in many cultures’ eyes because they seem to possess abilities that humans don’t have.

Best Japanese Octopus Tattoos

Japanese Octopus Tattoo in Black on Full Sleeve

Black and Green Japanese Octopus Tattoo on Shoulder

Amazing Japanese Style Octopus Tattoo on Shoulder

Japanese Octopus Tattoo Looking Good on Shoulder

Black and White Japanese Octopus Tattoo on Arm

Colorful Japanese Octopus Tattoo on Back

Japanese Octopus Tattoo Work on Full Arm

Starting of Japanese Octopus Tattoo on Sleeve

Japanese Octopus Tattoo on Leg

Funny and Colorful Japanese Octopus Tattoo

Superbold Japanese Octopus Tattoo

Colorful Japanese Octopus Tattoo on Thigh

Japanese Octopus Tattoo on Entire Back

Japanese Black Kuniyoshi Octopus Tattoo

Colorful Japanese Octopus Tattoo Art on Sleeve

Under Construction Japanese Octopus Tattoo of Full Back

Large Japanese Octopus Tattoo on Chest

Japanese Octopus Holding a Stick

Colorful Japanese Octopus Fighting with a Frog

Colorful Japanese Octopus Tattoo Below Knee

Tattoo of Japanese Octopus on Entire Sleeve

Japanese Octopus Tattoo Processing on Full Sleeve

Blue Shade Japanese Octopus Tattoo on Leg

Japanese Octopus Tattoo Thigh Piece

Cute Red Japanese Octopus Tattoo on Leg Sleeve

In Progress Japanese Octopus Tattoo on Full Sleeve

Beautiful Red and Black Japanese Octopus Tattoo

Black Japanese Octopus Tattoo on Rear Arm

Black Japanese Octopus Tattoo with Red Flowers on Half Sleeve

Black and Red Japanese Octopus Tattoo on Chest and Sleeve

Dancing Japanese Octopus Tattoo on Thigh

Black and Dark Red Japanese Octopus Tattoo on Sleeves

Recently Completed Japanese Octopus Tattoo on Full Sleeve

Japanese Octopus and Shark Tattoo

Different Views of in Process Japanese Octopus Tattoo

Japanese Neaotraditional Octopus Tattoo

Japanese Octopus Tattoos in Different Views

Japanese Octopus Chef Tattoos on Half Sleeve

Japanese Octopus Tattoo in Different Colors

Foundation Lines of Japanese Octopus Tattoo

Take Fortune and Luck with You

In Japan, the octopus is considered an auspicious animal that brings good luck in its eight arms. The octopus has been depicted in ancient art since at least the 5th century BCE. It is also believed that the image of an octopus was used on old Japanese coins as early as 600 CE.

Octopuses are also considered to be symbols of transformation and change. Their ability to change their appearance through metamorphosis is symbolic of the ability to transform one’s life through personal growth and development.

What is a Japanese Octopus called?

The Japanese Octopus is called the tako. The word is pronounced “tah-koh.”

Like many words in Japanese, the word has multiple meanings. It can mean “octopus,” but it can also mean “attacking” or “eating.”

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