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40 Japanese Geisha Tattoos

When you get a geisha tattoo, you’re sure to feel its art, grace, and poetry. Choose a Japanese geisha tattoo to inspire for life.

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A Japanese Geisha tattoo is a symbol of beauty and elegance. The Japanese Geisha is a woman who entertains guests at restaurants, parties, and other events by singing, dancing, performing traditional arts, and serving food.

Often paired with other Japanese tattoos, such as temple or koi tattoos, the geisha is an iconic symbol of Japanese culture. Check out some of our favorites for tattoo inspiration.

What does a Japanese Geisha Tattoo symbolize?

While the geisha’s role has evolved over the years, they remain one of the most well-known symbols of Japanese culture. They are known for their elaborate costumes and makeup, as well as their ability to entertain guests with music and dance. Many people also find them attractive because they are trained in various forms of art such as singing, playing musical instruments (like the shamisen), dancing (like kabuki), or writing poetry (like haiku).

A Japanese Geisha tattoo is a beautiful way to honor the artistry and beauty of the geisha. It can be a symbol of your own artistic talent, as well as a reminder of the pleasure and joy that comes from expressing yourself creatively.

The geisha are known for their grace and refinement, but they also have a reputation for being mysterious and elusive—a trait that makes them all the more intriguing. The Japanese Geisha tattoo is an excellent way to commemorate a trip to Japan or pay homage to your love of Japanese culture in general.

Best Japanese Geisha Tattoos

Bold Japanese Geisha on Leg

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The Japanese Geisha Tattoo is a form of art that has been around for many years. It started as a form of entertainment for the wealthy, who would hire geishas for their parties. The geishas were trained in dance, music, and conversation. They also served as concubines to wealthy men.

These days, many people have Japanese Geisha tattoos because they are beautiful and unique. The geisha is an icon of grace and beauty and can be seen in many cultures around the world.

What is a Japanese Geisha?

Geisha are a type of Japanese entertainer, known for their traditional skills in music, dance, and conversation. Geisha are traditionally female and typically work in the entertainment industry by performing at parties or banquets.

Geisha girls have been around since the 1800s, but they have existed in some form or another since the 1600s. In fact, geisha are considered to be one of Japan’s national treasures!

Geisha girls also have strict rules about their appearance: they must wear white makeup on their faces (including eyelids), red lipstick on their lips, black nail polish on their fingers and toes (pink for the toes), black nail polish on their eyebrows (pink for the eyebrows), and a wig made from real human hair that covers all of their natural hair except for one small braid which hangs down from behind their ear to below their shoulder blades (this is called an “obi”).

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