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40 Underlayer Hair Color Looks

Underlayer Hair Color: Browse thousands of stunning underlayer hair color ideas.

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Underlayer Hair Color is a popular color for today’s hair styles. If you want more ideas, try blonde lowlights, hot red blonde, and ash blonde balayage.

Underlayer hair color is a great way to change up your look without having to commit to an all-over dye job. It can also give you the opportunity to try out different colors that you wouldn’t normally wear, like purple or green!

But which colors are best for underlayering? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite underlayer hair color ideas for you hereโ€”so if you’re wondering how to make your next dye job work for you, check this guide out!

Underlayer Hair Color

We use an underlayer hair color to help you get the most out of your hair dye. This is because the underlayer’s job is to lock in your color, so that the top layer of your hair can fade and change over time while still keeping your overall color intact.

When you’re applying a new color, think about how much of your natural tone you want to maintain. Not everyone wants to go from blonde to red! If you’re going for something drastic, consider using an underlayer hair color as a way to make sure that it lasts as long as possible without fading away entirely.

How to care for Underlayer Hair Color

The underlayer is the layer of hair closest to the scalp, and it’s where a lot of your hair’s color lives. So if you’re going for a dramatic change, or just want to make sure you get all the way from root to tip, it might be worth considering an underlayer hair color. You can do this at home with a professional kitโ€”the process is easy and only takes about 30 minutes!

First, you’ll need to wash your hair and let it dry completely before starting your underlayer color application. Then, section off your hair into three parts: top (crown), sides (ears), and back (nape). The more sections you have, the better since they’ll help ensure even coverage throughout your hair. If you’re not sure how big each section should be, use a towel to wrap up your head like a turban and then measure an equal distance from each side of your face down towards your shoulders or further depending on how long or short your hair is.

Once you’ve got all three sections ready for color application, put on some latex gloves and start applying one-quarter-inch sections of color with an applicator brush

Underlayer Hair Color Ideas

Underlayer hair color is a great way to get your hair the shade you want without having to go through the hassle of bleaching or toner. It’s also a good option if you have damaged hair, but don’t want to cut it all off and start over.

Underlayer hair color is typically applied in two steps: first, a color that is darker than your desired final shade is applied to your hair as an undercoat; second, this coat is covered with another color that has been lightened for your desired look. This process can be repeated as many times as needed until you achieve the exact shade you’re looking for.


As you can see, there are a wide variety of underlayer hair color styles to choose from. If you want to try out something new, one of these options is sure to be the right fit for you.

Underlayer hair color is often a good choice for people who don’t want to make a huge change all at once but are interested in trying something different than their current look.

If you are going natural and want to try out some fun colors but don’t want to go too far from your roots, underlayer hair color could be a great option for you.

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