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30 Timeless Chanel Nails Designs

Big list of our favorite Chanel nails ideas and inspiration. Use the Chanel logo to embellish your next manicure.

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Opening her first milliner’s shop in Paris in 1913, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel would one day take the fashion world by storm!

By 1921, Chanel already had a commanding presence in the Parisian fashion industry, one she further solidified with Chanel No. 5. Arguably the most famous perfume in the world, this was the favorite scent of the 1950s. Even Marilyn Monroe famously reported that all she wore to bed was “a few drops of No.5.”

With such an incredible fashion presence, it’s no surprise that Chanel expanded into the world of nail art. In 1994, Chanel introduced Vamp, establishing a trend for unconventional nail colors and designs. This is a trend that continues to today, still giving reference to the fashion icon that started it all.

Even if it’s just with the small double-C icon, Chanel nails take on a classy look that reflects the brand’s elegance. Bring together colors, textures, and styles in a whole new way with your Chanel nails!

Best Chanel Nails Ideas & Inspiration

Just Diamonds and No. 5

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram

This Chanel nail design reflects the nighttime wardrobe of Miss Monroe, using a nude shade and few accents. The diamond decals give just the right glitz and texture without going overboard. Meanwhile, the tiny gold Chanel icon draws the eye and brings attention to the length of the nails.

Pink Bubbly

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @_peachy_nails

In many ways, this pink is the quintessential Chanel shade. Smooth and shiny, it works perfectly with the gold of the Chanel logo. Going for a curved, pointed nail makes this a daring nail design, which fits with the Chanel flavor.

Think Pink

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @asiaonthebeat

Another fun pink look, this slightly light shade works nicely on these Chanel nails. The short coffin nail is just the right shape for a bit of elegance. Meanwhile, the rhinestones give just the right hit of glitz and glamor.

Glamorous Gold

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @nailglambyprincess

White and gold are a classic combination that really comes through in this Chanel nail design. Perfect for summer, this look reminds us of classy parties out on yachts over crystal blue oceans. Using the gold flake brings an elegant touch while also shaking up the typical look. Finally, a combination of both a French ombré tip and a solid white nail breaks up the style without bringing in too many elements.  

Rose Gold

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @nailsalonwiz

Rose gold seems like the trend that keeps on giving! One of the original trendsetters, it isn’t surprising that Chanel has worked its way into this popular style. Short, pointed nails show off the Chanel nail and logo, with a rosy nude color for the ideal background. Chunky rose gold glitter completes the style.

Feathers, Gold, and Pink Champagne

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @getclawed_byliz

What could be more elegant and seductive than that combination? The light marbling effect of the white and pink tones creatives a smooth base for the gold accents. Marbling brings a sense of swirling, dancing movement, highlighting the element of mystery. Gold fits nicely with both the beauty of Chanel and the warm nature of the base tones.  

Coco X Louis

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @shellzjalisa

Many people don’t realize that Coco Chanel and Louis Vuitton were not only contemporaries, but they respected each other’s work. Chanel commissioned a particular handbag from Vuitton, and while they never collaborated, their styles complemented each other.

With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to work these two great designers into one nail look. Bright pink pops out, while the lighter shades and clear nails are a good complement. Finishing with three-dimensional elements, like the jewels, gives that final Chanel touch.

Chanel Nail Stamp

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @k.bourne_beauty

In order to get a flawless design, sometimes you have to use a nail stamp or a sticker overlay. With these Chanel nails, we would recommend that strategy. Smooth rounded nails make for a perfect base, letting the design shine through.

Chanel Tuxedo

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @nailsbygeorgiamay

Chanel isn’t just for women, even with these feminine nails! Chanel has a smart line of tuxedos, a style mimicked with the V-shape of these nail tips. Complementing the sharp lines of the tuxedo style is the French ombré nails and the roundness of the jewels. Crisp, clean, and totally Chanel.

