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40 Japanese Cloud Tattoos to Raise Your Hopes

When you get a Japanese cloud tattoo, you’re choosing a symbol of hope. Choose a Japanese style cloud tattoo to inspire for a lifetime.

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A Japanese cloud tattoo is a symbol of immortality and resilience. The clouds are an everyday sight in Japan, and they’re used in many different ways there: to express sorrow, happiness, or even to represent the self.

The Japanese are known for their unique tattoo designs, which often feature bold lines and bright colors. Many of these designs are inspired by nature, like flowers and birds.

What does a Japanese Cloud Tattoo symbolize?

A Japanese cloud tattoo can symbolize many things, depending on the design and placement. It’s common for people to get a small cloud tattooed somewhere on their body to signify a wish or hope for something to come true—for example, a person might get one on their ankle to signify that they wish to be able to walk again after an injury. Other people might place a cloud tattoo on their back or chest as a symbol of freedom or being independent.

A Japanese cloud tattoo can also represent other things besides dreams and wishes. For example, it can symbolize the fact that you are free and unbound by anything: no matter where you go or what you do, you’ll always be able to find your way back home because you have the power within yourself! Or maybe you have been through some difficult times in life and want something permanent on your body that will remind you how resilient and strong we all are when we’re pushed past our limits; this is also represented by the Japanese cloud tattoo.

Getting a cloud tattoo on your hand means that you’re ready to take control over your life and make decisions based on your own beliefs instead of letting other people dictate them for you.

Best Japanese Cloud Tattoos

Carry a Symbol of Hope

A Japanese cloud is an important symbol in Japanese culture because it represents things like change and movement. By getting inked with a Japanese cloud, you will be wearing a permanent symbol of hope.

What is a Japanese Cloud called?

In Japanese, the word for “cloud” is kumo—a simple, elegant word that captures the essence of what a cloud is: a mass of water vapor suspended above the earth.

The kanji for “cloud” are 空 + 云 = 烏雲 = 雲 = 云

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