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500+ Impressive Tribal Tattoos

For some, getting a tribal tattoo is an homage to their family and cultural heritage. It can be a meaningful way to celebrate their culture and identify with it. For others, tribal tattoos are simply a cool design that brings a sense of style and individuality to the wearer.

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Tribal tattoos are some of the most popular tattoo design trends of recent years. Enjoy this round-up of our favorite tribal tattoo designs.

A tribal tattoo is a type of tattoo that uses a specific style and pattern to create an image that resembles tribal art. This style was popularized by sailors who encountered the art of Pacific Islanders and Africans during the 19th century.

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are typically large, bold pieces that can cover large areas of the body including the chest and back. The tattoo usually incorporates geometric shapes like triangles, diamonds, or lines combined with colors such as red or black.

The tribal tattoo is also a very personal way to express yourself. If you have a certain culture or heritage that is important to you, then a tribal tattoo can be a great way to show it off. They can also be used as a kind of self-expression, which is why many people get them done.

What do tribal tattoos symbolize?

Tribal tattoos are a form of body art that has been around for thousands of years. They are known for their bold, stylish designs and deep meaning. Tribal tattoos have evolved over time, but they still retain some of their original symbolism.

Tribal tattoos are traditionally done with a needle and ink on the skin. The tattoo artist will apply the ink into the skin using a needle to create a permanent design. The most common places people get tribal tattoos include their arms, chest, back, or legs.

The art of tribal tattoos evolved from ancient cultures all over the world including Africa, Europe, Asia and Polynesia. Most tribal tattoos are based on symbols from ancient civilizations such as Egyptian hieroglyphics or Chinese calligraphy symbols which each have their own meanings that relate to everyday life experiences like birthdays or holidays like Christmas Day which falls on December 25th every year!

Tribal tattoos can also mean “tribal” or “native,” which is why you’ll often see them on people who identify as Native American or Hawaiian. They can also indicate an appreciation for nature, since many tribal designs feature animals and plants. The rich symbolism in tribal design makes it an excellent choice for those who want to express themselves through their ink.

Below we have compiled a list of the most unique and inspiring tribal tattoo designs.

Best Tribal Tattoos

1) Polynesian Tattoos

Polynesian Tattoo Designs

A Polynesian tattoo can be a beautiful and meaningful way to express your cultural heritage.

2) Filipino Tattoos

Best Filipino Tattoos

The history of Filipino tattoos can be traced back to the pre-Hispanic era, where various indigenous tribes used tattooing as a form of social status, religious beliefs, and beautification.

3) Hawaiian Tattoos

3 Hawaiian Tattoos in collage

Hawaiian tattoos are among the most popular tribal tattoos because of their rich meaning and cultural significance. A Hawaiian tattoo can be a story in itself, or it can be part of a larger Polynesian legend.

4) Ohana Tattoos

Ohana Tattoo Designs

“Ohana” means “family” in the Hawaiian language. It encompasses not only one’s immediate family, but also their extended family and friends. The word “ohana” is used to describe the concept of sharing and caring for others as if they were part of your own family.

5) Tribal Tattoos for Women

Tribal Tattoo Designs for Women

If you’re looking for a way to express your inner wildness, look no further than tribal tattoos. This style of tattooing is a popular choice for women looking to get inked, because it’s an edgy and striking look that suits any personality.

6) Tribal Cross Tattoos

Tribal Cross Tattoos

Tribal cross tattoos are popular among many people, especially those who are religious. The tattoo is known for its beauty and simplicity. It can be done in a variety of ways, so you can choose the one that suits your taste best.

7) Tribal Rose Tattoos

Tribal Rose Tattoos

Tribal roses are a great choice for those who want something feminine and fierce. The rose is a classic tattoo, but if you’re looking for something a little more original, tribal rose tattoos are perfect.

8) Tribal Horse Tattoos

Tribal Horse Tattoos

These designs are a great way to express your love for animals. Horses are often seen as symbols of freedom, and tribal tattoos can help you show off your free spirit.

9) Tribal Hand Tattoos

Tribal Hand Tattoos

Tribal hand tattoos are a great way to add some flair and style to your hands. They can be bold or subtle, depending on your tastes, and they are usually simple to get done.

10) Tribal Phoenix Tattoos

Tribal Phoenix Tattoos

Tribal phoenix tattoos usually consist of two things โ€“ a tribal-style design that covers part or all of the body; and a phoenix bird somewhere on it (usually in flight position).

11) Tribal Tiger Tattoos

Tribal Tiger Tattoos

A design like this will showcase your strength and courage. As a spiritual animal, the tiger can also represent balance between light and dark.

12) Tribal Eagle Tattoos

Tribal Eagle Tattoos

Native American tribes in particular hold the eagle in great honor. Getting a tribal eagle tattoo will connect you to this reverence. An eagle often means strength, freedom, leadership, bravery and more.

13) Tribal Skull Tattoos

Tribal Skull Tattoos

A skull tattoo done in tribal designs can mean many things. It can represent the wearerโ€™s ability to overcome death, a reminder of their own mortality, or even be done in memory of a lost loved one.

13) Tribal Elephant Tattoos

Tribal Elephant Tattoos

The elephant is a symbol of good luck, strength, wisdom and loyalty. This beloved animal has been revered since ancient times and its image appears in art, literature and folklore from around the world.

14) Tribal Bear Tattoos

Tribal Bear Tattoos

Bears are often associated with being independent, free-spirited, resourceful, confident, proud and passionate.