Ombré Sunset

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @nailsbygracey

A soft ombré look is the perfect contrast to the glitter of the Chanel nail design. Glowing pinks and oranges give that summer sunset vibe, while the silver glitter reminds us when the sun goes down it’s time to party! Small diamonds serve to tie in the glitter, making the look more cohesive.

All Pink, All the Time

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @thebeautynarcotics

Enjoy an eclectic nail style? Then this Chanel nail design is perfect for you! Sticking with a basic color tone, the different designs complement one another with competing. That is the key to such a look – make sure you have a clear point of consistency. Otherwise, the design becomes overcomplicated and muddled. Using nudes and clear nails also helps with this, there’s no rule that says you have to use a base color!

¡Muy Caliente!

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @tran_slidell

Nothing like a bit of fire to spice up your look! Golden yellow flames take the style in a more subtle direction, as does the nude nail. This is a great option if you don’t want those “biker flames” but still want to rock this look. Using the same colors for the Chanel logo is a nice touch, hiding it in plain sight. The addition of the glitter is a fun accent as well, emulating the sparks of the fire.

Keeping in Neutral

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @roseberrysalon

Neutral tones are definitely in, becoming the little black dress of nail world – wearable for any occasion. In this look, the black and stormy gray work well together, separated by a delicate white stroke. We suggest painting the nail solid first (typically the lighter shade) then applying the partner polish on the other half. This prevents a gap in between the two polishes or messy mixing.

Louis, Louis

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @najee.nails

A Chanel girl knows how to accessorize, and what better way than a Louis Vuitton clutch? This bag provides a perfect color palette inspiration, as gold and royal blue are a match made in heaven. Gold foil on clear nails makes the LV logo pop while still complementing the overall style.

Mix it Up

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @milliesworldofnails

Another mixed style, not only is there a combination of designs, we see a variety of nail shapes. Adding pointed nails here and there brings drama without being “scary,” which can sometimes happened with a sharp nail. Instead, the accent nails draw the eye in to the designs. Combining matte and glossy polish is interesting as well, as it adds layers of light to the look.

Tuxedo Tips

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @nails_bysummer

While it is difficult to figure out a tipped style for a longer nail, there are several options. One is pictured here, the deep v along the edges. Particularly paired with a nude base, this is an effective way to make a statement. Gemstones stud the nail like a necklace, while the Chanel logo stands out proudly on the nail. Putting the emblem near the cuticle prevents from crowding the tip, but with a longer nail, you can get away with multiple designs.

Let it Shine

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @clawsbykaren

Is glitter just not enough shine for you? Try a holographic nail powder! Much like a regular dip powder, you apply this to your nails over the polish. This provides an opaque finish with maxed out shine! The silver here is a bit translucent, most likely because it is on a clear polish rather than a solid color. However, you can see that the wow factor is certainly still there! Paired with the simple black and delicate Chanel symbol, you’ve got a style that is runway-ready.

Designer Love

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @divineleebeauty

Delicate and neutral, this is a great nail look for every day while still lending class to a going out style. The slight ombré tips bring just a wisp of tone change, which balances the gems on the accent nails. Both Chanel and Gucci get a shout out here – nothing says you only have to feature Chanel on your Chanel nails!

Eye of the Storm

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @angemuartistry

A beautiful, stormy gray makes a great neutral base in this style. It’s a misconception that a neutral look has to be nude or pink, there’s plenty of tones that will match a variety of outfits. A punch of silver glitter adds a little extra something to the style. Here, the best way to do this glitter is to apply it straight to the wet nail, and then use a clean, dry brush to pull it. You want to brush up the nail, not down, which helps spread the glitter evenly.

Geode Nails

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @kelznailzbelfast

Done in a variety of ways, geode nails are a fun new take on a classic marbled look. Whether you add glitter to the center or invert it, as pictured, it’s a cool way to shake up your nails. The pink, white, and gold all work together nicely in this style, elevating a classic color combination. The Chanel symbols pops right out in the bright pink, making it clear who is on top of this trend.

