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25+ Classic Bat Tattoo Designs & Inspiration

Large list of ideas and inspiration if you’re considering a bat tattoo. More than 25 bat tattoo designs to look at.

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Bats are one of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. From their echolocation to their killer immune systems, there is enough about bats to fill a dozen books.

What does a bat tattoo mean?

Forget the stereotypes of bats being associated with Halloween, vampires, and horror movies! That’s such a misconception! Above all else, bats are the ultimate symbol of freedom. They soar through the skies, traveling to destinations unknown and ever changing. Just their very nature tells us to live life to the fullest, exploring every possibility that is put in front of us. That’s the meaning and symbolism you’ll get when you put a bat tattoo on your body – an air of mystery and making choices that take you away from the ordinary and into new realms.

The bat is a powerful symbol! Bats are known to represent liberation of the mind and spirit, and communication. They have been associated with witchcraft and convey notions of darkness, death, decay and destruction. They are also associated with divination, clairvoyance, psychism and perceptions of an alternative reality.

What is a bat tattoo?

The most common types of bats used for tattoos include fruit bats (also called flying foxes) and vesper bats (also known as evening bats). Both types have wings with membrane between each finger bone so they can fly without using their legs like

What kind of bat tattoo design should I choose?

Bat tattoos can be done in various styles such as realism or cartoonish style. If you have an interest in nature, then this may be something that appeals to your sense of aesthetics.

You could go for a traditional bat tattoo, something akin to a classic Dracula-style bat (wings spread and fangs bared), or a cute cartoon-y little bat with a heart-shaped bow around its neck. If you want to go more realistic, though, consider adding other elements to your tattooβ€”bats are associated with all kinds of symbols (like hearts and roses and skulls) that you can use to create an image that is unique to you.

Or maybe you want something that’s more simple bat tattoo: a delicate silhouette of a single bat in flight, or even just a flying V hand tattoo.

Whatever your taste, there’s a bat design that’s perfect for you!

What part of the body is best for a bat tattoo?

Bat tattoos are usually done on the back or chest / sternum area, but they can also be placed elsewhere too!

Artistic Bat Tattoo Inspirations for You

Intricate Bat Chest Tattoo

Gothic Bat Tattoo

Cute Bat Ankle Tattoo

Detailed Inner Arm Bat Tattoo

Simple Bat Wing Tattoo

Skull Tattoo with Bat Wings

Impressive Chest Bat Tattoo

Traditional Bat Tattoo

Group of Bats

Horror Bat Tattoo

Bat Tattoo on the Knee

Beautiful Feminine Bat Tattoo

Cute Hand Bat Tattoo

Bat Tattoo on the Chest

Hanging Bat Tattoo

Colorful Fruit Bat Tattoo

Sinister Sternum Bat Tattoo

Gothic Bat Tattoo on the Stomach

Vampire Bat Tattoo

Tiny Bat Tattoo on the Shoulder

Hanging Bat Tattoo in Gothic Style

Fruit Bat Tattoo with Flowers

Minimalist Bat Tattoo

Bat Wings Tattoo Design on the Back

Ultra Colorful Bat Tattoo

Where did the Batman symbol of a bat come from?

The Batman symbol of a bat, which is famously seen in many Batman tattoos, is among the most iconic logos in pop culture. Its history dates back to 1939 when Bob Kane and Bill Finger created Detective Comics #27, which featured the debut of Batman.

The original design was inspired by Kane’s fascination with Leonardo da Vinci’s sketch of a man with wings. However, the bat was initially supposed to be a giant creature and not an animal (the logo was later changed to a bat).

Kane also noted that he was influenced by movies featuring bats at the time he came up with Batman’s suit.

A few years after creating the Batman character, Kane was working on a cover for Detective Comics #40 and wanted his logo to be more noticeable. He asked Jerry Robinson to come up with a new design for it. Robinson thought about making it more like Superman’s logo and came up with what we know today as the famous Batman symbolβ€”a black bat.

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