15) Tribal Turtle Tattoos

Tribal Turtle Tattoos

To tribes in the Pacific, the turtle is an important icon. It represents the balance between the ocean and land. Turtles are considered as protectors of the shoreline, where they spend much of their time. As a tribal turtle tattoo, it can be a symbol that you want to live your life in balance.

16) Tribal Shark Tattoos

Tribal Shark Tattoos

The shark is the ultimate predator in the sea. They are fierce, they are brave, and they have a reputation for being one of the most dangerous creatures in the world.

17) Tribal Scorpion Tattoos

Tribal Scorpion Tattoos

While scorpions seem like an ominous design choice, they actually symbolize passion, power and protection.

18) Tribal Sun Tattoos

Tribal Sun Tattoos

The sun has always been of upmost importance in tribal life, whether it was for food, warmth, or even to help calculate the time of year. The sun is a symbol of power, life, and even birth.

19) Tribal Chest Tattoos

Tribal Chest Tattoos

Whatever tattoo theme you choose, if you want to go bolder, consider a chest tattoo.

20) Tribal Butterfly Tattoos

Tribal Butterfly Tattoos

Consider a butterfly for a tattoo design because itโ€™s a symbol of beauty and the power of transformation. It can represent rebirth, change, and hope.

21) Tribal Forearm Tattoos

Tribal Forearm Tattoos

Forearm tattoos look great for those that frequently wear t-shirts and the symmetry of tribal designs make for popular options.

22) Tribal Shoulder Tattoos

Tribal Shoulder Tattoo

The top designs for tribal shoulder tattoos are shown here. These shoulder tattoo ideas can serve as inspiration.

23) Tribal Face Tattoos

Tribal Face Tattoos

We rounded up a full collection of facial tattoos. The design choices range from bold and broad coverage to smaller, more subtle marks.

24) Tribal Arm Tattoos

Tribal Arm Tattoos

A tribal arm tattoo is a great way to express your individuality and show off your heritage. 

25) Tribal Dolphin Tattoos

Tribal Dolphin Tattoos

Dolphins are beloved creatures by many and some cultures hold them in revered status. Learn what a tribal dolphin tattoo can symbolize for you.

26) Tribal Animal Tattoos

Tribal Animal Tattoo

Within various cultures across humanity, animals are held as revered symbols, sources of food, and even spiritual messengers.

27) Tribal Leg Tattoos

Tribal Leg Tattoos

For those searching for leg tattoo designs to reflect a connection to a particular tribe, we’ve curated some of our favorite ideas into this collection.

28) Tribal Dragon Tattoos

Tribal Dragon Tattoos

The dragon is an ancient symbol of strength and power, so it’s no surprise that it has become the subject of many popular tattoos.

29) Tribal Lion Tattoos

Tribal Lion Tattoo Ideas

Considered king of all other animals, showcase you are royalty with one of these designs.

30) Tribal Armband Tattoos

Look at this round-up of simple and elaborate tribal armband ink ideas.

31) Tribal Wolf Tattoos

Tribal Wolf Tattoos

Always a favorite, a tribal inspired design changes the spirit and feel of a wolf ink design.

32) Tribal Cherokee Tattoos

Cherokee Tribal Tattoo ideas

Cherokee tribal tattoo motifs include sun and moon circles, stars denoting the heavens, arrows depicting combat, and feathers signifying freedom and peace.

33) Samoan Tribal Tattoos

Samoan Tribal Tattoos

Samoan tribal tattoos are distinguished from other tribal tattoos by their stylized, geometric appearance. The patterns are frequently symmetrical and can be extremely detailed.

34) Viking Tribal Tattoos

Viking Tribal Tattoos

Viking tribal tattoos are a great way to express your Norse heritage. These tattoos’ striking style is likely to catch people’s attention and make them take notice of what you’re all about.

35) Indian Tribal Tattoos

Indian Tribal Tattoos

While Indian tribal tattoos have many distinct meanings and symbols, they all have one thing in common: they are supposed to be worn as a form of identity. They can represent a variety of things, ranging from one’s personal ideas or ideals to events in one’s life.

36) Native American Tribal Tattoos

Native American Tribal Tattoos

Native American tribal tattoos were traditionally created with sharpened sticks or bone needles dipped in soot and stabbed into the skin. Depending on the tribe you belonged to, different designs were used to create the tattoos.

37) Aztec Tribal Tattoos

Aztec Tribal Tattoo

The design of an Aztec tribal tattoo is based on ancient Aztec art that dates back hundreds of years. The designs are typically geometric shapes and animal symbols. The colors can be bright or muted, depending on your personal preference.

38) Celtic Tribal Tattoos

40 Celtic Tribal Tattoos

Celtic tribal tattoos are inspired by ancient Celtic art and mythology. They usually feature intricate patterns and designs that represent different aspects of nature and the world around us. The patterns can be geometric or organic in nature, but they always tell a story about the wearer’s life or interests.

Tribal Tattoo Designs

Tribal tattoos are some of the most intricate and detailed tattoos out there. They can take a long time to complete, but they’re worth it for the incredible detail and symbolism.

Tribal tattoos have been around for centuries, with their origins dating back as far as 10,000 years ago. Tribal tattoo designs are inspired by ancient cultures around the world, including Native Americans and Pacific Islanders. They feature symbols that represent strength, courage, and protection from evil spirits.

These tattoos can be incredibly meaningful to their recipients, both men and women, because they offer an opportunity for self-expression. There’s no need to shy away from getting a tribal design just because it might scare off some peopleโ€”if you choose one carefully enough, it will be meaningful to you as well!

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