Indigo Magic

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @ateliejooliveira

Shades of purple make this style sing, adding the royal element to the Chanel nails. While these two tones are barely different, it is enough to be noticeable, but not clash. The gold of the Chanel accents almost looks liquid, adding to the unctuous nature of it all.

Keep it Simple

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @tiffanydoan01

Sometimes, simple is best. Even though these nails have small decals, the main base is the classic black. This fits with some of the most basic rules of fashion – if you have to try too hard, you’re doing it wrong.

Orange Glow

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @solobysteph

Orange gets such a bad rap in the fashion world, probably because most people wear the wrong shade. A deep, rustic orange like this is beautiful, working perfectly with the gold accent. It also helps that here, the orange takes center stage, without trying to pair it with much else. All you need is the simple Chanel logo.

Layer it Up

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @theynaildit

This design is going to take some time and patience, but will be worth the effort! For the two Chanel nails, start by applying a Chanel decal. You can get some that are opaque, as pictured, or clear for other designs. From there, you will apply the nude polish and use a sponge to accomplish the ombré look. You may also have to do the paint-and-sponge multiple times to get the desired effect.

The tuxedo nails are simpler, beginning with a base coat of the nude tone. Then, you will add the v shape once the base dries. We recommend using painters tape or nail tape to get that really clean edge.

Lost at Sea

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @hannahnguyen2909

The first aspect of this design that jumps out at us in the color. Gorgeous, deep blue is absolutely stunning in this look! Going for a matte polish is good when you want to try something different, although you can see that the jewels still need to be sealed with a clear polish. Use a nail stamp or decal to get those Chanel symbols just right!


Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @theadditudeshop

What’s that hiding in the bushes? Oh, it’s just this fabulous snakeskin nail look! While it may not seem like a natural pairing, Chanel has more than a few fabulous snakeskin handbags out there. The bright colors of the snakeskin effect contrast nicely with the black, while the dark gold of the Chanel overlay works in with the rest of the style. A 3D snake finishes the look, giving a unique touch.

Inexpensive Chanel?

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @pink_flamingo_nails

Manicures don’t have to cost a bundle if you know what you’re doing! These fabulous Chanel nails can be done right at home.

Put down your base of white polish, and let set on all nails but one. For the silver, use the sugar method or nail powder while the nail is still tacky. With a tiny nailbrush, carefully create the Chanel logo – if you look carefully, you can see these are hand painted! Finally, to get that tiny tip, don’t mess about with brushes. Paint the pad of your thumb, and scrape the paint off your thumb with the tip of your nail.

All you have to do now is let everything dry, and seal with a top coat!

Stick it On

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @be_you_teefied

There is absolutely no shame in using nail decals. If you want perfection, you might as well make sure it’s the real thing! Using nail art tweezers, apply each overlay or decal in just the right place.

Here, the combination of overlays and decals come together to make a fun and eclectic style! Black, white, and gold are classic fashion combinations, fitting for an icon like Chanel. Studding the nails with gems and pearls just adds to the overall opulence and splendor.

Yellow Tips

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @nails_byashleyy_

This style is an interesting take on a tipped look! Using a rounded edge helps to define the tip, which can be tricky with longer nails. White and yellow are perfect together, creating a light and fun style. Using white for the fashion emblems also creates this cool cut out effect, tying the whole look together.

Dripping in Diamonds

Inspiring image of Chanel nails
Source: Instagram @teeteenailzz

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend in this glitzy look! Pale pink makes for the perfect base, supporting the jewels without overpowering them. This particular shade also reflects the colors in the gems, giving a nice visual tie.

A combination of techniques makes this look sing, using glitter as well as the different sized diamond decals. Touches of holographic striping and the Chanel symbols give that nice final touch.

Nothing says class quite like a designer outfit, and Chanel boasts some of the best. It’s no surprise then that the chic nature of this fashion icon has made its way into the nail world. Wear Chanel from top to toe, nail art included!

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